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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you’ve been looking to build muscle, you’ve
likely been given the advice that if you want to do it the best is to keep looking for ways
to add weight to that bar. ‘Lift as heavy as you can on as many exercises
as possible.’ I will tell you this, though. That is not the only way. Matter of fact, that way is extremely limited
because it’s only one training variable. That is one finite, limited technique because for anybody that’s been in the gym for any
length of time can tell you, you’re going to hit some walls. You’re going to have to
start looking and digging deeper. In this video, I’m going to show you how you
can do a whole lot more than just add weight to the bar and ensure that you still build
muscle. So, to start you have to realize that your
muscles are not sitting there doing math, counting the weights that you’re using, alright, it being impressed as you add more and more
plates to the bar. All they’re doing is 2 things. They’re interpreting tension and overload,
tension and the load that you’re using. If you can manipulate the tension, or if you
can manipulate the overall load on your muscles, you’ve got a chance to build muscle. And we can do that right off the bat here
with a technique that I call 1 and 1/2 reps. With the 1 and 1/2 rep technique, you can
see I’m going to take one single Barbell Curl, or a Curl, for the entire duration of this video to show
you just how many ways you can manipulate to add muscle and do so with a lot of different
techniques. The 1 and 1/2 reps, you can see that I am
actually taking this single rep and elongating it, dragging it out, increasing the length
of time under tension. We come up. We come down halfway. We go back
up again. We’re hitting peak contraction twice in the same rep, ok. So, we’re actually increasing the overall
load on our muscles without just one way that we do it. You can see here. I’ve showed this exercise
before. This is a Plyo Curl. Now the Plyo Curl we’re doing explosive and accelerative
reps. And these are all things that appear in our
ATHLEAN AX2 Program which is a bit more advanced if you guys have gone through the AX1 Program. AX2 is that next step that builds off of the
foundation you build in AX1. But these are the kind of things that allow you to explosively
perform reps so that you can tap into muscle fibers that you may
not be hitting under a steady duration, or a steady tempo more specifically, that you
use on most of your other weight training. But it’s not just how you do the reps, it’s
what you do between reps. And I’ve got a technique that we use, and we broke out in our NXT Program
which again, is even another step beyond AX2, our monthly
training program where you can see the Intensity Technique. And in the Intensity Technique, we’re basically
taking a rest/pause technique where you’re doing it, as I demonstrate here, you’re doing your 10 to 12 rep backs to failure,
ok, and then you’re only resting for as long as 10 to 15 seconds for a rest/pause. As soon as you hit a maximum of 15 seconds,
you have to get it right back on the bar again. Lift as many more as you can, and you do this
for 5 minutes straight. So what we do is, we maximize those high-effort
reps, the ones that truly matter, the ones that occur towards failure. We’re maximizing those and we’re kind of getting
rid of all those submaximal buildup reps to get to the ones that really count. But we don’t have to stop there. Of course
we can change one of the training variables to the equipment that we’re using, doesn’t
have to be a straight barbell. We can use dumbbells. We can use bands. We
can use cables. There’s a lot of things we can do to, again, change the overall effect
of the exercise. And right away, if you grab a pair of dumbbells,
you can see that you can either move them together in a Curl that we do at the same
time, or we can move them unilaterally. And if you do that, we’ve all done these before,
you know it’s a little bit easier to do them unilaterally, the right arm and then the left
arm in alternating fashion, than it would be to do them together, But
does that mean that you should stay away from the one that’s easier? No, sometimes we can
overload the weight more so that does give us an opportunity to focus
on increasing the weight that we might not have the opportunity to do if we did it together. Or, we could even take them and put them straight
together as we do in AX2 for our Straight Bar Dumbbell Curl. We’re basically reenacting a Straight Bar
with the use of 2 dumbbells that we have to squeeze together, again, more tension to be
able to execute the lift. So there’s a lot of ways that we can manipulate
those. Or, we could utilize the technique, again, another one that comes in the AX2 program, we have a whole phase dedicated to it with
backward rep training. See, in a traditional alternating Dumbbell Curl, we basically have one arm that’s being held
down at rest at our side while the other arm is coming up and executing the rep. But what if we could do that when we flip
it around, and we look at the one arm up at our side in peak tension and the other arm
up at our side in peak tension. We drop one down and execute the Curl. We
drop the other one down and execute the Curl. You can see that there is no rest period anymore.
So by just changing how you perform a rep, the same exercise but how you perform it, the sequencing of the reps themselves, you
can dramatically increase time under tension, increase load, effecting both, that tension and load that we talked about
in the beginning, to really truly have a bigger impact on your overall ability to build muscle. And if you do decide to switch the equipment
once again, choose something like a cable, even here you have more opportunities to change
the overall effect that the exercise will have, and the end result on your muscle growth.
And that you can see here as I do a Single Arm Cable Curl. Upon executing that same flexion of the elbow
down here at my side, it will have a profoundly different impact if I elevate my arm, bring it up over my head,
and do the same thing. Why? Because now we’re involving another joint
involved in the biceps’ true and full function, and that is shoulder flexion. So, we can actually get a stronger contraction,
and ultimately better gains, just by performing the same exact joint movement at the elbow, but elevating it so that we involve other
joints that like to participate in the movement too. But you don’t have to stop there because you
can even extend that to other joints entirely aren’t involved in bicep flexion but do have
a secondary impact on the exercise itself. We have a Fielder Curl that we do in the AX1
Program that really is the ultimate in athleticism. Yes, it’s a bicep-building exercise because
we are executing a Bicep Curl, elbow flexion under load, but we’ve got a
much more athletic component built into it as well by adding movement of the lower body. So, more joints involved, more athleticism,
