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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

bjbjqPqP Mike Chang: What’s up YouTube? Today we are going to spend a whole video
and talk about working out for teenagers. So we ll talk about how old you have to be
to start working out and more importantly how old you have to be you can stat lifting
weights, because everybody talks about you know you can’t work out until you this age
or this age, because you’re going to stunt your growth and blah, blah, blah, you can
injure yourself and you’re supposed to be 6 foot and you’re only 5 5 and it’s all their
fault because they started working out early. So let s cover all that. The very first thing we are going to talk
about is the stunting growth part, because that s probably the biggest concern for everybody
and I used to think that too. I am about 5 9 almost 5 10. I usually tell people, I am 5 10 and I used
to believe crap. If I didn t exercising a lot time, I d be
6 foot. But then I started learning and I realized
actually that s really not the case. As far as how tall you’re, majority of it
is genetics. But there is a little bit that comes into
play when it comes to exercising when you’re young. So first we are going to talk about those
exercises that stunt your growth. Any exercise that has to do with very heavy
weight that you lift above your head will stunt your growth when you’re young. So some of the exercises are going to be for
example any type of overhead press, working on your shoulders, like standing military
press, anything that compresses your spine, heavy squat, that s going to really go ahead
and stunt your growth and anything that s really super heavy. So dead lifts, even though you’re not lifting
it above your head I would probably still say not to go too heavy on those and really
probably stay away from it now until you get a little older. So most of the power lifting moves are the
ones that you can’t stay away from until your body at least has a little chance to mature. So the exercises that you should be concentrating
on are exercising that don t involve any weight at all. Because this way there is no way to stunt
your growth. You’re just using your body weight. You do all the types of jumping around stuff
that you like. For example, pushups, pullups, any type of
squats, any type of sprints, any functional body weight workouts, anything to do with
your body weight, you’re more than welcome to do, and really, really tough to really
stunt your growth. As far as what age should you start working
out with weights, I d recommend about 14. When you’re about 14 years old start working
out with weights and don t do any of those super heavy lifts until you probably get to
about the age of 16. Now it’s pretty arguable. Some people may say you could do a little
younger, some people say probably may weight a little longer, but I would be safe now to
say about 14 you can start actually working out with weights and 16 you can start actually
doing those heavy lifts, the heavy squats, and the military press, and over your head
and things like that. By that time your body has matured enough
to where you hit some growth spurts, you maybe probably haven t stopped growing yet and you
will continue to grow, but just as long as you stay moderate in the amount of weight
that you use, don t go over under 8 reps, you should be fine and keep it really safe. Next thing that s very, very important and
probably the most important thing for young people working out is when you’re working
out and you’re concentrating on your form, form is the most important thing when you’re
a teenager and you’re exercising. The reason why is because most teenagers that
I have seen to be honest with you they really don t exercise right. Thing is they can t even tell that they’re
doing it wrong. Here is the reason why. Because their bodies are really young, their
muscles are young, they’re not matured, and most of time haven t really sustained any
type of injuries. So imagine somebody being really fresh, even
if they do the wrong thing, they haven t done it long enough to basically get injured. It’s like driving a new car. You grab a new car, you can drive it really
hard, you can step on the breaks really hard, you can do all this turns, and the suspension
and everything is really tie in, it just drives like a dream. But then if you drive an old car you better
drive it right, because that thing is going to break down on you if you try to go ahead
and go rough with it. So when you’re young you’re working out and
you’re doing it, it’s like driving a new car. You got that grace periods where if you’re
doing it wrong you’re not going to be able to tell because your body is not going to
hurt and your muscles are still going to go grow. So you’re going to feel fine. The problem with that is actually you start
to workout wrong and it learn it wrong and as you get older and older to it starts to
wear and tear on your joints, on your muscles, and then as you start going heavier as you’re
getting stronger, then you inure yourself. After that you’re going to be like everybody
else who’s been working out for a lot year, injuries everywhere and it just sucks. It d put you out of gym for months and then
before you know you got surgery and Dan and I’ve been talking about all of that. So this is what you need to do. Even if you’re working out and you think you’re
doing the right form, you really, really need to go ahead and make sure that all of your
techniques and all of your form is correct right from day one. It takes a little while to establish it, but
you got to star now. If you’re young, you need to start now. If you’re a little older and you’re starting
to work out, something goes, except you don t have that the same advantage like the younger
guys. If you do something wrong, you will pretty
much feel within a week. Young guys, you still have good few months
to a couple of years before you actually start feeling those injuries. Make sure you start off right and then later
