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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine and Nutritionist. One of the most common questions I get from patients is, “Dr.
Axe, how much water should I be drinking a day?” The answer is typically in between 25% and
50% of your body weight in ounces of water daily. So what this would mean is, if you
weigh 160 pounds, you typically want to try and get about about half of that, 80 ounces
of water a day or as little as 40 ounces of water a day. Typically in between 40 to 80
ounces of water a day. Water is vital for your health and for hydration,
but let me say this as well, that question of how much water should I be drinking a day
isn’t necessarily the best questions because it’s not just about how much water you’re
getting, it’s about hydration. If you are dehydrated some of the biggest
side effects can be headaches, lack of energy, weight gain, lack of cleansing and detoxification,
a weakened immune response, getting colds and flus easily, and really just feeling lethargic,
or even brain fog. So proper hydration is so key to your overall
health. And again, number one, it does start with water. Your number one goal should be
this, start drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water a day. So what I’d recommend, if you weigh, again,
160 pounds, carry around maybe a 20 ounce container of water and drink four of those
a day, really increase that water consumption. Then, step two is getting more fruits and
vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are packed with electrolytes like magnesium,
calcium, potassium and sodium. You need to get those good quality electrolytes in your
system as well. Not just water but fruits and vegetables as well. And the third thing, you want to be getting,
all natural sea salt. Either Celtic salt or Himalayan salt and sprinkle a little of that
on your food as well because when you’re getting water you also need sodium, you also need
potassium which you’re going to get in fruits. And then again, of course, some of the other
electrolytes I mentioned. But those are really three of the top four things you should do. Now, the fourth thing you need to do to stay
hydrated is actually move and exercise. If you want to stay properly hydrated, you want
to increase circulation throughout your body. Any form of exercise can support this whether
it’s cardiovascular training, burst training, weight training, or just going down and walking. But movement increases circulation and can
really improve your overall electrolyte levels and actually can help circulate and get more
nutrients into your cells. So remember these four steps in staying hydrated
and really how much water you should drink: Number one, the amount of drinking a day is
about 25% to 50% your body weight in water. So again, if you weigh 160 pounds, consume
80 ounces of water a day. Step two, consume more fruits and vegetables.
Try and get 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Step number three, sprinkle a little bit of
Himalayan salt or some sort of sea salt on your food on a regular basis. Step number four, exercise at least three
days a week for 20 minutes. If you do those four things, you’re going
to be well hydrated and that water that you’re consuming is going to be properly balanced
with electrolytes as well. Hey guys, if you want to learn more about
proper hydration, you can check out some of the articles I’ve written there on
You can search “water”, or I’ve got a great article on Himalayan salt I think you’d like. Also, if you want more health news like this
you can subscribe to this YouTube channel. Want to just say, thanks so much for watching
and remember, stay hydrated.

100 thoughts on “How Much Water Should You Really Drink a Day? | Dr. Josh Axe

  1. Why drink so much water since you consume water in your drinks and foods? Your body will tell you when it’s thirsty…. Too much fruit!

  2. Your kidneys can eliminate about 5.3-7.4 gallons (20-28 liters) of water a day, but theycan't get rid of more than 27-33 ounces (0.8-1.0 liters) per hour (14, 15). Therefore, in order to avoid hyponatremia symptoms, youshould not drink more than 27-33 ounces (0.8-1.0 liters) of water per hour, on average


  4. I drink 3L a day. At first it was hard but now when I dont drink enough water I really feel bad and thirsty !! Also my weight is 205 (93kg)

  5. Why does it have to be Himalayan salt? Salt is salt. It makes absolutely no difference which type of salt you use, sodium is sodium. If the use of this particular type of salt is for trace minerals, you would be better off getting your minerals from another source, as excess sodium is not a good thing. More fad diet tips from someone who wished they were a Hollywood star?! If you eat a proper diet and consume the proper amounts of water daily, you don't need to worry about electrolyte replacement, because your body already takes care of that process naturally.

