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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name is Skip La Cour; I am a 6-time national
champion, drug-free bodybuilder. You can learn how to improve your bodybuilding
and training efforts by visiting my websites,, And today I’m going to talk to you about bodybuilding. The first thing you wanna do when you sit
down is have a nice firm base, your feet are planted firmly on the ground. There is three places where your body is touching
the bench and that’s where your butt is, your shoulders and your head. You wanna have a nice strong tight lower back,
that’s where your going to control the power. The grip on the bench press is a little bit
wider than shoulder width apart. As you take the weight off you wanna make
sure you control the weight on the way down in a one – two count and then you explode
up in a one count. So it’s one, two and controlled and one explode,
one, two controlled and one explode. You always wanna make sure you’re using the
chest muscles to move the weight. You don’t wanna just worry about moving it
from point A to point B, incorporating shoulders or arms. bodybuilding is about hitting the targeted
muscle groups, so you wanna make sure your chest is doing the work. As you bring the weight down it’s important
that you bring it just slightly under your chest muscles about at your breast bone, to
make sure the muscle is doing the work. And that’s how you bench press correctly.

100 thoughts on “How to Bench Press Correctly | Bodybuilding

  1. His body a actually looks natural, no veins poking out in a relaxed state. Nice to see someone doing it properly 🙂

  2. I was doing football workouts and my coach told me that I looked like I was jerking off an elephant when I benched lol

  3. thanks a lot skip ! i changed from a flat back wide elbow kind of form which really murdered my shoulder joint and did this and no shoulder pain plus i get twice as sore from actually working the muscle

  4. a quick question what about your breath do you breath out at a certain point or do you keep your breath in a certain point
    and how much was the guy lifting in bench

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  7. Make sure that you maintain your shoulder blades squeezed together(like someone walked behind you and poured ice cold water down your back),and have a 45% position at you're ellbows throughout the movement(think proper push-up position/semi-tucked)when pressing.Also bring the bar to the lower part of your chest/or sternum region..Maintain control of the movement,and stay "tight"!..If you train your upper back properly/hard,and bench correctly, your cuffs should be good for a long while…etc etc

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  22. How do you make sure ur getting chest and not shoulders and stuff…cause im not feeling my pecs burn

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  26. You know not everyone does drugs there's actually very few of those kind of people in the world people just end up big because of hard work and many types of virtuous training that comes with passion

  27. Please people stay drug free unless its a requirement for a medical issue people who do drugs with a non-medical issue end up having very bad lives

  28. Well actually bodybuilders have about 7 times the amount of testosterone as the average man which promotes growth and have increased blood flow which equals bigger and harder boners

  29. I'm not suposed to keep my back on the bench? Because I always thought that it might hurt my back if I curved it and also does the bar suposed to touch my chest because its not o.o

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  34. Thanks for the guides, I'm working out in a rather cheap gym with no guidance on the floor. So for me it's just really important to watch your movies and learn…

  35. This is a really shitty tutorial. Nothing about upper back tightness and squeezing your shoulder blades together. This is a safety concern for once you actually start lifting heavy weight. Also, the bullshit about make sure you use your chest is just broscience nonsense. Learn the movement correctly, and all the muscles involved in the movement will grow. The pectorals will grow by just using proper form, but so will the deltoids and triceps. Also, by natural bodybuilding champion he just means he is better at cheating a drug test. No fucking way he's natty.

  36. I'm not disliking but it wasn't helpful when I do it I work my triseps and shoulder that's what I wanted to fix…

  37. Great explanation. I was positioning my arms and elbows incorrectly, hence creating shoulder and bicep impingement. This step by step corrected my incorrect form, feels much better. Thanks!

  38. Slight arch in back, eye line from bar? Squeeze shoulder blades, hand placement on bar etc. All this stuff is missing

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