on when you get older it becomes natural for you. The correct form, it becomes natural. You don t have to relearn everything. That is the most important thing for y all
teenagers out there when you’re working out. Keep it safe. It’s all about form when you’re younger. As you get older then worry about throwing
up heavy weight, then worry about building on a massive muscle, want to looking all jacked. When you’re younger just worry about form,
build some good muscle and build that foundation to where as you get older and stuff you can
really, really pack on that muscle. And here is a tip. I didn t really realize until now when you’re
young it’s a little tough to put on mass. You can still do it, but the muscle maturity
is not there all the way. As you get older every single year it seemed
to faster when you’re putting on muscle. It’s almost like suddenly when you hit a certain
age, you start keeping all this muscle. It’s an awesome feeling. So you definitely want to start off young. So if you have got guys that are 13, 14, 15
out there, watch this video thinking about working out, thinking about getting started,
start now, because by the time you turn 17, 18, 20, you’re going to have all this mature
muscle, you’re going to look like somebody who is 30 years old when you take off your
shirt, because you ve got this badass body and they look at your face and you’re 20,
you’re 18, and you just look awesome, because you started early. So definitely go ahead and do that, but take
my advice, make sure form is key. Don t injure yourself, don t do it wrong from
the start, learn the right way to do it. So this way when you’re older, you’re going
to have a badass body, you’re going to look great and you don t have to relearn all those
mistakes that you made in the past. Another important thing for teenagers working
out is probably about 7 out of 10 teenagers I get questions on are wanting to go ahead
and put on a little more size. Sometimes I get the opposites where some teenagers
are a little overweight and they want to drop weight. When it comes to putting on more size, the
main thing you need to concentrate on is basically eating a lot more food, because it’s really
important. That s the only way you can go ahead and put
on more size. When it comes to food, and when you’re a teenager
a lot of times you’re a lot more active and your metabolism is higher, so you get to go
ahead and slack off a little bit on eating super healthy. When you’re older and stuff you got to eat
healthier, because your metabolism is naturally not as high, but when you’re growing your
body is still maturing, you can pretty much put down not anything you want, but there
is definitely a lot more leeway for bad food versus good food. So what you want to do pretty much put out
as much food as you can and keep it to where you stay away from greasy foods, fast foods,
and eat a lot more wholesome foods like potatoes, like rice, like beef, like chicken, and just
eat a good amount of it. If you’re skinny and you want to put on more
size and you ve been trying for a long time, but you can’t do it, the reason why is you’re
not getting enough. Now you may think, man, Mike, I’ve been eating
all this good and I still can’t do it. Well, the basics of it is whatever you’re
eating if you’re not putting on weight you just have to eat more. And if you are putting on weight, then you
just have to eat more, and eventually your body is going to tell itself, well, crap man,
I’m eating all this food and I can’t burn all this food off and I’ve got to put it somewhere. So if you’re working out, it goes into your
muscles. If you’re not working out, it goes into your
gut. So solve the problem. If you’re starting to see a gut coming along
and you realize, hey, not all the food is going to my muscles then you ve got to go
ahead and cut it back little bit, but if you don’t see the results in your eating and you
think you’re eating enough, eat more and eventually you’re going to solve that problem really
quick because you’re going to continue to eat until eventually your body has no other
way to get rid of this food but to go ahead and leave it on your body and put it onto
your muscles if you are working out or your stomach if you’re not. So that s how you put on size when you’re
young. For you all guys that are younger that are
overweight, pretty much do the opposite. You’re probably eating too much calories and
you’re actually have to start concentrating on a, eating those lean proteins and eating
the lean carbs that we talk about in some of the other videos, but also you have to
start being a lot more active. So one thing to do to be active is you can
join sports at school, you can go ahead and do something easy as getting out and just
start jogging and start walking and watch some of the other videos, the workout videos
and start doing some of the workouts at home. If you have a local gym that you can go to;
I didn t join a gym until, man, I think I was working out a couple of years until I
finally started joining a gym. I worked in the garage with rusty barbells
and all that stuff. So you don t have to worry about that. The young guys sometimes gym memberships mighty
be a little costly. Don t worry about it. You can actually check out maybe like your
local field house where the people that play the sports they go in there and a lot of times
it’s free for everybody. So A lot other alternatives, but the main
thing for you guys though is just be more active, get involved in different type of
activities, and most importantly though if you can go ahead and start a workout regimen
that will be perfect and besides that concentrating on lowering your calories and you should start
seeing that weight drop. So to check out more videos, you can go to and it has all the workouts and all the nutrition there. I will talk to you guys next time. ~qdWJ=0 hCP+ ~qdWJ=0 ~qdWJ=0=hN#M hQ8% qdWJ=0
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