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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Definitely like to see how I can build my upper chest more See if there’s something I can steal from you A Mr Olmpia style workout. You had a chest so big you could rest your chin on it When I use to sleep on the planes my chin would rest on my chest Let’s just go through your chest routine everyone wants to know what you do for chest the type of chest routine that you would do if you were trying to build it Not just a maintenance program the routine you did early on in your career to build mass let’s start with a machine press to warm up the chest and then we’ll work right into it I think people have a hard time learning to feel a muscle so with chest are there any tricks you use? most importantly when you do a chest movement you need to focus on keeping the chest high you don’t want to curl over you want to keep the chest out so you can contract everything is about contraction not just pushing the weight so most importantly you want to feel that peak contraction but not locking out the elbows. Just a really good squeeze from the chest If you put your mind into the muscle and visualize the chest working from the bottom to the top which I can see. Your upper chest is flexing from the bottom up. Everything is working from the bottom up you have to have a plan of attack every time you go to the gym so what I try to do is visualize every workout prior to walking into the gym so we started training here and I’m not used to working out in this gym but I can tell you what I’m going to do for 2nd and 3rd exercise as soon as you say chest it’s an automatic switch and I know what I’m going to do I notice when you train you do your reps with a nice steady rhythm. there’s no resting at the bottom or top because the reps for me look shorter because I’m bigger so really what I’m trying to do when I get into it the chest starts off in a contracted position the movement is only where I can feel my chest pumping let’s put a 25 on there I’m sure you viewers don’t want to see Mr Olympia train with light weight imagine me with 70 pounds more muscle since we’re the same height I’m only 175 pounds Oh, you’re 5 feet 7 inches tall too? LOL You’re 5′ 7″ according to Frank Zane James said, How does it feel to be 5 foot 7 inches? So, all you guys, facts: Jay Cutler is 5 foot 9 inches come on. 2 more One more. One more One more Good Good Everyone always does incline for upper chest how do you feel about upper chest versus lower chest since it’s only one muscle? there’s no way to really isolate I believe it’s a farce to think incline is only going to work upper chest Right, it’s only one muscle group It’s going to help but remember angles is how you build muscle that’s why we choose different movements People always believe that if they lack upper chest that incline movements are going to help that either someone has an upper chest or they don’t I’ve seen guys do tons of incline and their upper chest never grows It’s the whole chest in itself. Remember you work it from the bottom up. As you build, your upper chest is going to have no choice but to grow everyone’s body is going to be different so all of this should contract every rep. See that? Good squeeze It’s all about the contraction, each rep Right now I’m squeezing At that peak I’m squeezing the chest Now remember guys you always want to spot from the elbows Work with the body And never slam your weights either! Only I can do that in my home gym No yelling either Do you ever yell? Honestly? Only when I wanted peoples attention. LOL attention? LOL so throughout your career you’ve built up to, say on a big muscle group like chest 20 total sets, so so what were you doing, say 5 exercises at 4 sets each? I was doing 3 exercises times 6 sets plus the warmups and a couple extras the best way is to actually watch someone do something like these type of workouts where you can see what he does 90% out of anyone who approaches Jay Cutler anywhere in the world will say to me, I watch your videos on youtube Did you just refer to yourself in the 3rd person? LOL Yeah. LOL I guess when you’re Jay Cutler you can. They watch the youtube videos because it’s free and it’s the best content you can find out there for people to see OK, come on, let’s go. Up! Good What do you work up to on a flat bench? I don’t do much flat bench There was a time that I did Then I was a lot stronger You know the strongest I ever was, and I wasn’t that strong I was always skinny with long arms So bench was never a strong exercise for me but I could do 315 pounds for 5 reps That was at my strongest But now it’s usually 225 pounds for 12 reps Same thing with this. Bar never touches your chest Do you ever tell people things they should envision? I tell people to envision squeezing the hands close together to get that contraction What I do is tuck my chin so I can feel my chest contract and touch my chin Well…my chest isn’t that big. LOL to me, “bro science” is something that you heard in the gym that isn’t founded on anything real other than someone told you and you just take it as fact To me, that’s what bro science is Yeah So through the years what was that balance for you between real science, academic science, and application and finding what works for you I never went for textbook anything So if someone wrote a book about biomechanics and how the muscle functions I didn’t give a shit about that I learned from reading books of Arnold and Bob Paris and Frank Zane and Chris Dickerson these guys that put out content I can appreciate the foundation of science but people get way to hung up on science right now they read the science hoping they are going to find a scientific shortcut and you see all these videos, a shortcut to this and shortcut to that But..there are no shortcuts What was the physique that inspired you? Bob Paris He was the ultimate aesthetic physique He was the best physique of all time He truly was. Frank Zane had an awesome physique. Don’t get me wrong. Zane’s