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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My entire career that I competed as a professional, I never missed a workout. If I was travelling or whatever it didn’t matter.. I never wanted to lose a contest because somebody outworked me. That’s the things you can control. I can’t control who came to the show, I couldn’t control what condition they were in But I could control ME. I could control my training, My diet, my discipline And my preperation. I didn’t wanna miss a workout and not give a 100%. I would go there and train so hard, it’s just the best thing, that’s my time. That hour and a half I’m in the gym, that’s my time. That’s just.. I close off the world and leave me alone. Anybody can do it if it was easy… Let’s go! I hear people say I don’t wanna do this.. If you’re not giving a 100%, guess what, you’re not gonna get there. Because you will get beat by somebody who is just as gifted as you are, who is giving a 100%. That’s always the case. I was so focused and determined.. I wouldn’t let anything interfere my workout. I gave it everything I had, and went beyond everything.. I gave more than I thought I was capable of giving. You know, if you give it everything you got and you know inside that you gave it everything you can .. You got no regrets. Now you have the ability to, but now it depends on how hard and how much heart you have. To develop that ability and move up to become a pro. So if you don’t train hard enough to stimulate muscle growth, you’re not gonna grow. Hard work was just a way of life, I didn’t know any better. To be the last man standing up there.. It’s all worth it. All that hard work and sacrifice .. That you put into, and then you’re the last one up there and you win it. It’s all worth it. What I found is usually the harder I work and the more sacrifices I made.. The sweeter that victory.


  1. "I was so focused and determined, I wouldn't let anything interfere my workout. I gave it EVERYTHING I had and gave more than I ever thought I was capable of giving. If you give it everything you got and you know inside that you did everything you can, you got no regrets.'' #OutworkYourCompetition

  2. Holy shit. I just got done watching one of your Markus Ruhl vids for the 2894th time, and you just uploaded a new vid mins later as a reward?

    Fuck yea!

  3. im working so hard that i now have to start pinning weights on the weights stack soon im not gonna be able to use cables

  4. I eat with YouTube
    I work with YouTube
    I dream about YouTube
    One specific trait of the hard workers – they never complain

  5. and have you ever missed the pill of stromba while you compite as the professional? or maby you use sustanon? no? non of it?

  6. This is my week off and now I want to hit the gym ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ… Gotta give props to Branch though for his work ethic. I personally don't like his physique but his work ethic and mind set is amazing. He really was able to overcome and show that hard work can really beat genetics. Sick fucking video man

  7. Some people bitch saying he had shitty form but I'm sure he knew too and it caused him alot of injuries but he did what it took to one of the best ronnie Coleman did the same thing and ronnie was the best at his time the harder you work no matter how you do it the more you'll get out of it like to see some of these complainers that cant even bench there own weight push the kind of weight the rattlesnake could

  8. The bigger the better !
    Bodybuilding king of sports !
    Makes me so crazy ! Good to train harder when you see the results !
    Bodybuilding power !!!!!

  9. You will NEVER achieve vascularity like this without steroids. Youโ€™re lying to yourself if you think Iโ€™m lying.

  10. Wow! Amazing powerful video man & thanks for sharing & incredible insane pump ripped ridiculous cut lean strong huge massive physique guy's wow! & keep up the hard work.

  11. It's said that, when Branch sweats in the gym and you can smell it, you'll get an increase in testosterone by 275%

    A pure beast!

    Aint nobody going to give you a damn thing.
    But you can have anything you want
    If you work for it. – BRANCH WARREN

  13. How much of what are you guys taking? I don't necessarily mean protein, fat and carbs. I mean what other stuff are you using? (Serious question, no hate here. I absolutely see the place of certain chemical substances to help achieving certain goals)

  14. Still question how branch never won a mr Olympia. And here come the jay cutler phil heath kai green comments

  15. I thought Branch could definitely be Mr. O at some point, if Jay wasn't competing. Incredible intensity, no weaknesses, great Chest, Back,Legs, ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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