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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Maybe not everybody is looking to make pull-ups
harder, but there are a lot of people that are doing 10, 12, or more pullups in a single
set and they’re starting to get away from the hypertrophy benefits that exercise originally
provided when you were initially struggling with them. Now, if you aren’t one of the people that
are already doing reps in that range – higher than 12 or 15 – you’re going to want to
watch a video that I did earlier on how to do 20 pullups or more on a single set. I’m going to take you through some of the
best ways to increase and go through that progress. But in the meantime, let’s say you are now
somebody looking for more of a challenge on pullups. Here’s what we usually do. We usually will either add weight to pull
up to give us back that overload to bring our rep totals back down again, providing
that overload stimulus, or we try to explore eccentric training. Again, any time we add eccentric training
and spend more time eccentrically on exercises we don’t need to make it more difficult. If I was doing a curl and I cared about the
eccentric and lowered slowly, that exercise becomes a lot more difficult than if I simply
drop the weight. However, we know that we are stronger eccentrically
than we are concentrically. If I apply that, especially in the case of
a bodyweight exercise like a pullup, let’s say I wanted to get up here and to eccentric
only; I could get up like this and then lower down slow. It’s much too easy. We know if I could do 15 or 20 reps concentrically
on a pullup I could do at least 30 of these eccentrically. So, I’m not getting the load I need. There is one change you could do to how you
perform the exercise. It allows you to see a lot more benefits. I want you to try these out. We call these two up, one down. We’re going to allow ourselves to start
the set from the very beginning in a two-up concentric fashion. My hands are up on the bar and I pull up with
two hands. Now, when I come down I’m trying to unweight
one hand. In this case, my left hand over here. I’m going to lean a little toward my right
and come down like that. This is really not doing too much and I’m
eccentrically lowering on the right side. Instantly, I have a tremendous overload on
that right side. Of course, what we do is keep our hands in
contact with the bar, and we go right back up again. So, If I were here I’d come up, two-up,
I go up to the side there, one down, really overloading, grab hold with two again, pull
up, little shift to the left side. Now again, unweight with the right side, and
come down. Up with two, over, and down. Up with two, over, loosen over here, and down. And I’m already fatigued. I’ve just taken the pullup that, maybe was
starting to get a little bit easy, and I’ve added a strong eccentric component to it,
reestablishing the overload, and now I’ve made this exercise tough. Likely, it will help you start making new
gains from it. So, I hope you guys found this helpful. We have a complete bodyweight training program
over at It’s called ATHLEAN-0. We don’t use any bars, no bands, no benches;
nothing at all. Just your own bodyweight. That’s over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful give this one a try because you’re going to like it. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle with Pullups (WITHOUT WEIGHTS!)

  1. I get bad hip pain when I lunge forward. Even when I lean over to turn the water on at my sink. Can anybody tell me what’s going on with my hip?

  2. Is there a video on how to hang from the bar longer? Its cause i always see like in fairs or events were they want u to hang for 90 secs from a bar that moves i always fail. How can i train for this?

  3. Soo, I've been training for some time now but i need to kmow how can I build muscle if I am a vegan and what plant based products have whole protein in them. I really need an answer, thanks in advance

  4. reduce grip, four fingers to three, then ta two. then try the climbers finger tip pull up's, go to a door frame and hook all finger on the top of the door frame and do them, as you build strength reduce the number of fingers. not the same over load but good stuff.

  5. Man. Your channel is SO helpful. Best explanations and can easily see how your suggestions work. I find myself using your videos every time I go the gym. Thanks for your knowledge and sharing!😀😀

  6. Dear bro
    I really need your help.
    I have not had good sleep in many days.
    The thing is, I go to gym on alternate days sir. On The days I go to gym , I have very very troubled sleep.
    But on the rest days I sleep better.
    7 to 8 pm – gym
    8:30 pm – shower
    10pm – dinner
    11pm – bed

    But its very depressing I'm not sleeping till 3 pm.And every morning I wake up by 7am automatically …But very tired.
    Gym trainers do not give good reason. Internet has no good information.

    Kindly help me sleep bro.

  7. Dude! I'm 47, been killing pullups since my Bruce Lee era and yet again – you have taken me to a new level! Never ceases to amaze, Athlean-X is my fountain of youth. Thank you sir!

