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How important is nutrition in bodybuilding
– Athletic performance Todd: Hi. My name’s Todd from Sporty’s Health
[dot] com [dot] au. I’m here today with Dale from BSN. Something that we often get asked
is how important is nutrition in body building, athletic performance, and just exercise recovery
and so forth. Dale what are your thoughts on that?
Dale: I represent two supplement companies, basically nutrition is paramount, is the most
important thing a person can be doing. If you’re macro nutrients are sub-standard or
below where they need to be these things can’t work. They can maybe get you back up to where
you should be but you’re not going to get the results that you’re expecting. Food is
the most important thing. One of the first things I’ll ask somebody is how many times
a day are you eating. You want to ascertain what their goal is. So if they’re trying to
put on muscle, if they’re trying to lose body fat, let’s break it down; how many times a
day are you eating, where are you falling short? I’ll always try to correct it from
food where necessary. When you can’t get to food then we’re using supplementation.
Without those nuts and bolts, whether it’s an athlete, whether it’s just a mom that’s
maybe waking three times a week, if her food’s not correct then she’s going to have a lot
of trouble getting the results she is actually after.
Todd: Say, for example, there’s a person and they’re exercising quite frequently, so three
to five times a week and it’s high intensity training. Just say for example that person’s
only having seventy five percent of the protein intake that they need, that we feel they should
have for their particular activity level, what impact would that have on that person?
Dale: Well, basically, because with those people that are exercising do often, and if
it’s high intensity they’re depleting some of their essential amino acid pools, things
like your glutamine and then you’re conditionally essential amino acid – sorry, essential amino
acids from your branch chains and then your conditionally essential amino acid from glutamine,
they’re depleting those. That has massive effect on rebuilding, protein synthesis, immune
system. Massive. So constant day in, day out, they’re not supporting or putting back in
where they need to be to support the level of activity they’re doing, they’re actually
going backwards. So what will happen, their cortisol will increase, that’s just going
to create more stress on the body, lose more muscle tissue and so on and so forth. They’re
not going to be able to unlock fat stores because your body goes into what we call preservation
mode. You’re basically starving it. So you basically have got to give it what it needs,
probably even more, in order to get the results that you’re after.
Todd: So the aim of the game is more to over recover rather than under recover.
Dale: Most definitely. Most definitely. And you use food first and foremost. Where you
can’t get to food you use supplementation. If you’re food’s kind of where it needs to
be then you start to look at some higher end products. Might be a protein powder that can
get in the system really, really quick and exit very fast, branch chain amino acids,
things like that, that you can get in there just to tweak your results that you’re after.
Todd: Great. Thanks very much for clearing that up.

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