Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

How much do bodybuilders eat? If they work
out a lot, it seems like it would be a lot, but they also want to literally keep it lean. This depends on how hard the guy is working
out and whether or not he’s trying to lose weight. Well, they’re all trying to build muscle. A skinny guy who wants to bulk up and is working
out several hours a day may need 5000 calories a day. A heavy dude who is trying to lose fat to
show off the muscle he’s building may live off 1500 calories a day. So it depends on whether he’s adding or
subtracting overall volume. True, but most body builders shouldn’t go
below 2000 calories. They’ll burn a lot of fat just by working out a lot. Is there a difference in diet when the guy
is getting in shape versus maintaining his figure? Wait, that sounds like I’m talking
about a girl. When a guy is bulking up, assuming he isn’t
needing to lose weight, he’ll need 3,000 calories or more to fuel the weight gain and
workout. Once he’s reached the weight he wants to
maintain, he’ll need 2500 to 3000 calories on average to maintain it if not a little
more. Why so variable? A 200 pound guy doesn’t need as much fuel
as a 300 pound fellow. That makes sense. If body builders can eat
just about anything on that diet, why do they spend so much on various protein shakes? Because they need high protein intake relative
to low fat and carbs. Because drinking a high protein shake is easier than cooking several
chicken breasts a day. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Given the
cost of meat these days, the cost of a protein shake isn’t that far off from the cost of
a steak dinner. And drinking dinner is faster than cooking
it, giving him more time in the gym.

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