  6. what about herbal tea should the health value be higher than just water alone because there are more essential nutrients dense all while having the benefits of water combined

  7. This recommends 80% water a day if u weight 160lbs. Water has no nutrition (?) You 5 serving of fruits /vegies a day= more liquids into your body then gave a sensible 3meals a day, so how did function by running to toilet several times a day. Now ppl in wheel chairs ppl walking with canes walkers will be setting themselves trying to get to the 🚽🚽🚽

  8. My brain tell me that my body needs what and I try my best drink water but I have hard time swallow the water, I force myself to drink the water. My mouth is so dry.

  9. I think it depends though right isn't that why this is so hard to answer like if you live in Pa like me it's always chilly or cold except summer it's hot but in Arizona it's always gonna be really hot and Alaska is usually colder or chilly even in summer it's 50-60 degrees

  10. I've watched a few videos on water consumption… what's healthy and what's not.

    I advise everyone to watch the video listed under to make an informed decision.

    "The Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day Big Fat Lie!" by Dr Eric Berg DC

  11. I like that you focused on the good foods and exercise. "Water" is not some magic solution, it's everything combined. You lived up to your holistic moniker with this advice. : )

  12. Water intake below 50% is too low I think. 50-100% of your weight I think is more ideal. We use 2-3 quarts just breathing in a day, add a hot climate and excersise and you need to add to that number. Only water counts no other liquids, your body will use every bit of that water trust me. If your 150 pounds then 150 ounces of water throughout the day is ideal.

  13. I drink Alief 2 liters of water a day cluding 48 oz of a water bottle and that's twice a day is that too much to drink a day with a 266 lb woman and also I'm 5'25 that's my height

  14. I'm 75-80 kg and I drink from 4 to 6 litres of water daily, is that too much? Can I have water intoxication?

  15. Ok I weigh 430 lb and I'm supposed to drink half that in ounces water that's over 200 oz in a day does that sound plausible lol

  16. The most inaccurate way to measure how much water a person needs is by a percent. it's by listening to your body and paying attention to the color of your urine where you'll figure out your need

    Too many people fail trying to drink half their body weight in ounces of water

    Your body will let you know when you need water and the color of your urine is a good indication what's going on to if you don't take a bunch of supplements

  17. What about if you are active? How does that change things? I weigh around180, but do a 50 min walk at noon and 40 mins of cardio in the evening. I’m drinking at least 110 oz of water and usually a lot more. I’m just trying to be sure I’m not drinking too much.

  18. This is bullshit;drinking that much is very dangerous,I’m 14 stone so by this I should be drinking 3 liters a day,
    I’m going to be constantly drinking and going to the bathroom throughout the
    day,that’s not good

  19. Lol
    Everybody needs different level of water. A teacher and a gym trainer need different level of water of course. If you are thirsty, drink.

  20. I think I’m getting dehydrated because I’ve been gaining weight more than usual and eat the same… and super lazy. I mean extreme lazy. Not even want to get up to go to the restroom

  21. I was told that only drink when your thirsty otherwise you are drinking too much. I never get thirsty so what am I supposed to do?

  22. Dr. Josh Axe, thanks for the info. That said, "25 to 50% of what one's body weight is is how much water should be drank"? Really? "25%," maybe, & that still sounds like on the high end.
    I'm trying to remember if this is the same thing Dr. Eric Berg recommends, though I think it probably isn't because he, per videos I've seen of him on the subject, is against what he considers drinking "too much water."
    Anyway, I suppose it all comes down to knowing what is moderation & abiding with that.
    One question more, actually. When one increases one's water consumption to often, he or she will tend more to want to urinate more. What if the urge to urinate is as frequent as within only minutes from the most recent time? Is the water even getting a chance to go anywhere except the bladder?
    Oh, I should add, one thing I've heard before Dr. Berg but have heard him say & perhaps you have elsewhere, too, is that lemon can be juiced into the water for drinking to enrich it with electrolytes.
    Anyway, all the best!

  23. I eat a ton of veggies, drink a pot of herbal lemon tea and maybe 2 eight ounce glassed of water every day. I’m plenty hydrated.

  24. Not a big fan of water even less so from the tap ew but iid say about a thousand liters a day shud do

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