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8 thoughts on “How Bodybuilder with MS Achieved His Fitness Goals

  1. Great message. I hear you on waking up with pain. I have SLE which means systemic lupus. The doctors said that I was depressed and so on and so on. I pushed and happen to be to get a job in a lab. I listened to all the labs that someone would call in to add onto a person's blood. I knew I either had Lyme's disease or lupus. From my research. I ask my doctor to go see another facility that deals with women. Because she kept saying it was because of my hormones and whatever. Without even doing any proper tests. Anyhow I found out I have SLE. And I was in denial. For a few years I didn't take my medication. I didn't want to take it I would be very intermittent on it. I didn't want to deal with it. Now I just bought a house that needed a lot of work. It was a tremendous amount of stress on me. I had a lot of struggles during that time that cause me tremendous amount of stress. Now fast-forwarding 2 8 years after purchasing this house. I found a job that pays very well. I have the best insurance. However I have to work 50 to 60 hours. That doesn't mean prior I didn't work 50 to 60 hours sometimes I'd work 80 hours a week. But he is right you need to push yourself. And you need to have a good mindset. I don't want not be able to do things that I used to. I want to push through the pain and the achiness and the swelling and the exhaustion that I have. I don't tell people that I have SLE open late. My family knows my closest friends know and that's it. I don't want someone treating me differently because I have SLE. Or feeling bad for me. I'll do it myself. Today is a very bad day for me. And thank God I have a day off. I go to the chiropractor at least once a week. And he helps me tremendously. And thank God I have my cat. I don't have a spouse or kids to help me like this gentleman. And I applaud his wife. and one day I might not be able to do things. But until then I am going to do as much as I can with the energy that I have. It really sucks that I have to rest more then others. It really sucks that I can't last longer to do things as my friends do. It really sucks then on my days off a lot of the times I'm sleeping or in bed. Not because I want to but because if I don't I won't be ready for the work week. And this week is a particularly bad week for me. We're not sure why I have white blood cells in my urine and I don't have a urine infection. So we'll see. But until then I'm going to the chiropractor today I'm going to do laundry today and I'm going to rest as much as possible. But I will say this I thank God for my cat. Because she keeps me going when I start to not have thatmental ability to keep going. I know that I have to take care of her and feed her and ensure that she knows that I love her. So with that anybody reading this who has lupus or any other chronic illness. You are the best that you can be at this time. And you are not a bad person because you can't do something. And it is hard to be positive at times. But you know what whether you can or cannot do something because of your illness does not mean you are lesser of a person what it does mean is mentally you need to figure out how you can do something else or modifying what you can't. I prayed for something better for myself and what God gave me was a better job. Because I also have a learning disability. Called APB. So the struggle is real keep it positive and keep on going as best as you can.

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