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Todd: Hi my name’s Todd from Sporty’s Health [dot] com [dot] au and I’m here today with
Dale from BSN and we’re just talking about the BSN range and we just want to talk about
something that’s commonly asked to us, both in our store and online through our contact
us form. And that question is “Are supplements safe for women?” And for the supplements that
are specifically for women “What are the best usages for those?”
Dale: Most of the supplements definitely are safe for women. There’s probably some exceptions.
I always say, just as a general rule, if they’re pregnant or breast feeding, No. We take them
all off supplements and things like that. A lot of women too, need additional support.
Whether it’s multi-vitamins, certain fish oils and things like that. So supplements
absolutely can definitely play a major part in female nutrition. In terms of protein powders
and things like that; most definitely. There’s really no difference between a male digestive
system and a female digestive system. So in terms of protein powder, basically for ladies
in the BSN range it’s going along the lines of, if they’re trying to shed a few kilos
they’re looking to trim up a bit, it’ll be something like the Iso Burn.
They can also then go onto something like the Syntha Iso, Syntha 6 Iso. Now basically
that’s high protein, low fat, low carb, build a small amount of lean muscle tissue, that
sort of thing. So maybe try and put on a little muscle tissue whilst trying to lose body fat
or maintain where they’re at. They could also go onto something like Syntha 6 as a bit of
nutritional support. It’s got some moderate carbs, some essential fats in there, digestive
enzymes. The taste is incredibly. Basically any of those products. The more serious a
female is, no reason why they can’t be taken branch chains, they can’t be taking No Explode
for those times that they need a bit of a kick.
Todd: So if a women is finding that she’s in position where she’s tired before she trains
and so forth; so for example she’s come home from work, she’s tired, she could use a scoop
of No Explode before she trains? Dale: Most definitely. Yes, absolutely. Once
again I’d probably test a person’s tolerance level. Basically all we can take is one scoop
of that so if it’s a female you might just reduce that serving size down for them. Ask
them to sort of test their own tolerance levels. Start off with half a scoop and then ease
them into it, and that sort of thing. So yea, most definitely. First of all I’d like to
know why they’re tired coming into. It could be work, life circumstance, whatever, if you
can fix it from eating some good quality food and then you use your nutrition from protein
powders, things like that. That might go a long way to alleviating it. And then on those
times when they’re really looking for a bit of a kick that’s when they can take something
like the pre workout No Explode of Hyper FX. Todd: Great answer. Thanks very much again.
Dale: No problem.

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