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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So, I rarely tell my clients to keep
their backs rounded I always say keep your head up in your chest up but this
is one exercise that I’m going to tell you to just drop to the floor and keep
your back rounded now we don’t necessarily need to use weights for this
exercise in fact when you first try it I want you to not use weights at all just
so you can get an understanding of how the hamstring and the and the thigh
bicep actually work so the first thing you do is you actually keep your feet
completely together and this is one of the few exercises that you’re actually
going to let your feet your knees lock out you’re just going to touch your toes
old school gym class stuff drop to the floor and touch your toes okay if you
can just let your body dangle in a relaxed relaxed position and instead of
pulling up right I want you to actually pull your pelvis forward and by pulling
your pelvis forward you’ll automatically start rising okay so if I keep my legs
locked out completely and bring my pelvis forward my body will kind of move
up like a slinky believe it or not I’ll feel the contraction in my try and my
hamstrings right about here I drop back down and all I do is pull my pelvis
forward and I will feel an unbelievable contraction in my hamstrings right about
here if I pull up too much then I might start feeling it in my lower back but
there’s a sweet spot between the bottom and about three or four inches right
here now if you want to try this with weights you can but I suggest you try it
without weights first feet together just relax and drop okay let your pelvis come
forward and automatically your body will rise pull it all from your hamstrings
pull it all from your pelvis don’t even think about these weights don’t even
think about your arms keep the body relaxed and down think of a slinky come
up you’re going to feel an amazing contraction right about where the
weights come over the knees and then you come back down nice and slow
and that’s a version of hamstring exercise that I know you’re going to
love try it without weights first get accustomed to it get a sense of how the
hamstring feels when you stretch it like that and then maybe add some one weights
later you

20 thoughts on “How to Build Hamstrings with or without weights, Hamstring Workout at home or gym Vicsnatural

  1. I like these videos, but you should add you doing a set of the exercise as a demonstration after explaining it.

  2. Will be trying this in the gym tonight with some weights. Already felt the hamstrings just by watching this!

  3. I liked this exercise. I did it without weights and allowing the stretching to happen naturally. Thank you for posting this video. I like the little quick tips you give. Keep it going.

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