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all right so you finally decided you’re gonna pick up some whey protein you’re gonna get food right well first off your protein priority should come in food chicken beef peanut butter tuna whatever that has whey protein in animal protein that should be your number one choice a protein supplement I don’t know why I’m doing this it’s like I’m Eminem or something protein supplement is very useful protein and creatine monohydrate or probably I mean really if you do any research it’s really easy but a lot of people won’t do it you know proven bodybuilding supplements natural supplement wise protein and creatine are really the only they’re the top two dogs creatine is very cheap very effective has a lot of myths about it you can there studies have been done like 2014 even 2017 that really prove that it’s not gonna kill your kidneys or liver or any of this ridiculousness that they used to come up with and then you got whey protein which is animal protein ignored soy soy is not the way way is the way my friend way is the way not soy did ignore soil do another video on that or you can type in google why do not why I should not take soy protein for bodybuilding so whey protein you go in the GNC vitamins shop Dan’s extreme fitness you type on Amazon which would be my recommendation juices with cheaper bodybuilding calm wherever you go to get your supplements and you decide you’re gonna get some protein first off don’t listen to the people that work at the stores whether it’s GMC or it’s anywhere you can go into the Walmart I mean obviously they probably have no idea but people at GNC are educated generally they know what they’re talking about but they’re trying to make a sale its sales I don’t blame them but they will try to usually direct you to the hundred dollar protein instead of the fifty dollar protein right or the 30 dollar protein and then at Walmart you might kind of wonder okay it’s only 18 bucks is this good or is this am I just gonna this out this app Lila damn mmm that guy should have a moustache on there don’t know why it doesn’t but uh so a couple things to think about look at the company name on the protein I got a couple proteins here I’m gonna show how long is the company been around is there are there any reviews how to go about that we all have a smartphone right we’re not flipping anymore go on your smartphone type in the product boom boom boom boom if you’re in a supplement store and you don’t need it right at this moment I’d recommend typing it in on Amazon type it in on some online site to see if you can get it for cheaper it’s only five bucks cheaper might as well pick it up at the store but if it’s 20 $30 cheaper it’s the same thing I can go ahead and order it and wait a couple days but how long has it been around are their reviews did they just get released three months ago like hell if I know Nancy’s extreme protein fix anabolic baby you know $79.99 450 servings and you type it in and there’s really no reviews like bodybuilding calm has two reviews and it looks like it just came out a couple months ago I’d probably steer away from that because you don’t really have any idea no one’s been talking about it you don’t know if the company is going to hold in three months a lot of them do supplement companies are very it’s a crazy world not FDA regulated another thing is added ingredients if it’s an expensive protein or or a cheap protein either way and it says add in muscle building ingredients it’s either a not going to show you how much of the ingredient there is so it could be a good ingredient but it has that little T right there it has it just has its blank that means it could be a good ingredient but they put these smallest amount possible so it’s really not giving you any benefit but in your mind right your placebo you’re like huh added protein added supplement added what’s the word I’m looking for ingredient added ingredient put it on my card baby or put it like that tricep that lighting was right or put it on my mommy’s card or whoever’s card you put it on so added ingredients or look at what the ingredients are there could be some study in like 1973 that I’m just gonna throw out a random ingredient cinnamon spice cinnamon showed to crease muscle mass by point zero zero zero one seven percent in a study of six men done in 1972 so they put in set of five grams of cinnamon here like uh so I can write no that’s just some BS no so we went over do I like how I said we when it’s just me talking to myself but people do watch so keep watching so how long the company’s been around the added ingredients now don’t believe the hype if it’s way anabolic super anabolic boosting incredible protein powder fifty pounds in one week it’s probably well it is look at the ingredients see how much protein is in there see if there’s a ton you really want protein that has no more than like ten main ingredients right so if you look on the ingredients ingredients right there if there’s like five billion words probably a bunch of fillers so that’s another thing to think about when you especially when it’s coming to price so how do you know if the eighteen dollar protein at Walmart is if it’s okay should I get the $30 protein the fifty dollar protein look into like I said the review should be your number one thing the added ingredients how many raw ingredients are in this protein is there fifty thousand like as those things you can’t pronounce need you’re looking at probably not good for you it’s probably a bunch of BS so the price factor a lot of things going to the price the Sun like I said the company how many ingredients are in there how long it’s been around so Walmart has six star right six star plus this one is whey protein plus the plus is because it has creatine monohydrate in it there’s two and a half grams of creatine per serving so generally with creatine you want to take five to ten grams a day that’s the dosage so I mean if you have two shakes a day with water or with milk and you get about 5 grams creatine that’s cool I mean this was I think $18 $17.99 at Walmart and it’s 19 servings so each serving is one scoop so if you did one a day that’s 19 days let’s do mathematics hot damn and then to what would that be like nine eight days something like that so that’s 19 bucks and there’s 30 grams of sugar and let’s see sugar or sugar 30 grams of protein 2 grams of sugar okay and then sodium you don’t want a lot of sodium salts you know 190 milligrams all right and it’s got the creatine now this one my girlfriend has donated to me thanks babe this is more of an expensive brand set the face so this has about 30 servings and I looked it up you can get this online for about 40 bucks so this has about 30 servings each scoop has 24 grams of protein 2 grams of sugar just like the six star and sodium 105 so a little less sodium than the 6 star so let’s say 30 I’m not good at math i 6 star would be a little cheaper I’m assuming so 40 40 oh yeah they’re probably like 5 6 bucks cheaper and then it does have more whey protein so in the ingredients both have about the same amount of ingredients and I’ve looked them both up this is a vitamin shot or vitamin world whichever one it’s like they’re their brands right and then the six stars 6 stars picked up by Walmart I’m sure it you can get on GNC you can get on Amazon it’s not a Walmart exclusive item it’s not great value so both of them have been around for a while if you look up their reviews they’re both I mean they both have good reviews so they’ve both been around for at least a couple of years they’re doing well so both of those are solid proteins in my opinion so those are good proteins like I said it depends on what you want that one has more servings lower it’ll be a little more expensive that also has a lot of vitamins in it the scent the phase vitamin a vitamin C vitamin D it’s pretty high dose on them too the protein doesn’t it’s just the whey protein with some creatine in it so you got to kind of decide now like I said if it’s bollocks super EXTREME has a picture of like Ronnie Coleman or somebody and look you’re gonna look like this then it’s but if it’s the same price if it’s legit protein and you know it’s 30 bucks and the other protein without all the ridiculous claims or 30 bucks it’s up to you now weight gainer just a quick little on weight gain or weight grande more weight gainer shakes our protein shakes with added calories carbs right so it’s all it’s really similar to saying let’s drink a protein shake which is 180 calories both of those are and then let’s have two peanut butter sandwiches right so we just added like 80 grams of carbs and 600 calories that’s what that is so I wouldn’t waste a lot of money on weight gainers they can be very expensive if you have the money to blow sure go ahead it adds in some kind of clean calories it has a lot of carbs for you but you can do that with just upping your calories with your normal food weight gainer should just be food and then this should be the protein supplement that’s my opinion now now you can go to GNC vitamin shop bodybuilding comm whatever the hell and you won’t blow your money or blow your mom’s money and you’re not gonna be drinking some stuff that’s just gonna go right out your ass right so that was a quick video on protein boys and girls girls and boys men and women men that want to be women women that want to be men whatever the hell you want to do it doesn’t matter it’s 2017 you assholes have a goomba

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