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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m Charles Paquette, I come from Montreal
Canada 21 years old and today we’re gonna do a chest workout i love chest day because when I first
started out working out in the gym that’s the first exercise I’ve learned I’m not chasing sizes at all most of all just working on symmetry and
proportions just quality over quantity. don’t go with your ego you can go lightweight and it’s
still gonna make amazing gains I just want to focus on mind muscle connection and fuck the ego first of all I like to start with a five
minute cardio then I do 50 pushups get the blood flowing even more, four
different positions to work the lower the middle
the outer pec and the upper Pec I like to start off with incline Smith
always with progressive overload four sets, twelve ten eight six reps I start with incline Smith machine
because I like to focus on my upper chest and I know for a lot of people the
upper chest is the lacking point and for me I like to work on my upper chest
exactly because of that then I do flat bench press and I do 12, 10, 8, 6 reps with
progressive overload progressive overload all the time so for the third exercise i like to do flat bench flys. I like to stretch it out a lot really important and bring my chest out
so my back the middle of my back is not
touching the bench so i’m really focussing on the chest, and really stretch it out as much as I can for the width always the mind muscle connection and the last exercise is dips 12:10, 8, 6 reps I like to really incline and really focus on the chest you’re
gonna feel it alright guys see you next time time and don’t
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