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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

how do you build the most amount of
muscle naturally I’m gonna give you my five laws for building muscle as a
natural athlete you’re gonna want to watch the rest of this video what’s up
everyone Eric Bowling here in today’s video I’m gonna give you my five laws to
building the most amount of muscle that you possibly can
naturally now these five laws have helped me to build quite an impressive
physique over the years now obviously I’m nowhere near where I
want to be but if you look at where I started just about rough almost six
years ago man I’ve come a long way from that point right there so the advice I’m
going to give you is directed towards the natural lifter so this is someone
who’s not using any type of performance-enhancing drugs you’re not
using pro hormones the problem is the majority of people out there giving
advice with the most amazing physiques ever a lot of them are enhanced lifters
and you have to understand that the reason why they have those physiques
sure a lot of it is hard work but the other thing you have to
understand is their body both physiologically and hormonal E or
completely different than your body and my body and this is really important for
you to understand because if you don’t understand this look you’re gonna be
taking the wrong advice and everything that you’re doing in the gym it’s not
going to work that’s just the truth about it so the way you build muscle
naturally is all going to be built around one thing and that’s muscle
protein synthesis now the thing that you have to understand about muscle protein
synthesis is that an enhanced lifter has that thing on all the time from head to
toe that’s just what drugs do depend on what they’re taking but as a natural
lifter the only way you’re really signalling muscle protein synthesis to
occur is once you train the muscle now it’s not like you can train your chest
once a week and somehow muscle protein synthesis is occurring from head to toe
no it doesn’t work that way as a natural lifter in fact muscle protein synthesis
is limited to the muscle you trained and it usually runs anywhere from
24 to 48 hours before that muscle protein synthesis ends now if you think
about that and this is gonna be our first law you have to understand that
hitting a muscle more frequently is going to be the key to growth so the
first rule is train a muscle more frequently to keep muscle protein
synthesis constantly turned on this is very important to understand because if
you’re following what we call the quote/unquote bro split of let’s say
chest on Monday legs if you ever even do legs on Tuesday Wednesdays shoulders or
back or something like that and you’re hitting every muscle once a week then
you’re missing out on a lot of potential gains because you’re not triggering
muscle protein synthesis in those muscles multiple times per week now look
it doesn’t matter how often you train a muscle if you’re not eating enough a lot
of natural guys are trying to walk around year-round under 10% body fat and
look you just can’t build muscle and a caloric deficit you can’t as much as you
believe you’re getting bigger look all you’re doing is you’re
maintaining a pump you’re keeping glycogen storage full so the muscle
looks like it’s bigger but you’re not actually gaining any size and this was a
mistake that I made for 30 years for three years I lost so much potential
muscle I could have put on because I was so dedicated to walking around lean and
then the problem was I’m like I’m not growing
I mean sure my abs are visible but I look so small and that’s the problem
that a lot of Naturals have is they just look super tiny and the reason why is
because they’re competing multiple times per year and they’re never giving
themselves a chance to fully bulk up and really build some solid quality muscle
mass but look the way you build solid quality muscle mass is going to be by
supplying your body with enough calories from the right sources so point number
two is eat so a lot of people just don’t understand this idea of slowly and
gradually increasing their caloric intake over time but they apply this
principle in the gym with trying to get stronger
slowly adding more weight on look the same thing that’s true with your eating
you need to train the body – slowly but surely get used to a greater and greater
caloric intake and then you’re gonna start to see yourself grow now you’re
probably asking well what are the macros and how do I get that done and and
should I go keto or should I do it look here’s the thing at the end of the day
you just need to be focused on eating can you get really big with keto
probably not can you get huge with intermittent fasting I don’t think so
the whole purpose of getting bigger is look you’ve got to be eating more
frequently so for me sure I used keto for years to get down to really low
levels of body fat but I’m not going to be getting super big on keto I need the
carbs for the extra calories so what I would suggest is just go with the very
basic model of one gram of protein per pound of body weight to keep it simple
now the research is pretty clear that you can’t necessarily overeat protein
because it doesn’t necessarily get stored as fat so yes it’ll increase the
total amount of energy you have which will help you to put on a little bit
more weight but it’s not gonna be getting stored as fat so don’t worry
about eating a gram of protein per body weight the next thing you need a
calculator is your fats ideally 20 to 25 percent when you’re
bulking is a good strategy to use so you’re just going to calculate those
calories pretty simple use a calculator if you need it and then the rest goes
into carbohydrates the next thing my third law for building muscle as a
natural athlete look you’ve got to be very very careful with how you train a
lot of these guys who are on drugs look they could train any way they want and
they’re going to grow if you don’t believe me you got to check out the
research study that showed three different groups of people one group
took steroids and didn’t Train another group took steroids and they trained and
they had a clean diet the other group was completely natural but they followed
a strict training routine and they had a good diet and guess what the group that
was on steroids but did absolute nothing built more muscle and lost more
fat than the group who is training naturally so you have to understand that
