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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If you want to learn exactly how to build muscle and how to gain muscle fast this video will teach you everything you need to know. If you want to know how to build muscle fast all you have to do is follow the information below. How to gain muscle in 3 simple steps: 1) Strength Training – obviously an important piece of how to build muscle is the work you do in the gym. Body weight exercise are great but if you really want to know how to gain muscle mass you will have to lift heavy weights in the gym. 2) Nutrition – this is probably the most important piece of learning how to build muscle for skinny guys. Most people think they know how to gain muscle but they miss out on this important component. Make sure you are getting at least 1 gram of protein per 1 lb of body weight. 3) Consistency – most people say they want to learn how to build muscle and they may even learn all the important pieces of how to gain muscle fast but they aren’t consistent in their approach. Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Thanks for watching this video:
How To Build Muscle ► How To Gain Muscle ► Progressive Soccer Training

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  2. Dylan have you ever thought about doing a full on diet plan for your viewers to follow, I know it's asking a bit much but it would help a lot and people would do it if they seen it clearly in front of them.

  3. I think everyone should learn the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press/push press, pull-ups, there are plenty of good tutorials out there. Increasing your strength in those exercises is more beneficial for performance instead of chasing "the pump".

  4. The thing is getting stronger will allow you to condition your CNS. Once your CNS gets conditioned you can go to hypertrophy training and work with weight that you just got accustomed too. So that's why Strength gains equate to Mass gains. Great video anyways.

  5. Hey Dylan, at the 3rd minute when u were curling, try keeping your elbows in place instead of moving them forward.

  6. Hey man, do you have a video on a routine to build up endurance for soccer? I have about 12 weeks to get in shape for soccer. Any advice?

  7. Hey, Dylan! Can you please answer to this question? Great video but i don't really know what helps you at football if you gain muscles, i see a lot of skinny players like juan mata or sergio busquets that are unbelievable on the field and i don't really see the point on gaining muscles. So can you please enlighten me here?

  8. Hey Dylan, I wanted to ask you if you could do an analysis video of a any professional match. I've seen some videos in youtune and I find them extremely helpful. I'd gladly appreciate if you ever do decide to make the video.

  9. Thanks this is very useful. I got a question. I don't know how I work hard for a short while then I get lazy I am not consistent. I've tried many ways to be motivated to be consistent. I even force myself but I'm still not consistently going for runs I stop. How do I keep going it is so hard.

  10. What is the difference between strength training and power training? Should you include both in a physical workout session?

  11. But that type of training is bodybuilding. Just wanting your muscles to get bigger. But it does NOT improve your performance in the game.

  12. Hey dylan! Nice video. I was just wondering, what if you have a job and your job kind of gets in the way for your daily training or when you train with your team mates in practice. If i skip one or two sessions i just feel like i am going to play bad in the next training Any tips would be great :)!

  13. I've found that boxing has really helped me in my fitness footwork and muscle ( hasn't really helped my face stay in tact though😏 )

  14. Is it ok to develop your muscles during the season? I've been away pretty much all preseason and haven't been able to start a workout program for myself. I'm 16 this year btw

  15. Wouldn't that give me bulk? How do I lift weights and not get bulky because a body structure like hulk is a disadvantage in soccer.

  16. Anybody know what is Spovelax Training Program about? I hear most people improve their skills with Spovelax Training Program (just google search it).

  17. Someone answer this question for me pls, I have weight lifting at school and we do exercises like squats,bench etc but I'm small just 5'6 and 124. I get sore after squats and bench so any suggestions for soreness because I have practice every Tuesday and Thursday but every time I'm at practice, my quads are really tight. So pls answer

  18. also HIT training n eat good quality protein Alot and vitamin and mineral and be patient it takes a lot of progressive time

  19. How can I balance going to the gym 3 days a week but having training 5 days a week or games all weekend? I don't want to ware myself out for training and games, but I also want to gain muscle.

  20. Could you please make a video on how to gain weight specifically for skinny soccer beginners like me? Thank you!

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