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What’s going on Nation? And welcome to the barbell glute bridge now If you’ve never done a glute bridge before I like you guys to watch this video right here on How to do this exercise without the barbell once you’ve watched this video you’ve mastered it without it Come back here And now we do the barbell glute bridge the purpose of this exercise is to work your hip extensors the Explosion through the hips this exercise is going to help you with some other lifts like you’re squatting and you’re dead lifting Now the way you’re going to do this Exercise is when you lay down on the ground you’re going to be on your back nice and flat You’re going to bring your heels as close to your butt as possible and you’re going to explode through your hips by flexing your butt as hard as you can from the ground all the Way up to the top of the movement the at the top of the movement you’re going to extend your hips forward To make sure you get that hip Hyperextension now this exercise also is going to hit your hamstrings And if you feel your hamstrings start to take over during this exercise You can try to push through your toes a little more on your feet for me personally I don’t feel it through my hamstring because I’m exploding with my gluts from the ground up And I’m pushing really hard through my heels But you know if you start to experience some of that try pushing through your toes a little bit now before you start this exercise If you have tight hamstrings, or your hip flexors are kind of tight You might want to do some stretching to make sure you can do the movement properly okay? So what I’m going to do is in the lay down and I want you guys to keep in mind some of the key points I just talked about heels close to butt The bar itself is going to lie on my thighs right about here so about two to three inches down from my hips and I’m going to hold the bar going about shoulder width and Push it into my thigh and after the bar is going to stay through the entire movement, okay? So look for that, and then again look for hip hyperextension at the top Easiest way to get into position is to sit down and then just roll the bar over you If doing this exercise the bar hurts you can put a pad on it I choose not to use a pad unless the weight get really really heavy So I’m going to go in the middle of the bar heels close to butt Just like that you saw the hip hyperextension right? One more Now what I like to do is I like to explode up, and then control movement on the way down also if the weights Too heavy you can’t hip hyperextend it means you’re not controlling the movement so lower the weight to get the full range of motion So hope you guys enjoyed this great demonstration video for more tips check us out at and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. What's your fascination with people's fathers? Does someone have daddy issues? Did daddy play a little too rough with you in your one bedroom council house?

  2. Sorry, I guess I just didn't really look for any different exercises than other variations of what I've been doing since it's working fine for me. :/

  3. @xqimdap yeah. actually in the last 3 weeks i've put on 12 pounds!. Between i just had to laugh its what i've been wanting for years I went straight out and got the whole set. i've heard legal action is already underway but you can get them for now from here ==>

  4. well it is accurate, some studies have shown mixing creatine with certain fruit juices make the creatine absorb faster and better. on the other hand, most fruit juices and drinks have alot of sugar, and added sugar

  5. If you are drinking real fruit juice, you can cut it with water, so as to decrease the sugar content. At least the sugars found in real food doesn't spike insulin nearly as bad as refined sugar, as the fiber found in fruits & veggies slows down the metabolizing of the sugar.

  6. Do you always talk like that .. ?

    I'm sorry, but I have to mute your videos.
    Love your technique, but the way you're talking anoys me, be a bit more relaxed in your voice. too pitched and it's just not something you could listen to more than 30sek and be focused.

    Nothing personal, just saying it, personal trainers have to reach out to people and you are doing it great, technique, motivation and it really seems like you love this, and thanks for that 🙂

  7. absolutely right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. btw!but ye My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. i found it here

  8. Scott wouldn't this hurt your legs or groin area?

    This is one of the strangest looking exercises I have ever seen.

    Never saw anyone in my gym do this. But I have seen people doing like 400 lbs on this!

    They are doing more weight that they do on bench press or deadlifts etc..

  9. Why do you keep saying that you need to bring your feet as close to your butt as possible, you said that in your non-weighted video too. I can bring my heels directly in contact with my butt and it obviously isn't the most efficient position to be in. You want to have an inch or 2 in between your heels and your butt.

  10. I don't think you should need, or do, stretches for hamstrings prior to a hamstring flexion workout. I would, if anything, stretch the quadriceps (and do so dynamically) prior to this exercise given they had tight quadriceps. Good video though

  11. I want to apply this to sprinting, which means it is best to make the movement sprint-specific. Using common sense this means my leg is practically fully extended at the knee, as it is when you sprint, so to get the proper motion i have to use a wall or anything that provides resistance facing sideways. Does anyone know of an official exercise like this? I might experiment with it but if i can id like to know the best way to do it from the start

  12. Probably the most awkward exercise you can do. I was doing it next so some mother and her teen daughter that probably thought I was practised my thrusting(kind of true in a way), very awkward. Felt the constant judging stares coming from them.

  13. I'm going to skip this one until I get jacked, I don't want people to look at me funny in the gym, like what is thew newb think he's doing lol

  14. Thanknyou for going in depth, i watched a different video that didnt really explain proper form just "here is a glute bridge, watch her do it. Ok now go do it"

  15. Man I really like to do this exercise but It's so painful and hurts my pubic bone , even with a thick sponge I roll around the bar 🙁

  16. Hey Scott I got a sprained ankle and looking at exercises I can do, could this be one because squats and deadlifts have been slowing my recovery and those are push movements…

  17. Why are guys embarrassed to do this exercise ? I don’t get it … straight men’s egos are so fragile lol kinda sad that the “hey bro , hey dude , look at me I’m straight” mentality keeps you poor guys in a cage . Just do the exercise if you want to and don’t give a damn what others think

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