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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi it’s me, Sal Di Stefano. Now in this video I want
to talk to you on how you can go from what is often referred to as a “hardgainer” to becoming
an “easy gainer.” You will often read the term “hardgainer” in the bodybuilding magazines…or
maybe you will hear someone refer to themselves as a “hardgainer.” This term is usually used
to describe someone who has a tough time building muscle using the traditional “tried and true”
bodybuilding routines, diets and supplements. Well if this is the definition of the term
“hardgainer” then most people fall under this category. Go to any gym in the world and you
will see a whole bunch of people who workout hard, who follow the bodybuilding recommendations
to a T with a consistency that most average people would consider obsessive… and very
few of them will actually look anything like a bodybuilder. Sure you will find the occasional
guy who looks like he lifts weights but most of the time you see guys busting their asses
in the gym only to make little or no progress. There are, of course, those rare people who
are “easy gainers.” An easy gainer is pretty easy to spot…they look like they spend a
lot of time in the gym…their bodies reflect the time that they spend working out. They
follow the traditional body part splits and their muscles respond great to these routines.
So why is it that most of us can follow the exact same routines, similar diets and take
the same supplements yet you can’t even tell that most of us workout let alone look anything
like an easy gainer? Most magazines would say that easy gainers build muscle easily
because they have “god like” superior genetics. I beg to differ. You see, easy gainers have
THE RIGHT genetics… they simply respond best to the routines you find in the bodybuilding
magazines…these very routines were designed by other easy gainers. So if you are a “hardgainer”
and you want to build muscle like an easy gainer, then the secret is… don’t follow
their routines! Sounds crazy right? Sure, maybe it does, but its not as crazy as doing
these routines month after month with little to no results….THAT’S what I call crazy.
Instead try a different approach. Don’t follow the typical body part split routines. Instead
try training the whole body two or three times a week…then watch what happens. Pick one
exercise per body part, do three sets per exercise, start with the large body parts
and finish with the small body parts. Train intensely but avoid going to failure…stop
a couple reps short of it. Try this out and see what happens…soon you will find that
you have the right muscle building genetics after all.Take a moment to subscribe to my
channel and download my free report that takes the mystery out of becoming an easy gainer.

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