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100 thoughts on “How Much Vitamin D Should You Take?

  1. Game of Thrones season 6 finished…. thankfully now we have Dr. Greger's Vitamin D series to watch 😀 haha
    Maybe open the next video intro with GoT theme song :p

  2. We have to go over vitamins 1 by 1. And I would like to know about BCAA (to avoid the muscle muscle loss with ageing (sarcopenia)). How much of BCAA daily? And what is the limit for vitamin A. It sneaks in everywhere, we hit toxicity levels fast.

  3. Do any of you commenters consider that we humans require D3 NOT D2? Do you also consider vitamin K2 M4 together with the D3?Dr Greger is only looking at D (which D?) without the synergistic effect of other vitamins. So, take caution regarding making supplement decisions. This is complicated by the uncertainty of blood tests to determine levels.My Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy test in 08/2015 was 23 ng/mL when I was taking 4,000 units. It varied around that number in the past.Since 09/2015 I'm taking 10,000 units D3 daily.From 12/2015 through 06/2016, the Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy test has averaged over 50 ng/mL.Recently I began taking K2M4 from Thorne, available on Amazon. I have seen changes rapidly.My next Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy test will be in 09/2016.BTW I'm a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care, so I hope their labs are reliable.

  4. my doctor tells me to take 2,000 IU. I take the mykind organic (endorsed by alicia silverstone) spray. it's vegan. i like them cause they're economical and i hate swallowing pills. i'll find out in a few months if they're effective, i guess

  5. Doctor needs to get out side and play its July ! Put down the dam books turn off computer go outside your skins too white and wasting time on this minor issue what we supposed to buy these hormone pills for the rest of our lives. .like your mom said. Go out play

  6. I hate your cliffhangers!!! :DI didn't even care about vitamin D until now but now u can't bare the suspense!

  7. if blood test results are so unreliable then how can you take any notice of the research which also tested blood levels? wrongly?

  8. Talk about confusion, can you plant-based doctors please make up your minds, I've heard Dr.McDougall warn against oral vitamine D supplementation about a month ago.

  9. Don't forget to take your vitamin D with vitamin K2. Together with Calcium these 3 are the combo you want to take. The one can't go without the other 2. For example Calcium without Vitamin D doesn't get transported. Calcium and Vitamin D without Vitamin K2 calcifies your arteries.

  10. So in any of the Vitamin D videos does he address the comment last video about not being sure whether there is causation or whether it's just correlation? He mentioned that we don't really know whether vitamin D is a result of good health or whether we get good health from high vitamin D (in which case supplementation would help). Seems like it was glossed over and just assumed Vitamin D supplementation was helpful?

  11. Will I overdose eventually if I take 4000 IU/day? My mood is better when I up it to 4000 as opposed to 2000. Don't feel like it's enough for me.

  12. Hi, one other thing that hasn't been considered. Doesn't Vit D get stored in the liver. Wouldn't a weekly dose be sufficient?

  13. Hi, one other thing that hasn't been considered. Doesn't Vit D get stored in the liver. Wouldn't a weekly dose be sufficient?

  14. Hi, one other thing that hasn't been considered. Doesn't Vit D get stored in the liver. Wouldn't a weekly dose be sufficient?

  15. Why the hell should we take supplements? I eat a whole plant food diet and I only take B12 every once in a while. I haven't taken Vit D for years, since I'm out in the sun at least 2 hours a day. I don't really believe humans need to rely on a pill for optimum functioning, it's all out there for us – we just gotta eat it and be exposed to it.

  16. "Why did the FDA set recommendations at…" Oh I know the answer to this one, look at the committee that makes the recommendations- one of them holds a patent on medication used to treat low levels of vitamin D.

  17. Similar to iron, can our body regulate natural vitamin D intake from sunlight better than vitamin D supplementation?

  18. Can you be healthy without taking any vitemin d? I am out in the sun about one hour a day each day is that enough? and im light brown skinned

  19. I've tried Vit D supplementation as both a vegan and non vegan and every time without fail it has caused a eczema flare up. In both McDougals and T Colin Campbells publications they don't recommend Vit D supplementation and advocate some sunlight exposure. Mentioning that the Vitamin D in pills is not the same and the endogenous Vitamin D we produce and supplementation could even increase the risk of cancer? And how do the studies know they have accurate readings if the margin for error is so big? Are you bringing out a supplement range Dr Greger?

