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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everyone. Today, we have a 10-minute ab workout. And for those of you guys who have some love handles or a muffin top, you’re gonna really love this workout. Alright, so this workout is part of my hourglass program, which you can find over here. Or you can do this workout on its own. It’s totally fine. So go ahead and smash that like button and subscribe. And also don’t forget to share your progress with the rest of us, and let’s just get started. So we’ve got 14 exercises in this quick 10-minute workout. 30 to 40 seconds on and 10 seconds rest time. So lay flat on your mat and let’s kick off with some V-up Russian twists. Start with your arms extended and do a V-up using your core muscles. Make sure your core is engaged and now do two Russian twists and repeat This exercise works the abs, the internal obliques and also the external obliques. This is so good for love handles Now get on to the side plank and we’re going to do a pull and try to touch your knee with your elbow So this really works your obliques and tightens up your waist Next we’re going to flip over to the other side, but we’re not taking any breaks. Remember to engage that core, guys. All right now sit on your mat and place your feet to the right and we’re going to lift it up and over to the other side. This is going to burn so badly, but it is so great for your abs and obliques Now get in a plank and we’re going to do the spider-man Flip around and we’ve got some crossbody crunches. Don’t put any strain on your neck, guys. Focus on your core instead and work those abs Now get in a plank position on the elbows and we’re going to twist from side to side Make sure your core’s engaged and you’re working on them We’re halfway through guys! Now we’ve got downward twist Raise your leg up and as you come back down Try to bring your knee across to the other side. Make sure you do it safely guys. Don’t do this too quickly Now lay flat on the ground with your hand spread out and do a wipe with your legs from side to side Now you can have your legs bent or straight depending on how you feel. You should feel it in your abs Especially in your obliques and so keep pushing guys don’t give up Get in the plank again and we’re going to do some crossbody mountain climbers just like regular mountain climbers But have your knees reaching the opposite elbow Alright now get on the ground and we’re going to do some heel touches Slow and steady guys, focus on your breathing and squeeze your abs Now flip around and we’re going to do some plank jacks followed by a tap to each side. Not long to go guys keep pushing Now get in the side plank position I’ve got plank reach where you extend your hand outwards and curl down beneath you. This is another really great exercise for your obliques We’re about to swap to the other side and we’re not taking any breaks, so let’s get this done guys Great work guys. I hope you enjoyed this workout and your abs are feeling like they’re on fire right now Be sure to smash that like button Turn on notifications, so you don’t miss out on my new workouts, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

21 thoughts on “Hourglass Abs Workout 🙋‍♀️Lose Muffin Top & Love Handles | 10 Mins

  1. Who's ABSolutely loving this new program?!?!? 🙋‍♀️ Let's get rid of those darn love handles & share your progress!!!!!

  2. I'm on day 11 of this workout 😍 and i love how fast my body is showing changes. I've also done 2019 summer shredding challange ❤❤ i love her videos

  3. Is it weird that my legs keeps on sliding whenever I do the side plank and plank reach and can anyone help me to make me not slide, thankss 💜

  4. Since a lot of these are not up here , I’m gonna tell you guys day by day how my progress is going. I’m also incorporating the skinny waist hourglass workout from Vicky justiz.

    As far as my physique goes I have a little bit of muffin top

    Day 1: kept stopping lmao but I’m definitely sweating , and I can definitely feel it in my abs.

  5. Okay seriously who
    WHO does 3-4 workouts like these in a row?
    I'm already a sweating alien-like creature after only doing one

  6. I love this workout, but I don’t think I’m doing the side plank reaches right cuz my shoulder popped out of place when I leaned the wrong way 😂😂😂 so imma skip it and just hold a plank for a minute haha.

  7. Chloe: We’re about to swap to the other side and we’re not going to take any breaks so let’s get this done guys
    Me: alright I can do this
    Chloe the second I turn: Great work guys I hope you enjoyed this workout!
    Me: (一_一)

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