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100 thoughts on “Hossein Rezazadeh – Weightlifting Olympic Champion | Weightlifting Week

  1. Please excuse my ignorance about weightlifting, but… Why is this athlete so fat? Is that extra weight necessary for a weightlifter? From my point of view, that is a contradiction in terms of fitness and health. He is seriously overweight.

  2. What a character and a sportsman! Gave all his soul to weightlifting, and kicked everyone's behind in the process!
    I still wonder to this day what feats he could have possibly accomplished had he been able to take his momentum to the 2008 Olympics. Maybe he really would have been the first man to break the 600 lbs mark.

  3. These weightlifters can lift even 700kg but they can not lift one single piece of dust from the floor of the stage where they perform.poor fellas

  4. highest CJ record is still under Leonid Taranenko who lifted 266kgs on 1988 a soviet union now russia guy….razazadeh's highest CJ is 263kgs on 2004 greece olympic while lasha's highest is 257kgs on 2018 ….so still razazadeh is the winner to lasha…lasha is also a midget compared to that soviet record holder guy…lol

  5. The Olympics are amazing, it doesn't just show who's the best. There's sportsmanship, pride, thrill, and the love the competitors show to the people in their nation and their coaches.

  6. رغم قوتة الجبارة ورغم الحجم العملاق لكن انظر إلى بشاشت وجه وتواضعة ومن يشبك المدرب مالتة ويبجي جسمك يقشعر والاحلى من هذا كلة يلفض احلى اسم ياأبا الفضل وهو قمر بني هاشم فدوة لكلبك ولروحك وتحياتي الك يابطل واتمنى الكل يشوف هذا الفيديو الرائع 2019/8/17

  7. ITNOATMGTM Praise Be To Allah and bless Hossine for showing the world what he also represents (Allah) (side note Kahbib, Muhhamd Ali as well as Mike Tyson; I started saying "Praise Be to Allah" after i heard him say it in a….) Allah Protect.

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