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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So, you’re a little older and you want to
know how to build bigger arms. You’re looking for a workout routine to get
bigger arms. You’re looking for workout routines for older men. You’re looking
for an arm workout routine for older men. Well, in this video, I am going to tell
you how to get bigger arms. I’m going to show you how to build bigger arms. In
this video, I am going to tell you how to build bigger biceps. I’m going to tell
you how to build bigger triceps. I’m going to tell you how to build bigger forearms. In this video, I am going to outline a
complete workout routine for you so you can build bigger arms. I’m going to do
that for you . . . and a lot more for you . . . in this video to help you build bigger arms. Hi. I’m Skip La Cour and I am the world’s
leading MANformation expert. I help older men with busy, productive lives
look and feel their best. I help older men with busy, productive lives make
sense out of the extreme passionate and sometimes conflicting fitness
information that’s out there so they can reach their goals.
I am a 6-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder and I am the
creator of the MANformation personal development program that is specifically
designed for men to help them become their best both inside and outside of
the gym. So, you want to build bigger arms. When you’re a little bit older, the first
question that you might ask is “Can I build bigger arms now that I’m a little
bit older?” Well, your mindset is so important to the whole training process,
exercise, health. and fitness. Just because you’re a little bit older, you have to
make sure that you don’t limit yourself. Of course, you can build bigger arms when
you’re older. You may not be able to do what you were able to do when you are
younger or if you would have been training your arms when you’re younger.
But you have to worry about what’s in front of you from this day forward. Becoming your very best. That’s very important. In at this
extreme fitness world where you get so much information from the young guys.
It’s either black or white; in and out. It’s either you can build muscle when
you get older or it’s just impossible. The truth of the matter is, if you are
overloading the muscle even though you’re older, you can build muscle. And
this is especially true if you’re an older man and you’re just getting into
fitness. The whole process is new to you and you’re training your arms . So, yes, you can build muscle even though you’re a little bit older. Again, you may not be able to
build muscle as quickly; as effectively and efficiently as you were able to do
in the past and neither can I. My arms were a lot bigger. But I love my arms. I
know how to train them and I’m going to teach you how to build bigger arms in this video too. Let me give you a little tip: To have
quality muscle; to have arms that look great; you may want to put less emphasis on the size of your biceps. You want to train those
biceps. You want to progressively overload them. I’m going to show you
exercises to build your arms. But when you get lean; you lose the body fat; you
concentrate on your diet; you will see the detail in your biceps; your triceps;
in your forearms and that will have you look like you have bigger arms. The
quality will just stand out. So, you want to remember that when you are trying to
build bigger arms. Now, let’s talk about the foundation to all arm exercises when
you’re trying to build bigger arms. Now, this is true when you’re doing bicep
exercises, tricep exercises, and forearm exercises. This foundation that I am
going to explain to you, this is true of every single exercise when you train in
the gym. The first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you have a
rock-solid base with your feet firmly planted into the ground. They are firmly
planted into the ground and they are shoulder-width apart. Now, it won’t matter
if it you are seated, standing, laying down. You want your feet firmly planted
into the ground. Alright. The next thing you want to make sure that you do is
that they’re shoulder-width apart, right? Nice solid base. We’re working from
the ground up. So, your knees, they’re slightly bent. They’re like shock
absorbers so you can withstand the movement and the weight. Your hips are
straight. Your lower back is arched nice and tight. Your shoulders are back. Your chest is up. Your head is up. Your eyes looking
forward and your head is even stretched up. Alright. So, that is the foundation
that you will need to keep in mind and practice when you are working hard to
build bigger arms. So, here are some biceps training tips. Alright. When you get the bar, you want to get that foundation. You want to curl the bar up in a nice wide arc on the way up and on the way down. A nice
wide arc on the way up and on the way down. What you don’t want to do is cut
the movement short. Get that big long stretch. You also want to explode in a
1-count on the way up and you control the weight on the way down. You don’t
just let it come down. So, explode in a 1-count and then control the weight
and a 1-2-count. Your elbows: You want your elbows to be dragging against your body. Alright. You want your elbows to be nice and tight
during this movement. Alright? You don’t want them to flare out, alright?
Let me show you that from behind. Alright. Your elbows are going be nice and
tight during the entire movement. Alright. You don’t want them flaring out
like that, alright? Now, you might notice there are straight bars. There are curl
bar curl bars that the bar is at an angle. You also have dumbbells, right? You
also have dumbbells where you can change the wrist position. Now, all of these
biceps exercises, they work the biceps. They all just have a different hand
position so you can just hedge your bet and hit the biceps in different angles.
Sometimes, we’re better at some exercises than others. So, you want to use
a variety of biceps exercises. I’m going to show you that during this video.
Here’s another thing when you’re doing dumbbells. It’s a little bit different.