  20. OMG did Dr Greger just say that Scandinavian men inject cod liver oil into tier penis because it was short to them????? what the hell!??…..this is horrible!!…I myself am female and could not care less about what size it is, I care if it functions!…. its about endurance and not having ED (aka Erectile dysfunction)…..Stay away from mind altering drugs, pharma drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and porn and eat vegan and you will have the stamina of the energizer bunny.

  21. How ironic to see this video on my feed; and today I purchased a vegan D3 2500 units and am wondering if I should consume daily or every other day…? Any expertise suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  22. Dr greger, i'd like to know if. fried rice is unhealthier than steamed rice, please answer me!

  23. What if you're vegan and so can't consume vitamin D3? Will D2 be just as effective in these cases? What about potential adverse effects? Are there studies that compare D2 to D3 regarding this?

  24. I have 100k UI pills of Vitamin D, is it effective if i take one every 50 days? (that would come to 2k per day) I would appreciate the help! Thanks!

  25. Remember vitamin D3 works with vitamin K2 for strong bones, and disease prevention.

    Vit. K is in butter 'from' grass-fed cows, or take supplements.

    "According to recent findings, the  benefits of vitamin D, in terms of bone strength and cardiovascular health, are  greatly enhanced when combined with vitamin K. Vitamin D improves your bone  health by helping you absorb calcium. However, it is vitamin K that directs  calcium to your skeleton, to prevent it from being deposited in the wrong  areas."  From article by Dr. Mercola (Dr. Gregor probably covers this, too.)

  26. my prof said said everyone had to take vitamin D supplement because we don't get it in our diet!! is that true?

  27. how much would a breastfeeding mother need to take to have sufficient amount in her breastmilk for an exclusively breastfed infant? (rather than using vit. d drops)

  28. The safe dose of vitamin D supplements to get most of the population to the optimal level is 8.895 i.u. a day.


    check what your folks say … HARMFUL supplements .. xd

  30. Very interesting! I've been enrolled in a vitamin D study for a while. My blood is tested twice a year. Through that I was able to tweak the supplements I take. I'm now taking 5000 IU gels 4 times a week.
    My doctor once added a vitamin D test to regular blood work and it was taken within days of my semi-annual D test. The results of both tests were close.
    I've been aiming to get my numbers between 50 and 60.

  31. Where can parents find recommendations for vegan kids on how much b12 and vitamin d is needed? And other essential vitamins and nutrients? Most pediatricians in Northern Indiana are no help with this as they think no supplements are needed. They also believe that meat and dairy are great sources of nutrition. All I can ever find are recommendations for adults nutritional needs. Would really like to see more videos for kids health and nutrition. Thanks!

  32. It's quite shocking that vitamin D levels are measured so differently in different labs. Could it be that vitamin D breaks down in the blood over time? Or are a lot of these labs just highly incompetent? This should really be investigated.

  33. Take Vitamin K with Vitamin D and you will be fine. Vitamin K protects you from reaching the level of toxicity of too much Vitamin D.

    And by the way, its very hard to take too much… and there is no reason anyone should reach the 20,000iu threshold unless you are seriously deficient.

  34. I take 5000 I.U. D-3 daily. I get sunlight exposure, and also eat things that are supposed to be somewhat rich in the vitamin, and yet I score 45-47 on my tests for it for over a year now. That 1 time 50,000 D-2 yielded no real progress. So I switched to D-3 over the counter.

  35. I heard too much Vitamin D it can fur up your arteries so whats the best level to take…as everyones body has different needs.

  36. The SUNSHINE hormone "vitamin D" is a hormone, ingesting hormones is wrong, one must acquire from sunshine or red light therapy. Why INGEST Mitochondrion poison aka SHEEP'S GREASE?

  37. Why do they sell Choldecalciferol ( Vitamin.D )as the active ingredient in rat poison at .075%?
    It kills rats by mobilizing the calcium of their bones and depositing it in their hearts.

    Surely if it mobilizes calcium in rats it's going to do the same thing in humans?

  38. I read everywhere that one should take vitamind D3 with magnesium and k2 vitamin. This, in order to make vitamin work better.

