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Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness
Adviser. This is how to begin your body building at home. A question I get very
frequently “how to begin?” I started when I was about 13/14 years old. I didn’t have
any equipment at the time. So what I started doing, what you can start to do
with no equipment: body-weight exercises. They’re super effective. You don’t need anything to do them with.
Ryan’s going to demonstrate. He’s gonna do a push-up, one of the most effective
exercises. Again we’re familiar with it; it’s been around forever because it
works. So pushups – chest, shoulders, and triceps. Really effective. Then he’s gonna
jump up. Squats. We want to work our full body to bodybuild. Squats with dumbbells, with barbells, but we start out just plain bodyweight. And then you would do
crunches as well. Then you want to progress. Then I went out and got a set
of dumbbells, SelectTech an amazing set of dumbbells. So Ryan’s gonna grab one of each and he’s gonna do a chest press. So the same muscles we just worked doing a push-up. You can get a bench. You can get a ball. And he’s going to do some chest presses. The
basics are what work. So chest press once again, Ryan’s working his chest, his shoulders, his triceps. There’s five basic regions of the upper body that we want to target
for bodybuilding. This is one. From here he’s gonna sit up and go to a bicep curl.
So nice straight upper body and just working the arms now. So an isolation
move – one that’s been around for bodybuilding since the beginning of time,
working those biceps – front of the arms. 10 to 15 repetitions and from here he’s
going to transition into shoulder presses, pressing right up over his head.
Now he’s really starting to work those shoulders. Nice, easy, simple transitions,
simple exercises – again though super effective. And then he’s going to stand
up, we’re gonna finish up with some tricep kickbacks and then some dumbbell rows. So we’re gonna hinge at the waist, and squeeze back. Again an exercise that has been around forever for a reason, it works. Couple more repetitions and then he’s
gonna keep this same body position, easy transition, into some dumbbell rows. And you got it. Couple more reps like this. So there we did chest, we did shoulders, biceps, triceps, now he’s doing his back. Perfect. Two to three sets, maybe one to
start. Nice easy dumbbell rows. And there you have it. We worked the entire body. You can do it with body weight; you can do it with dumbbells. The key is to just get
started. For more quick workout and fitness content please subscribe to our channel. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions
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