and if you are building towards that as an athlete, that you’re trying to get a carryover of something
that’s functional to what you might be doing as a Third Baseman, say, to be able to field the ball and then throw,
you would execute the same Curl but now have an overlapping athletic movement incorporated
into it. And again have yet another level of development,
maybe not as much focused on bicep growth and muscle mass but really creating a more
functional unit as a whole. But you don’t even have to stop there, guys.
You can take multiple pieces of equipment and use them at the same time. And we’ve done
this, again, in AX2 where I’ve shown you guys in previous videos
here too, overlapping strength curves because of the different strength curves that individual
pieces of equipment provide. Again, you look at a band bicep curl you realize
that at the very bottom of the rep, there’s really no tension on that band. And the tension
will steadily, steadily rise until it gets peak tension at
the very end of the rep. But if we use dumbbells, we know that as we curl the weight up that
the hard part, the hardest part of the motion is going to
be right here at 90 degrees and that is because our forearms are fully maximized. The surface
area is fully maximized to gravity. And if you go any further beyond that, it
actually gets easier. Well, if we take the 2 exercises together, as I’m showing you here, you can see that by holding bands and dumbbells
at the same time, we get a strength curve that doesn’t top out in the middle or top
out at the end only. What it does is, it reaches a peak in the
middle and it maintains it because of the additional bands at the end. So now we again,
we’ve now maximized tension. It doesn’t have to be time under tension,
it’s just maximizing the overall tension that the muscle is experiencing that would have been limited if you had only
chosen 1 of those 2 exercises alone. But regardless of what exercise you choose,
you’re still not limited to just those training variables. You can also manipulate what you
do between sets so that when you do complete a single set,
how long are you waiting in between sets? See, one of our favorite techniques is the
Density Training Technique. And we have another phase again devoted in
ATHLEAN AX2 to this, and that is if you and I do the same amount of work, all things being
equal, same amount of weight lifted, same amount
of sets, and if it takes you 45 minutes, an hour, to do it, and I can do the same thing
in 20, than I have done much more work. My muscles will perceive a much bigger stress
on them, a much higher intensity effort, and in that right there we’ve accomplished much
more work for them and we’ve ensured that we will get an overload.
We will get an adaptive training response when we start to get bigger and stronger just
because of the time it took between sets. Start shortening those times that you’re taking,
and you’ll notice that it’s a much harder workout. And last but not least, just because
you don’t have equipment maybe, you’re working out at home, or if you’re working
out somewhere where you just don’t have access to a gym, that doesn’t mean that, no equipment
doesn’t mean no overload. You can certainly create overload and tension
and therefore spark a muscle-building response if you get a little bit creative. In our ATHLEAN XERO Program guys, I show you
literally no equipment at all. No bands. No bars. No bench. No bull. Whatever’s around
you in your surroundings. Here I’m showing you a Doorway Curl. I will
tell you this. If you execute this the proper way, if you angle your body the proper way, and
you make sure that your bicep is doing all the work here, this becomes a hell of a difficult exercise
variation once again proving that you don’t need to have access to a full gym to build
muscle. We’ve shown that so many times. You can build muscle with literally nothing
but your bodyweight, but you have to understand the training variables. And you have to understand
how to overlap them. And how you’re not limited to just the big
3 of the weight that you’re using, the exercise you’re selecting, or the sets of reps schemes.
There’s so many things that you can do. And it’s how you lay these out that will ultimately
impact the results that these will have on you building muscle and really the amount
of plateaus that you experience through your training. Guys will definitely experience plateaus.
If you rely simply on just weight selection and trying to throw more weight on the bar,
I don’t care how long or how strong you are, or how long you’ve been training, you’re going
to hit plateaus. But my job as a Strength Coach and a Physical Therapist, really, is
to excel in my ability to come up with not just 10 ways to vary your workouts, or
100 ways to vary your workouts, I have to know thousands of variables to manipulate
during the workout so that I can get a different training response.
Not everybody that I work with can get the same response because they’re coming to me
with all different limitations. Or they’re coming to me at all different levels
of ability. I have to be able to adapt to that and have all these training variables. I think that’s our biggest strength of what
we do in all of our ATHLEANX Programs. Whether you’re just starting out and have the foundation
of AX1, or moving on to AX2, or moving through NXT, the idea is I’ve got to
be able to continue to stress you. And I think we do a really good job at it. If you haven’t already, guys, and you want
to start to experience what training like an athlete is, than I would definitely recommend you head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and get
the training program that’s appropriate to where you are right now. And then let me take over the rest. I’ll make
sure that wherever you are now, I’ll get you where you want to be, and I’ll get you there step-by-step integrating
all these at the right time. So, I hope you found this at least eye-opening,
at the very least, of how many things there are that you should be doing and could be
doing to build muscle especially if you’ve been locked into that
mentality thinking, ‘Oh, I’ve just got to add more weight to the bar.’ It ain’t gonna’
happen all the time if you rely on that alone. Alright guys, make sure you leave a thumb’s
up and a comment below. Anything else that it is that you want to see, remember, I always
say now. This is your channel. You let me know, and
I’ll make a video on it. Alright. In the meantime, I will be back here
in just a couple days.

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  10. notes:
    1. 1/2 rep
    2. try explosive power train
    3. short layoff periods between the groups and keep moving for 5 minutes
    4. change your equipment: barbell to dumb bell
    5. change sequencing of rep. keep the peak tension

    in a sentence:
    try to maximize the load and tension by whatever meanings(sequencing, rep, weight …etc)

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