  8. Jeff,
    Can you do a video more directed towards high school teens? I am a multi sport athlete weighing around 220, benching around 310, and 17 years old. I want to be able to look good (more jacked) while still making glorious gains. Just an informational video with a diet and workout clan would be great. Thanks!

  9. Great video Jeff, I have a pull up bar at home so tips like these are really handy and can try them anytime. Also, my Athlean Elast-X just arrived! Decided to order one from your site after watching your previous resistance band video :). Ordering from the U.K. was nice and easy with no issues whatsoever.

  10. Jeff you're the man. Brilliant suggestion. When I turn 3 I'll make sure to add this to my routine. Right now still learning how to walk.

  11. I just found your channel, I have gotten back into working out, and as always I have a big problem with motivation. I know I need to workout, and I can make myself workout 3 times a week, the problem comes with, life hitting me once and I will stop working out cold turkey and not think about working out for months to years. I have felt great working out ONCE, only to find out we just finished our warm up. It was really early in my Military career, the problem was at the time I was extremely small and the person leading the exercises wasn't, we were performing at his intensity with the exception for a run, something that benefited those who could run and screwed those that couldn't. Then the next day the person who led us took a rest day and I was required to do the exact same exercise routine again. I really believe that I lost muscle mass from military group workouts. My question is how do I get back into that mindset of feeling good during/after a workout, so that I actually feel bad about missing a workout session and can easily get back into it.

    Anyone who can help me out with this please help! lol -Thanks

  12. Hello. I'm sorry to ask you a bit longer question, but I just have to. I am 15 years old, I'm 178 meters high and I have 67 kg, I practice kickboxing 3 times a week. I want to have a six pack but I just do not have it, and as far as I know, I'm not fat. Now the question is whether I need to train the stomach every day, or to rest one ? . Because in your application there is a day off, and in one video you have said more training. And should I run or not? Sorry for the long question , but please answer it . Greetings from Serbia .

  13. Does it mean anything when my both shoulders make sounds while working out during any weights-based exercize. And that one shoulder allways exhausts first, is it weaker or is my form just equal to the other shoulder?

  14. Anyone here know how to get rid of elbow pain? Curls and benching are adding up. Seems like every exercise puts some stress on the elbow. Not sure what to do

  15. I have a question: I got sick yesterday, I have sore throat and headache. Should I train some easier excersises or just rest until sickness is gone?

  16. Hello Jeff if possible to tell us about your references book and writer that you read and belive to be great ones for fitness thx I like your channel a lot big fan from Africa

  17. Jeff, I just tear my acl.
    What exercise can I do before &after having surgery?
    I only know front squat.

  18. Does anyone here know if the isolate whey protein in rx2 (xlr8) is ion exchange or cross micro filtration

  19. I need help i want to get fit but my parents only buy junk food I dont know what to do any suggestions?

  20. How to lose muscle? I used to be a soccer player and my legs in general is just much bigger than the upper part. How can I fix it 😭.

  21. Hey jeff
    Really enjoyed your videos and workouts
    I have an issue with my muscles going bigger but they aren't so hard and dense
    What should i do for density and hardness!?

  22. jeff please make a video about the basic knowledge for newbies that are going to the gym for the first time

  23. Hi Jeff! Great video once again! You seem to be reading my mind because your next video is always the perfect answer to a current question on my mind! Anyways, i just wanted to ask if you think running is worth anything when trying to get into overall good shape?

  24. Hey Jeff, I wanted to ask you what you think about working out every hour. Like, little sets every hour, say you wake up at 10 am and sleep at 10 pm, that's 12 hours, you're working out 10 to 11 of those hours and saving 1 for your daily routine, in those 10 to 11 hours you divide the routine, like, say you do 20 knuckle, diamond and fingertip pushups every hour until your routine/sleep. is this effective or recommended or just dumb? would a giant 3 hour workout be better?

  25. Hi Jeff!
    I've been having some shoulder pains for a while now while doing any sort of bench press. I'm fairly certain it's my labrum that's messing me up.
    It isn't a sharp pain, it doesn't really hurt all that bad at all. But I still feel it after a set or two.
    In this video ( you suggest doing a floor press. Is that all I can do about it?
    I'm fairly certain it isn't all that bad yet, I still have full range of motion and I only ever have discomfort while doing a bench press.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice you can give.