a lot of the times these enhance lifters if they’re on anabolics they have muscle
protein synthesis working around the clock 24 hours a day from head to toe
look they can do high-volume if they want they could do strength training if
they want they could do bodybuilding or power bodybuilding they could do
whatever type of program they want and they are going to grow that’s not you
however so when it comes to how we train we need to be very very careful with
what we decide to use as not only our exercise but also our strategy you can’t
only be focused on getting stronger on the main compound lifts I did that for a
long time and guess what I did not grow my arms did not get super huge my chest
did not get super huge and my legs didn’t get super huge but I was focusing
on benching squatting and dead lifting and my numbers were pretty big I almost
got into the 300s with benchpress I squatted in the 400s and I’ve dead
lifted in the 500s but that didn’t equate to me building muscle so the
thing that I want you to understand for this third point in terms of how you
build the most amount of muscle possible naturally is you need to be very
meticulous with your exercise selection and only choose the exercises that you
feel don’t even listen to what I’m saying don’t listen to what any guru is
saying look if you cannot feel your quads in back squats back squats are not
going to be the best tool for you to help build quads it’s just not now this
is gonna be a problem because now you see what it’s like as being unnatural
you have to constantly be experimenting for me personally I like Olympic high
bar squats not even going all the way down so as you can see in this video
I’m not even going all the way down but what I’m focusing on is really squeezing
my quads and keeping tension on my quads the entire time and guess what for me
literally when Iraq the weight just collapsed to the ground and my
quads are so pumped with blood and the next day I can’t move but then as you
can see in this video I’m squatting in the 300s but I didn’t feel my quads at
all I felt my ass and I felt my hamstrings and sure that’s good it’s
always good to change things up but when it comes to solely building a large
amount of muscle you need to be selecting exercises that are really
taxing the muscle you’re trying to work alright so number four you need to be
focusing on your recovery look if you’re training hard and you’re doing all of
this stuff so you’re eating really good and you’re training really good your
exercise selection is good but you’re not sleeping enough and you’re not doing
anything to recover well it doesn’t matter what you’re doing you’re not
going to be growing you have to understand that the most important thing
as a natural athlete is to get a shit ton of sleep so you have to understand
that even though maybe you’re sleeping six hours and you feel like you can run
ok on that you have to understand that research has shown that for every extra
hour of sleep you get it may be an extra 15% increase in your total testosterone
levels so your sleep is going to be the main thing that is building all these
hormones that we want because that’s the only way we’re really getting them is
when we sleep the other thing to know is that when we sleep that’s our chance for
a body to repair all the damage that we’ve caused so if you’re only damaging
your body but you’re never doing anything to recover your chances of
building muscle are zero look if you like this video so far and if I still
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number five final point this one’s gonna sound a little weird if you don’t
believe you’re gonna grow and you believe steroids is the only way for you
to get bigger guess what you’re not going to grow so I don’t care what you
say or what you do at the end of the day if you don’t believe it’s possible as a
natural athlete to build a solid amount of muscle and everyone who’s bigger than
you you just instantly claim steroids you’re not going to be growing so I
think one of the most interesting studies that was
ever done was a study that basically took what would be the effects of a
placebo steroid now so what they did was they
took three groups one group was on steroids the other group they were given
a placebo they were told they were taking steroids the other group didn’t
take anything here’s the best part about this the group who was on the placebo
the group that was training who thought that they were on steroids guess what
they almost got the same result of those who were on steroids all of their
strength was increased their muscle mass was increased everyone said oh my god I
feel amazing I’ve never felt this strong before etc here’s the funniest thing
about that they weren’t on steroids they just believed that oh I’m gonna get
stronger I’m gonna grow a lot of muscle here’s the cool part they then took that
steroid placebo group split them up into two groups
they told half of the group it was a placebo and we faked you out they told
the other group the the second part of the group hey we’re gonna double your
dosage continue doing what you’re doing and guess what the placebo group who
thought they were doubling on the dosage they just continued to get stronger but
the group who knew that it was a placebo now guess what all of their lifts
started to go back down because they were in here defeating themselves so I
think that the fifth law for building muscle as a natural athlete as you have
got to believe that it’s possible and you cannot think that steroids is the
only way because look this is kind of what happens you’re not building any
muscle because you’re not doing any of the four things to begin with then you
see someone who is bigger than you and you instantly claim oh that guy has got
to be on steroids so then you kind of make it up in your mind that the only
way for me to grow is to go on steroids well then guess what the moment you go
on steroids you’re telling yourself hey this was the thing I needed to start
growing so of course you’re gonna start growing now are there real physiological
and hormonal things that will occur when you go on steroids sure but as that
research study showed a lot of it was in here that’s
something that you have to understand so the last thing I want you to know is
that it is possible for you to build an amazing physique without steroids but
you got to go through all five of these things so if you like this video of you
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