physique inspired me because he was our height at his max weight he was only 190 pounds But Bob Paris had those perfect lines Yeah, guys watching this. Make sure you go check out Bob Paris. You guys can google pictures because a lot of people don’t know the name but when I was 16 I picked up a book at GNC Because there were no real specialty supplement stores at the time You walked into GNC because that’s where all the products were sold and there I bought a book called Beyond Built And it was the first bodybuilding book I ever read But I didn’t start training until 2 years after that Bob Paris’ book showed all the instructions on how to do the movements So what we’re going to do now What weight do you have there? I hate to call this a cable crossover It’s on 55 Because it’s not a cable crossover It’s just a cable flye So instead of crossing over you’re just squeezing to the middle? Too many people step into the movement and do this And it’s like we talked about Your chest is going to curl forward and over and you’ll hit more shoulders and arms What I’m going to do is step out And I’m going to come out and really just contract the chest So squeeze in and then out You’re really going to feel this in the bottom of the pecs Same as the other exercises, you’re not going too far with the deep stretch nope, just constant tension You can see all the muscle fibers coming out It’s a great movement once you get a lot of blood into the muscle You can first do some compound movements and then come in and stretch the muscle out and then determine if you need to go further with the workout you notice how I get that squeeze? just like that Every rep It’s like the weight is just there to assist but you can get the squeeze even without the weight I can understand why people like to call this a finisher exercise because as you notice, what James is doing here He’s really squeezing and holding that top position He’s got a count of about 2 Which I’ll only hold it for about 1 second He’s got a little more hold to it But he’s really really getting that contraction and bringing those muscle fibers out You really do bring your chin down to your chest You can see that? Yeah You’re just making sure it’s contracting I’ll tuck my chin to feel the muscle contracting I can really feel my upper chest hit my chin It’s not because holding your chin down is for the mechanics but so you can physically feel the muscle contract Just as if you were putting your hand there to make sure the muscle contracts Yep You noticed that? Yeah yeah See if you never said that You just pointed out something that I never thought in my mind I just do it As you said it, I was like wow That’s why I do it So, 4 movements 4 sets apiece So 16 sets So on a normal, full workout what other muscle would you pair chest with? Since everyone’s training split is different I’ve done it all But now I do chest one day shoulders one day legs one day, back one day arms one day so there’s 5 total days a week that I workout but very rarely do I do 5 days in a row and that’s mostly because of the traveling but if travelling weren’t an obstacle would you train Monday through Friday and rest on the weekends, or do you still break it up? no, usually not more than 3 days in a row because by that 3rd day I’m pretty tired So I would normally train 3 days on one day off then 2 days on and then one day off so through your whole career have you only done one bodypart per week? Yes no. I’ve done one muscle group every 5 to 7 days I’ve never done twice a week, like if my arms were weak I don’t believe in that I don’t believe if a muscle like arms are weaker that training them twice a week will help I don’t believe in that What’s your philosophy then on bringing up weak muscle groups? the amount of energy you put into training strong muscle groups versus weak muscle groups so lets’ say you were trying to get bigger arms How would you devote more time and energy into that muscle? You know, I had weak calves for example and I noticed that when I first started going to the gym that I worked out calves and chest together So I would go in and train calves first I would put all my energy into doing calves and my calves started to grow instead of starting with chest because no matter what at the end of your workout you’re not going to train as hard as you do in the beginning remember it’s still just about the consistency of getting in the gym and training mind to muscle connection Do an exercise that not necessarily Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler do you have to find what works for you focus say on isolation exercises like preacher curls or preacher machines you know, cables with more constant tension there’s always going to be more tension with cables than swinging dumbbells or bars so you have to look at the overall picture and not just limit yourself and say, “well this is or that exercise is a mass builder”. That’s a misconception People think if you don’t use dumbbells and barbells you won’t get big arms But you’d be stunned to see what guys have built with cables, light weight and bands The strongest I’ve ever been I was incorporating bands into my exercises There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve used bands especially when I’m in hotels People can laugh at that but it all comes down to tension. That’s what makes a muscle grow Well cool man. This was cool for me. No matter how long I’ve been training I’m always curious to see other peoples perspectives Everyone has their own way of doing it and you just pick and choose what you like Well the thing is, next week I could come in and do this same chest workout and it would be different It’s going to go by the day I felt good today See what next week brings us I take everything 15 minutes at a time Your whole life? YES! Just 15 minutes at a time Hey, well it keeps you more present in life right? Well, now I’m going to go have some protein and carbs and get my next meal in alright, appreciate it dude

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