  26. I like that you keep your videos consistent while still adding relevant, new, and useful information. As soon as I can I will buy one of your programs. Thanks Jeff

  27. Hey Jeff here are some videos I’d love to see👍🏼.
    If anyone agrees copy paste so Jeff sees!

    HOW TO WALK PROPERLY(we take thousands of steps everyday, we should do it right)

    HOW TO LIFT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE (like a couch or new appliance, or those big planters you carried through your yard!)

  28. Hey Jeff here are some videos I’d love to see👍🏼.
    If anyone agrees copy paste so Jeff sees!
    HOW TO WALK PROPERLY(we take thousands of steps everyday, we should do it right)
    HOW TO LIFT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE (like a couch or new appliance, or those big planters you carried through your yard!)

  29. If these are too hard for you – they are for me – you could do the eccentric portion only, perhaps after a few normal pull-ups. I can feel the benefit (with the bars I use, I can jump up to the top position pretty easily). Perhaps you could also use a band to do the up / concentric portion then unweight for the down…

  30. Weight-assisted pull-up machine vs. Resistance band assitance – is there a benefit of one over the other?

  31. I have had anterior shoulder dislocation on my right hand. A Bankarts repair was done. Can I hit the gym again? But I lost all my confidence. I am really afraid to go to gym

  32. I don't know why you only suggest the negative part of the exercise for this. I recently started doing almost all my basic body weight exercises by simply shifting more weight over to one side on the positive part and even more on the negative. The first time i did this for 4 pullup sessions, thinking only of my arms really, and about 10 or 11 days later i did my usual pullups and was shocked to find i had suddenly improved from 10 perfect form to 15 in that time. Ever since i've been doing most of my basic exercises – pushups, dips, shoulder press – like this with just body weight and seen great strength gains in all.

  33. Can we see a preview of the program somewhere? I am thinking to purchase it but I would like to see what is about before investing that money

  34. After dislocating my left shoulder during a stunt in a play. I was at my physical peak at the time. I was practicing IF and fasted training. Changed my life. For me, it helped me blow through plateaus I had for about 2 years. I was a lean 145 and trained hard to prepare for the play.I got to a point where I added a 20lb. vest and a 20 lb dumbbell for 6 reps, then finish with 4 body weight reps x 3 sets. After the injury I saw an orthopedic doctor, first question I asked “when can I do pull ups again?” It took me 12 weeks before I could do pull ups (beating his 6 month number) and another year before getting back to my previous peak.

    I changed my traditional, added weight pull up warm up to this exercise today. All that added weight is NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS GODLY VARIATION OF THIS PULL UP!

    You have changed my life. I can only do 3 each side and I’m exhausted. This insane!

    Thank you Jeff!!!!

  35. omg 😀 i'm only able to do like.. 3 XD well okay i just started to do a little exercise stuff which i almost never did before so i hope it gets more.. 😀

  36. one question: does it matter how you grab the bar? with the back of your hand facing towards you like he does in the vid or the opposite with the back of the hands facing in the direction you look?

  37. I have seen this type of pull ups many times before…these are known more as military type pull ups and are also performed in the field of Martial Arts…I have performed these myself as well..very challenging indeed, but very effective none the less.

  38. I noticed you were wearing your wedding ring when I heard it hit the pull up bar. Do you always wear it when you work out? Is it not uncomfortable/painful?

  39. During a workout I get a cramp in between my pecs and my lats that stretch around to the front.
    I notice this during curls and a few other movements. Are there some warm up stretching that might
    help this problem?

  40. I'm having trouble making the mind-muscle connection and really feeling the burn in my lats when doing pull-ups or any other pull-down exercise. Am I doing something wrong or should I focus on lighter weights and higher reps while focusing on the muscle?

  41. I like doing core shit on the bar more then anything and idk if that's just me but to me that means I have to do everything else

  42. Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  43. Jeff doesn't pull his body up to the bar…the bar lowers itself down to Jeff!…Your awesome man 💪💪💪…thanks for the great videos!

  44. In the beginning I could do 15 reps 3 sets long (bodyweight), then I started adding weight like 10 kg and did 6 reps 4 sets and when I was done with the weighted I did 2 sets body weight till failure (which were about 8 reps). After adding weight I could do 22 pull ups in one set. I did this routine for some time. I increased my weighted pull ups by 15kg. Now I tried to do 22 bodyweight pulI ups again and now i can barley hit 12 pull ups in one set??? What should I do?

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