With dumbbells, you want to make sure that you turn the weight as early in the
movement as possible. Let me show you. So I’ll be here with my nice firm base and
I’m want to turn it sooner and on the way down, I
keep my palm open. And then, what I’ll do is I’ll turn it. So, very early a movement,
I’m going to turn it with my palm up. Concentrate on that mind-muscle
connection with all your bicep exercises. Control it on the way down leaving my
palm up. Alright. What I don’t want to do is just . . . you see where it’s turning?
Alright? You want to turn it early in the movement and leave it open all the
way through. Alright. So, those are some things to remember when you are doing
all of the biceps exercises. Now, for triceps there’s a couple of things that
you want to remember. First of all, your muscles; your triceps; you want to make
sure that you’re warmed up. Sometimes, it’s not the muscle that’ll give you a
challenge. It’s that you don’t have enough lubrication in the joints. When you train
your triceps often, that lubrication; sometimes if you don’t get enough in, you
will have challenges with your elbows. Alright? So, you want to be thoroughly
warmed up before all of your triceps exercises. The other thing you want to
consider when doing all triceps exercises is that you want to keep your elbows
tucked in during the movement. What they’ll want to do during all triceps
exercises is they’ll want to flare out. You want to keep those elbows tucked in
on each portion of the movement. You want to keep those elbows tucked in. For
forearms, you want to understand that your forearms are being worked during
all of your exercises all throughout the week. So, for chest, back, your shoulders . . . all that constant gripping, you’re going be working the forearms. So, they’re going to get a lot of indirect work through it your entire workout week. Right? You want
to just keep it simple and effective. There are basically a two movements for
the wrists. Forearm training is simple with basically only two positions to
work your forearms. I’m now going to outline a complete arm workout routine
for you. We’re going to start off with biceps. The first exercise will be Barbell Curls. This exercise, Barbell Curls, we’re going to use this to warm up our arms. So, you want to take as many sets as you need to get
your body and mind ready for the entire workout routine. So, we want to be
thoroughly warmed up but we want to conserve all of our energy . . . as much as
possible . . . for the challenging, working sets. Right? So, we’re going to thoroughly
warm up with Barbell Curls. Then, we are going to do two sets; two working sets
and we’ll keep them in the six to eight rep range. For all of the exercises
during this arm workout routine, we’re going to stick in the six to eight rep
range. We want to make sure we have a challenging weight that we can’t do more
than eight but we can get at least six. The next exercise that we are going to
do for biceps are Alternating Dumbbell Curls. We’re going to do two sets. Then,
we’re going to go to Curl Bar Curls. A slightly different angle with the bar
and we’re going to do two sets. We’re going to finish off the biceps portion of
this workout routine with Hammer Curls. And, we’re going to do just one set and
that, again, will be in the six to eight rep range. We’re now going to go to the
triceps portion of this arm workout routine. The first exercise that we’re
going to do for triceps are Rope Triceps Pulldowns. We’re going to do two sets.
For our next exercise for triceps, we’re going to lay down on a bench. We’re going
to use the curl bar curl and do Triceps Presses. We’re going to do two sets in
the six to eight rep range. Our next exercise for triceps will be Lying
Tricep Extensions. Again, we’re going to be laying down and on this one, we want
to make sure we keep our elbows tucked in because they’ll really want to flare
out during this exercise. We’re going to do two sets. Again, this will be in the
six to eight rep range. We’re going to finish off the triceps portion of this
arm workout routine with Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Presses. We’re going to do just one set and we want to make sure that we really control the weight in the
range of motion where we keep the tension on the triceps. And, we really
want to make sure that our elbows stay tucked in on the way up and on the way
down. We’re going to finish off this arm workout routine with forearms. The first
exercise that we’re going to do will be Standing Dumbbell Wrist Curls. It’s a
very simple movement. We’ll do two sets. We’ll get a challenging enough weight to
keep us within the six to eight rep range. We’re going to finish off the forearms portion of a arm workout routine with Wrist Curls. And, we will do two sets and
we will make sure that we stay in the six to eight rep range. So, that’s going
to do it for this arm training workout routine. You stick with this routine; you
execute it; you get better and better at it; and it will help you build bigger
arms. Do you want more workouts for older men? Go to I have more workout routines that are specifically
designed for older men. I’ve got a lot of information for you in this exclusive
members-only website. I’m going to give you instant access; lifetime access; to
workout routines, nutrition advice, motivation, and a lot more. Go to Fill out the questionnaire. I want to know more about
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more about to eliminate your confusion and overwhelm. I know there’s so much of
that on the internet. Fill out the questionnaire. Submit it to me. Who knows? When I see really passionate, driven men just like you and me who fill out the
questionnaire, I might give you a phone call. We might talk for 10 or 15 minutes
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want to take advantage that. I will help you in any way I can. Like this video and
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