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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– For me, it was more
so what got addictive is when you start getting stronger. Like, I like feeling strong. So to be able to do things without anyone’s assistance is really liberating, and I think that’s something that a lot of people with disabilities
struggle with just ’cause they feel like they can’t
do things independently. And I think that that’s really hindering. My name is Devin, I’m 24 years old, I live in North County, San
Diego in the city of Oceanside, and I am an MPC Bikini competitor. So I would be what’s considered
a congenital amputee. Being a congenital amputee means that you’re born missing a limb. When we would all play on the playground, we used to run around in this
giant field and play ponies. I remember going there
one day and being like, oh, can I come, I wanna
play ponies with you guys. And all the other little girls were like, oh well, we have enough ponies right now, like there’s too many. That was like my moment where I realized, like hey, I am different,
and people are gonna treat you differently because of that. We have to film the donuts next. I’m not gonna eat one, but I’m gonna stare longingly into its eyes. So in 2013, I started getting really into the gym and working out. And I had some girlfriends, they had been working out longer than me, and they were the ones who were really interested in bodybuilding. So I was like, hey let’s go
to this show, it’ll be fun. And then once I started doing
it and started training, I just really got hooked on the lifestyle. It’s definitely helped
me out a lot in my life in terms of just my everyday functioning, like if I’m at work and
I have to move a keg. I wasn’t able to do that
before and I can do it now. – [Voiceover] Do you normally eat my donuts when you work out? – No, I don’t, but then I wonder if I don’t eat anything
pumpkin spice this fall, am I still a white girl? I never had a role model growing up. I didn’t meet someone who looked like me until I was 20 years old, which is my friend Tara. And she had cancer and she lost her arm. Meeting her was really
important to me because I never really had someone
that looked like me. And I never had a friend
that I could really go to that really understood
what I was going through. So it was really comforting when I would talk to her about things, when she says, “I know how you feel,” she literally knows exactly how I feel. I think after that point, I just didn’t feel so alone in the world. And so I feel like before I never had that role model growing up, I kind of realized that hey, I want to be that role model for someone else. What I really want to do is I want to go to school for occupational therapy, and get my Masters degree
and be able to work with other veterans or
children with amputations. Really being able to be the person for so many children that I never had. To me, something like that,
the possibilities are endless, and the amount of people that you are able to help is just indefinite. My face is coming off on the bench. I never wear makeup to the gym! But I didn’t want to look
like a freakin’ troll today. It’s like, oh god, look at it! (laughs) Cake face! All right! At the end of the day, the only person whose opinion really
matters the most is yours. All that really matters is
what you feel about you. And you can’t control what
other people do to you, but you can definitely
control how you react to it. So for me, it was just kind of deciding that when people treated me poorly, I wasn’t gonna have that reaction where I was gonna let it affect me. And I basically just woke up every day and I looked at myself in
the mirror and I said, You are beautiful, you are strong, you are confident, you
are all these things. And I left my door and
I held my head up high, and I acted that way. So I think it’s better to
just be truly transparent and to be authentic and to
be unapologetically yourself. And if somebody doesn’t like it, then that’s their prerogative, it has nothing to do with you. ♫ Soul pancake (upbeat music)

48 thoughts on “How This Bikini Competitor & Amputee Found Confidence | The Happiness Stories

  1. 'If I don't eat anything pumpkin spice this fall, am I still white girl?'
    I had no idea that was a thing. 🙂

  2. I'm guessing that Devin can still work out her her upper back muscles on her left side but just in a different way…?

  3. The only thing i want to know "I'm not trying to be rude" is how dose she train her back ? As in upper back , And is she able to train her whole back ?

  4. This is a prime example of having no excuses. Keep kicking ass and taking names! Would love to see you win a competition!

  5. "because I never had that role model growing up, I kinda realized that, hey, I want to be that role model for someone else." <3

  6. She's so attractive! Not just her looks either. Her passion, drive, and strength makes her such an attractive person.

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments you guys! It means a lot!! I post tons of workout videos and such on IG. My handle for all social media is just @devincoffin 😊😊

  8. 'If I don't eat anything pumpkin spice this fall, am I still white girl?' I love her sense of humor XD

    and, I really love her ambitions 🙂 being an occupational therapist is a kickass goal, I hope she gets there! I believe she will.

    awesome video SoulPancakes, awesome video 🙂

  9. aww, i used to work w devin n after knowing her for even just a minute you quickly see that this girl can hang w the best of them. glad to see her doing so well

  10. I worry a little about your back watching you lift the weights from the ground.

    I watched a friend cross fit her way into the ER.

    That aside, rock on!

  11. Living in the U.S, (nyc) I've noticed that people here are very focused on race and their ethnic background. They manage to slip any race comment into any conversation. "Hey! I'm 1/4 navajo, and 1/8 russian and 1/23 portuguese…cool, but I didnt ask you!."
    Putting that aside, what an inspirational story.

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