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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi guys my name is Obi Vincent, I am
personal trainer from London my approach to chest, I go for intensity
and I go for volume when I train chest, usually 40
minutes max and I’ve done so doing a lot of volume focusing on every single
rep, it’s not about the weight, just keeping the intensity. doing cables first
just allow them to activate the chest muscle a bit more, four sets start light
with the first one and bring up the weight gradually. once I’ve pre-
exhausted the chest, a lot of the other workouts I do with it just focuses and
just really hits the chest a lot more I mostly do dumbbells, bars restrict
movement I don’t necessarily go super heavy but again focusing on intensity it was an incline bench I usually like
to keep my arm at a slight angle so rather than all the way out I find that
it’s less pressure on my delts again going all the way to the top not
necessarily locking out the elbows at the top, just making sure by keeping
it an angle to get that good squeeze so as you can see as I do that see my chest
squeeze. by doing drop sets supersets it just keeps that momentum going. and
there’s a superset with close with presses I like to use dumbbells holding dumbbells together going all the
way up and squeezing the dumbbells together all the way throughout the
movement you don’t necessarily have to worry
about the chest, cuz if you squeeze your arms the dumbbells together the chest
automatically contracts, it’s really effective on your chest
especially upper chest so I’m squeezing the dumbbell as hard as I can and that
automatically contracts your chest muscle i mostly focus on the incline presses
just to bring up upper chest. with the wide dips
I always watch my tempo so it’s usually about two down, to one or two up, wide
dips never narrow just focusing on every single rep so
controlling the movement down up always making sure focus on your chest and
then we super set that with flat bench almost like a chest press with dumbbells
but squeezing at the top of the movement I always find that squeezing out the top
and squeezing the dumbbells together again allows you to really contract the
chest muscles even more so when you come up squeeze, touch dumbbells together
if you work on my chest you can see the contraction twisting your pinkies
together to touch so both ends touches together and you squeeze making sure
again you’re focusing on the chest and contracting that chest every single rep it’s not about – I can’t repeat this
enough – about the way it’s about the actual muscle you’re working when you have a t-shirt on it looks good
that’s why a lot of people would have a big chest it’s just like everything else if you
put a lot of effort into it you should be able to achieve it the finish is press ops , aim for 30. the aim is
to try and do 30 you might start-stop that’s fine
keep going to do the 4:30 it’s about making sure that the muscles
right even if you’re fatigued that you’re still working that muscle. it’s a
challenge but I like to push myself that little bit more. I like having a big
chest but then I want big shoulders and having a big chest shrinks my shoulders, and
I’m not complaining I love having a big chest so all in all yeah pretty happy. I
hope you enjoyed the chest workout guys don’t forget subscribe and see you next


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  3. Decline cable flies x4 half pyramid
    Incline dumbell press(superset) x4 10-12
    Close grip dB press (superset) x4 10-12
    Dips wide grip(superset) x4 15
    Flat dB press (superset) x4 10-12
    Wide grip press ups x30

  4. Hello! how are you sir? I have already started to play sports in gym, I already have a lot of mass, but I want to be like you by working a lot, can you prescribe me a protein that will make me very broad and well muscled? please please

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