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if you’re supplementing with a protein
you know why you should be taking it and how it’s going to help you reach your
fitness goals but how much do you know about the actual product that you take
how do you know if what’s on the label is what’s really in the bottle in
order for you to truly feel confident in a product shouldn’t you know something
about where it came from and how it was made well I think so my name is James
grage and I’m the co-founder of BPI sports here recently I jumped on a plane
leaving sunny South Florida behind to travel to Wisconsin so I could show you
exactly where and how our proteins our made now Wisconsin is a lot like you
would imagine rolling hills old barns pickup trucks and of course cows it
didn’t get its nickname America’s Dairyland for nothing now you may be
wondering how this relates to cutting-edge sports nutrition well
before all the formulation and the science the best proteins in the world
start with nature or more specifically milk the first step begins at the local
dairy farms here they raise the calves from birth where the owner of the farm
personally names each one like a new member of the family on the farm they
believe that happy and healthy cows produce high quality milk and quality
milk is the first step in a high quality protein supplement each day the
fresh dairy is transported directly to one of the local cheese manufacturers
here it’s separated into curds and whey the curds or solids go on to be made
into cheese and the liquid that’s left over is your whey this liquid whey is
immediately loaded on a truck and taking a short distance down the road to the
protein manufacturing facility here the way first goes through pasteurization
and then on to filtration it requires filtering and
finding over 720 pounds of this raw liquid whey to get just one five pound
container of finished whey protein powder now this starts by sending the
liquid through a massive web of stainless steel tubing that are fitted
with specialized ceramic filters like the one you see here this natural cold
temperature process separates a protein from the fats and the lactose resulting
in a finished product that’s extremely high in protein while retaining the
important micronutrients now this differs from other methods such as ion
exchange that uses harsh chemicals that can reduce these important
micronutrients as well as denature the protein the last step in the process is
pumping the liquid into a dryer where it’s mixed with both hot and cold air to
separate the liquid from the solids at the end is a 90% whey isolate protein
powder from here it is quality check for protein content before being bagged in
its raw form ready to go over to the next step of the process where it will
be blended into the finished protein product you see on shelves first all of
the individual ingredients are weighed and measured and this is the point where
our mouth-watering gourmet flavors like chocolate brownie are added in next
everything goes through a giant high-speed paddle blender to ensure
complete uniformity giant bags are filled at the bottom and taken over to
the last step which is bottling as the bottles come down the line they’re first
sanitized before being filled weighed and then quality check to make sure that
every single bottle has what the label states from here it gets a BPI label
sealed for freshness loaded in cases and then stack on pallets for delivery
whoa not so fast so before our proteins ever leave the factory bottles are
selected at random and tested in the lab to make sure that the protein
content is exactly what it’s supposed to be
they are then compared to a control sample
for consistency and flavor color and density the final step is verification
from chroma Dex an independent third-party laboratory and one of the
most respected names in sports nutrition just to be absolutely certain that our
proteins meet the BPI sports standard at BPI we have a true passion for what we
do and that’s why we go to such great lengths to bring you the absolute best
quality supplements which means the best results when it comes to your fitness
goals so you can be confident that if has a BPI sports logo on it that what’s
in the bottle matches exactly what’s on the label

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