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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You might have heard your bros or broettes
say that recovery days are muy importante and working out every day is bad. But some bros religiously believe in the value
of training daily. So, exactly how many times should you actually
work out per week? Certainly, rest days are important. After all, strength and growth adaptations
do not occur in the gym, rather during your sleep and recovery. But if you’re only walking on a treadmill
for 2 hours while watching telenovelas on your phone, rest probably won’t matter much
then. On the other end, if you’re busting your
booty lifting the heaviest weights possible for as many times as possible each workout,
rest indeed is necessary. Fact of the matter is, when deciding how often
you should go to the gym, you need to first consider two things about your workout routine:
Intensity, aka the heaviness of the weights you are moving, and volume, aka your intensity
times reps and sets. When adjusting any of these three factors,
you will affect the other two, and consequently will change the answer to how many times you
should be training per week. You have to ask, “What are you doing in
the gym in the first place?” If you do a lot of high intensity, failure
type training, then certainly you should rest more often. In terms of strength goals, you’ll typically
lift very heavy weights, thus become fatigued and demand more recovery. In terms of building muscle, volume is the
ultimate factor dictating growth. And if you’re familiar with my reps and
sets video, you might have the impression that more volume will indeed mean more gainz. Unfortunately, more is not always better. As you ramp up volume, your fatigue levels
will raise just as it does with high intensity training. If you forgo adequate rest, your body begins
overreaching where fatigue increases and performance suffers. Continue to avoid rest and you begin overtraining,
at which point you’ll be happy to even be energized enough to pick up your spoon to
eat breakfast! Some studies also show that a threshold of
volume exists, meaning that at a certain point, adding more volume isn’t going to do you
any good anyway. Not to mention soreness, which can easily
cut down your performance. All this being said, typically, you want 48
hours of rest in between training, as studies do show that muscle protein synthesis will
run its course in this timeframe. But, that doesn’t mean you have to skip
the gym entirely during rest. One of the more popular ways of maximizing
recovery and training is through a “bro split.” You’re training a subset of muscle groups
on one day and then a different subset the next day. The intention is to rest one set of muscles
while training the others. Generally, bros splits involve splitting your
“pull” movements, like pull-ups and back rows, from your “pushes,” such as bench
and shoulder presses. And somewhere in between you throw in legs
or… at least try. Typically, this will result into training
4-5 days per week, allowing you to hit each muscle group at least twice, which research
has shown to typically be the optimal amount. But this doesn’t mean full body workouts
don’t work. Just be mindful of your fatigue and rest accordingly. Bro Splits are not immune to fatigue neither,
thus, you should take more rest days or change the intensity or volume of your training when
you see fit. If you’re just interested in the research,
then here’s a breakdown: Generally, the studies tend to agree that
training at a moderate intensity between 60 to 75% of your one rep max, with roughly 4
sets of 8-12 reps of each muscle group, two times a week with some exceptions for three
times, will be best for muscle gainz. For muscle strength, training at a slightly
high intensity of 80-90% of your one rep max with a range of 4 to 8 sets per muscle group
two times a week will suit the majority of the population. And that’s roughly 4 times a week on a split. Also, adjusting some days of low intensity
training, aka deloads, is best practice for fatigue recovery. Beginners and intermediate lifters also tend
to be able to get away with higher frequency training while elite athletes or long-term
lifters can benefit from more recovery. So honestly, the amount of times you train
can vary quite a lot from person to person. It… just… depends. At the end of the day, it will depend on your
lifestyle and your own experimentations. Test things out, listen to your body, and
go with the frequency that gives you the best results. And share your thoughts on training frequencies
in the comments below. Like, share, and subdibbledo if you enjoyed
the video. As always, thank you for watching!

100 thoughts on “How Many Times a Week Should I Workout?

  1. I’m almost 14 but I’m 79Kilo I’m 187cm long is it normal that I’m that heavy because I hear so many adults that say they weight 75kilo but they have pretty much muscle…..

  2. I did this for 4 weeks : Monday legs Tuesday’s chest, triceps Wednesday back and bicep and repeat. 30 mins of cardio fro 5 daysRest on Sunday. I am an endomorph i am 180 cm and wheigthed 119,2 kg after this 4 weeks I am at 114,5 KG. However I don’t recommend it I didn’t earn strength maybe I lost a little bit, i felt very tired ( I was on a good diet and slept 7-9 hours because I am 18 and was on summer vacations) and I saw gains but it wasn’t something crazy. To conclude I lost 4,5 KG in 4 weeks, I got some gains but I am not stronger and I was only available to do this because I was on summer vacations.

  3. I train 6 days a week and take just one day off but I’m not hitting all of my muscles every day i train two different muscles so it will be like:
    Day 1: shoulders and legs
    Day 2: chest and triceps
    Day 3: back and biceps
    Day 4: shoulders and legs
    Day 5: chest and triceps
    Day 6: back and biceps
    Then I’ll take a day off and I don’t feel exhausted so does that mean I’m not overtraining?? Plz answer me if you read this.

  4. The problem with the bro split is you can often not train a body part for 5 days and people spend way to much time doing upper body as opposed to lower. If you split your workouts up well, stretch etc you can do 6 days a week sometimes 7. Dont underestimate your body. You ll rarely be to fatigued to not be able to do any body part

  5. Day 1: Chest and Biceps
    Day 2: Back and Triceps
    Day 3: Legs and Shoulders
    Day 4: Full Body
    Day 5: Rest
    Rinse and Repeat – you'll get there 😀

  6. I go to the gym 3 times a week and i go on:
    Monday: one hour of lifting.And half an hour of cardio
    Wedensday:One hour of legs.Half an hour of cardio
    Friday:one hour of lifting.Half an hour of cardio
    And i do it high intensity is it enough or is it undertraining.Someone please help.