    * Why is this not mentioned by dr. Greger?

    * Are the other vitamins not necessary in order to make vitamin D work better?

    Thank you in advance.


  39. I am wearing a Fitbit Charge 2.

    It measures my heartrate and steps. I am deficient in vitamin D.

    Since i am taking vitamin D (3000 IU/ day), i don't if this is related to my vit. D intake, but i noticed my resting heartrate went from 71 to 65 in about two weeks…remarkable (i am pretty athletic and i have not been practicing any sports last months..i feel somewhat calmer now…i sleep better and longer, but my body feels jittery. Weird)

  40. I had a vitamin D deficiency so I started supplementing with 2000 i.u. During the first week I felt great but then I started having a headache and feeling the pulse in my head very strongly. The only thing I had changed in my life had been taking these supplements so I decided to stop taking them and now I'm feeling much better.

  41. This is so contradictive with your other video. Where they say it is best to have around 112 nmol/liter.
    The curve at 0:35 says around 75 -80 nmol/liter is the sweet spot.


  42. The Best Vitamin D3 Brand in Indian Market is Sunbless 60 K which is from Zydus Cadila Healthcare. This is with pre-emulsified form with Nano Technology advantage and is 4 times more effective then all other brands available in India.

  43. So the info is good until it’s no good. To hell with all you “experts” tyrannizing our lives with your neurotic errors.

  44. I just posted a vegan video on how berries improve brain function. I also show you how I make my berry smoothie using Indian gooseberries, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black raspberries, and regular black berries.

  45. In the UK they have the RDA at 5ug which is 200/IU a day. That is a joke! You get more than that out of a nice piece of wile caught salmon. I got tested and was low. I have started at 3,000/IU a day. I have normal body weight and a BMI around 22. I heard softgels are better absorbed so got them, I take it with K2 MK 7, magnesium glycinate 300mg a day and cod liver oil that contains vitamin A, E and B vitamins. Will see how it goes.

  46. আমি না অনেক চিকন তার জনে অনেক কিছু খালা কিচু হয় না তার পলে আমি কি করতে পারি

  47. if i reached the optimal level and still workout would lowering the dose to 600iu daily be enough or should i keep taking 1200????

  48. Doctor Greger, would you be kind enough to clarify as to why the graph @ 0:25 showed a very large difference in the optimum plasma vitamin D range at around(70 – 80) nmol/l with the gragh @ 1:47 which showed the optimum plasma vitamin D range to be around (137.5 – >187.5) nmol/l? Which range reflects the true sweet spots? Was the wrong unit used in the latter? Should it be in ng/ml instead of nmol/l?

  49. Dr. Alejandro Diaz of Philippine Neurological Association recommends a daily Vitamin D intake of 600 IU for persons ages 1 to 70 years old and 800 IU for 71 years old and up. Anything less can put one at risk of severe bone degradation and other organ-related complications.

  50. These sick, sex-craved men injects poison into their penises to fake their sizes? That's like boobs implanted with silicone. That's just utterly stupid! Big penises and small brains (wisdom) goes like cheeses and chalks I suppose.

  51. I think the very poor accuracy in serum 25OHD3 test results is attributed to negligence in blood sample handling/storage time and/or wide storage temperatures between different labs. The same sample sent out to a 100 different labs may have the same samples tested on a different date. More delays may result in more degradation of the 25OHD3 in the blood samples. Pick a good reliable lab that handle blood samples professionally and test it at the shortest time possible after blood collection and their laboratory practice has to be certified by the best and trusted accreditation guidelines specific to that country.

  52. Why does the body tolerate low Vitamin D? The amazing body lowers Vitamin D for a reason. You’re stepping into dangerous territory talking like you understand hormones and the body. I took 5000IU per day for two years and blood work continued to show Vitamin D deficiency. I lost 50lbs and all of my bloodwork stabilized.

  53. Dr. Greger debunked?

  54. Can this get any more confusing?

    This article says the opposite of the article by Dr. Gerger , i.e. Most people do not need D supplements.

  55. None because the D3 put on shelves is a sham. That isnt the real vitamin D that available before around 2008!

  56. My penis is losing. A d doctor gave me the vitamin d3. And my body is also lose. So that is good or not plsss explain me

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