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99 thoughts on “How I Workout Chest (Chris Heria)

  1. Heria This is what you should do A video on. Match this Guys exercisees. Boots and shades on.

  2. Has all the equipment he needs at home but decides to pack it up and take it to the gym, where there is already equipment.

  3. His website is a scam. Dont subscribe for PRO. It says you can cancel your membership anytime but you cannot even click any button to cancel your membership. It charged my account 2 times in 1 week alone. His website is a total mess. You will just lose money.

  4. I'm doing 20×5 pushups, 20×5 situps, 20×5 20lb goblin squat, 2×10 pullups, 2×10 chinups 10×4 20lb lunges, 8×4 40lb barbell curl and press,and 1 min of planks.I rotate it, a set of pushups,then barbell curls, situps,pull ups next set chinups,squats,lunges, then end it with a plank.Any suggestions on other exercises that can help muscle areas I'm missing, or any other tips.

  5. I am just a girl…but I want to workout like Chris…is that asking too much?
    I am working on Handstand,L-Sit,push ups…always having on my mind : Perfect Form…
    I want so bad to achieve my goals…
    thanks for the inspiration Chris!!!
    Love from Amazonas, Brazil

  6. this is going to be my next workout after having 6 packs 🙂 i can see the effect chris thanks for the motivation and spirit!

  7. Why is it that when someone gets s tattoos they always gotta show it if you get one on your dick,ass,or pussy do you walk around showing it!

  8. Awesome energy… seem mad humble.. i vibe with that.. subscribed… bout to get them rings too, that shit looked mad effective

  9. I'm barley starting my fitness journey, and your videos our extremely helpful, thanks bro for your content keep up the great work 💯

  10. ok,the guy is fit,he can do tons of pullups and so on, but i dont get the gay admiration comments, you look sad,whats wrong,and so on. i get the females,they wanna ride him probably, but guys? damn.

  11. Man, how do you keep from destroying your wrists? I’ve Go a hard cyst growing on one wrist and now my other one is starting to hurt in the same place. Been on your workouts and techniques for over a year now with great results, but not even wrist wraps help anymore. Any help?

  12. Trying to work out at home and build muscle but I’m only using dumbbells anyone have any pointers. Tired of being super skinny.. don’t have the money for a gym tho.

  13. hope you have a great time ahead
    thankyou for inspiring us chris
    we are here… pls dont get demotivated
    there are ups and downs
    stay well..and once again thank you for all these workouts

  14. My chest keeps clicking when i stretch my arms after doing a rep. Is this something to be concerned about (note. I'm an absolute beginner in working out)

  15. Warmup
    – 50 pull ups

    Workout ( 4 rounds)
    -weighted pushups 15 reps
    – weighted Dips 12 reps
    -weighted comando push ups 10 each grip
    -weighted pelican push ups 12 reps
    -weighted elevated push up 20 reps

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  17. Cuando utilizas el chaleco me identifico contigo pues es como si hicieras ejercicio con él sobre peso que yo tengo eso me motiva ha hacer más … Gracias gran motivación…….

  18. Routine:
    (Weighted)Pushups 25x
    Ring dips 12x
    Commando Pushups 10x each
    Pelican pushups 12x
    Elevated pushups 20x

    Repeat 5 times(I'm just gonna do this 3 or 4 times lol)

    30x Handstand pushups for cool down dawg

  19. Channel: Chris Heria
    Thumbnail: Chris Heria
    Video title: Chris Heria
    Voice in video: Chris Heria

    I don't know why, but i think this guy is Chris Heria.

  20. Bro some bullshit here.. inner chest?? Really? Inner chest doesn't exist bro.. btw nice exercises but please correct the inner chest part😂

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  22. Grown men in the comments speaking their opinions on his tattoos like? Thats so fuckin random and unrelated, people are weird.

  23. Bro those pullups are legit. You had perfect form, how do you pull your body up all the way, I can usually just get my neck over the bar .

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