  7. I do a 4 day a week Routine: Day 1 Monday: Back and Triceps Shoulders & legs + Abs. Day 2 Tuesday: Chest & Biceps. Wednesday: "OFF" Day 3 Thursday: "Same as Day 1" Day 4 Friday: "Same as Day 2" and the Weekend Off. This way it doesn't take too much to incorporate plenty of muscle groups and you hit your muscle groups twice a week with plenty of time to rest. You can swap and change your muscle groups as you wish. But remember to train each muscle group twice a week. Giving you maximum GAINS!!!!

  8. Bro my question is how many times should I go to gym in a day? Like morning and evening or just one morning or evening? Plz response

  9. 1) One leg day a week?
    2) What do you think about push, pull,legs,upper,lower … 5 days a week for advanced beginner (BP and squat 1-1.2x BW)?

  10. My work out plane: AS STUDENT
    1: SATURDAY -chest-arm-abs-leg
    2: SUNDAY -chest-arm-abs-leg
    3: MONDAY -chest-arm-abs-leg
    4: TUESDAY -chest-arm-abs-leg
    5:WEDNESDAY -chest-arm-abs-leg

  11. I think something that isn't ever talked about when it comes to this topic is your activity levels growing up. People who played sport competitively, or regularly did exercise – i.e. at least 7 times per week – will be able to, and probably need to train more often at a higher intensity than people who didn't. For example I used to swim long distance, which was 9 swim sessions + 3 gym sessions per week, and now I basically cannot overtrain myself. I almost never get sore from the gym, even if I go 8 times per week (4 pull, 4 push), and I make much more progress the more I go than if I only go around 3-4 times per week.

  12. I do bro splits Moday and Thursday = push
    Tuesday and Friday =pull
    And Wednesday and Saturday Legs

    Sunday rest

  13. I just workout everything for 3 hours every other day, been doing it for 3 years and I’ve definitely seen major improvements

  14. I just want to build a bit of muscle for arms, chest and belly, should I lift dumbbells everyday or leave a day or 2 between.

  15. 5-6 days a week. Most of them are just push-pull. Big focus in pull ups like every day because I am beginner (between beginner and intermediate). It is hard to be overtrain with calisnetics. But in future just push and just pull. Legs like a 10 mins after workout jumping rope sometimes IT DEPENDS!!! :D. Sometimes ad full body workout. And only after that i fell little sore because It is HIIT. This is how I train. Comments related to my are welcome I am very interested in your opinions. push-pull mixed exercise from both groups that i think it is best for me.

  16. Thank u that was very helpfull….i am a beginner nd had my personal trainer with me but after a short while she doesnt work at the gym i go to anymore…so um on my own now i guess

  17. I do mild workouts every day with 50 lifts of 20kg weights and 120 step ups. Then at 3PM every day I swim 5 120 breaststroke reps and 2 60 backstroke reps. I don’t know if I exercise enough though.

  18. Monday: Back, shoulders and bis
    Tuesday: Chest and Tris
    Wednesday: Legs and abs
    Thursday: Back, shoulders and bis
    Friday: Chest, triceps, forearms
    Saturday: Legs abs and cardio
    Sunday: Rest

  19. I look at my wife while getting into the car while she's looking at me, hop in a plane and fly to a cold nation and get out as if I'm lost. Then I take a car to an isolated cabin where I see a guy chopping wood and a bunch of Russians watching my every move. I then start chopping wood, working out in a barn and run up a high mountain….

  20. I have lets say 3 muscle groups I would like to train, and I go to the gym around 3 times a week. Is it better to train them all together every time I go, work out one group per visit or two groups or how should I do it if I want to build muscle?

  21. i cant do full body workouts three times a week, fatigues consumes me, i have to cut it down to times per week

  22. NEVER skip Leg day. I see so many guys in the gym with jacked upper body with chicken legs. Legs are as important as the rest if not MORE

  23. I do push/ squat/ calisthenics/ dead/ push. I do rows on leg days and shoulders on push days. Calves and abs ideally everyday. I then take two days off. Might do an aerobic exercise if I want to burn some calories.

  24. I used to work out everyday and then 5 days and then 4. Now I work hard for an hour 3x a week. Plus I do alot of cardio outside the gym

  25. Iam someone who adds reps to increase intensity rather than weight but I train to failure each set should I still allow 48-72 hours rest or should I have less time?

  26. This is the best rotutine!
    Monday : Chest
    Tuesday : Back
    Wedensday : biceps and tricep
    Thursday : shoulder
    Friday : Legg

  27. Right now since I spend all day animating at home, I choose to hit the gym everyday. If I was doing my old job then I would go back to going 4-5 days a week.

  28. Beginner: 2-3 times per week
    Experienced: 4 times per week

    Make sure to EAT HEALTHY in rest days and try to BE ACTIVE!!!!! For example go for a swim, go for a walk or out with your friends, just don't stay in your house 24h.

  29. 7 days a week for me. Heavy and high reps! Sometimes I take a day off for 6. I still grow excellently. Good gains. BUT. I get in an excellent diet and I get GOOD sleep.
    Everyone's body is different. Just born different. Sheit idk

  30. What about a 5 day split
    Thursday:Legs(No Deadlift)
    But in each day try do add compound exercises so that you hit each muscles 2x a week
    Basically a push pull legs and bro split hybrid

  31. mfw the reasons my arms aren't getting bigger is because I do pull ups by the hour, never resting.

    the wait for arm day is killing me!

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