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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

How much protein you need [for muscle growth and recovery]? What is the optimal dose? So many people get this wrong because there’s a trick to it -we are going to solve it starting right now! What is going on my name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC] if you’re looking to get bigger faster stronger, get leaner, go longer hit that subscribe and then the little bell, so you don’t miss the latest tips and tricks. Today we’re talking everybody’s favorite topic protein protein timing dosing all that kind of thing today we are actually focusing on the dosing acute dosing not the dosing over the course of a day but how much protein you need how much is optimal to stimulate maximal protein synthesis that’s that growth, adaptation, recovery response that we’re all after how much protein do we need to optimize that effect real quick if you’re a subscriber stay tuned to the end, I got your next step to optimize your muscle growth and fat loss I was so into this answer that I actually picked on my life moved to Texas to study muscle protein synthesis figure out the optimal dose of protein nutrient timing all of that kind of thing and it was actually one of my mentors dr. Kevin Tipton recently published a study showing that if you’re using whole body workouts you actually need more protein to optimize that protein synthetic response so go up to 30 40 grams whey protein is going to be what you’re after if you’re using whole body workout now the trick to this is one we would study muscle protein synthesis we would have the subjects fasted overnight so we’d have them stay in a hospital wing overnight that way we would control their feeding their timing their sleeping all of that and it wasn’t a trick we weren’t trying to skew the data or anything like that it was just to control the variables control as much as possible because studying protein synthesis is very tricky we have to puncture arteries and infuse all kinds of stuff it’s potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing which is why we do in the hospital wing but the key is we have to have the subjects protein fasted so there is a baseline there in a catabolic state when we start again the key is to optimize protein synthesis to control the variables because the way we study protein synthesis it’s really insensitive technique so you look at significant findings statistically significant fine and just not optimal because you need a huge data set and it’s again just not really really sensitive so earlier studies showing optimal dosing about 20 grams 25 grams but again keep in mind that is not a sensitive measure so I would have a minimum of 25 grams of fast protein like a whey protein right upon waking or if I am at a protein fasted state like if I’m CrIT loading for example after my workout the timing doesn’t matter I talked about this in other videos a link to that in the top right and the description but the trick is if you’re training whole body workouts and your fasted you’re going to need a higher protein dose so I go with a minimum of 30 grams because again it’s not a sensitive measure I never want to go below the maximum dose and that’s a key that most people miss out on so if I hit 20 25 grams based on the research not knowing that hey if you’re actually training more you have more muscle mass you’re probably going to need more protein right and that’s exactly what one of my lab mentor shows dr. Kevin Tipton in his lab showed more muscle being trained the more protein you’re going to need at a single dose but again this is protein fasted so here’s a trick if you have consumed the meal of like casein or like a steak or some slow absorbing protein slow digesting protein having more protein within a few hours isn’t going in that ok this gets into something called anabolic density I’ll talk about that in other videos I talked about that my first two books called the anabolic index and the reality is proteins digest absorb at different rates so that dosing is going to change the dosing to optimize your protein synthetic response I don’t see people talk about this and that’s a problem because it means we’re not optimizing our protein dosing so real quick I want to hear from you what type of protein dosing are using how much are you having per serving how much you having per day let me know in the comments below here’s a bonus tip for you talk about this in my first textbook chapter co-authored with dr. Josh gauger great textbook doctors Lonny Lowery Joey Antonio vias ascend Fame I don’t make any money off this but this is a great resource the idea of using leucine that nutraceutical effect of leucine to optimize muscle protein synthesis you only need a couple grams to but keep in mind though leucine is not going to sustain muscle protein synthesis it only starts it’s like the key turning the engine into a car doesn’t keep the car running right you need the gas for that that’s where the rest of the amino acids come in the rest of your essentials especially but the leucine can kick off muscle protein synthesis a couple grams of leucine you’ll be fine check out the BCA video I did branched-chain amino acids I’ll link to that in the top right and the description because right now people are using the leucine and BCA’s and they’re broken they just don’t work as much as we love them they just don’t work so I have three potential tips based on my own lab research might help us fix that so I’ve given you a lot of info here so what’s the summary how much protein do I need well again it’s going to depend on the individual but you probably can’t go wrong if you’re a healthy individual and you’re not in a caloric deficit so your you caloric topping out 30 to 40 grams at 40 grams at the high end if you are protein fasted and you’re doing a whole body workout you’re just going to need more protein after that workout otherwise 30 grams is fine if you have a low and ballek density protein like a kc you can go a little higher so 60 grams is going to be fine 40 is going to be sufficient to actually block the catabolism overnight again late to my casein video in the top right in the description if you’re not using kc is one of the most anabolic supplements that we have people are just not using enough SLO protein overnight people think that nighttime sleep is our most damp all the time that’s a myth we need to destroy that one so check out the casein video for more on that so here’s your bonus tip not only do we study people when their protein faster but the other mistake people make is that it’s going to be about your total protein intake per day so again if you’re an eclair ik deficit you’re going to need more total protein if you’re training whole body you’re going to need more short-term protein so again up to about 40 grams but if you’re just doing regular you caloric diet your training heavy focus more on your total daily protein intake we’ll talk about that in other videos otherwise just make sure you’re not protein faceted feed overnight with the casein whatever slow protein you like and make sure you’re not fasting for too long in the morning other than crit loading which we talked about in other videos so there is your protein dose all 30 to 40 grams but focus on that long-term dosing thanks for watching, I’m David Barr, until next time Raise the Barr

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