Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

  1. All of that processed meat and micro meals will do more harm than good. Cut it out and eat healthy ORGANICALLY!

  2. At 5:50 He's saying that he is working but on the monitor u can clearly see that he is watching fortnite on youtube

  3. Although for such health conscious people – you might consider not microwaving your food – really guys.

  4. 15:00 "i eat again and go back to work"
    The true "i eat again, sit in my chair and put some fornite videos on YouTube."

  5. Actually his height is very common in the Netherlands I know like 3 people over 2 meters but skinny.
    His muscular body makes get the attention.

  6. I’m actually impressed and really proud that this dude maintained a pretty fit/muscly physique , I mean he could’ve easily began to bulk tf up and be a huge dude but props to him for his look

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