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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

In this video, I want to talk about how
to build muscle. How to build muscle effectively and efficiently. You’re a
little bit older now. You want to build muscle, lose body fat, have better health.
You want to do it effectively and efficiently. In this video, I want to
give you some tips on how to build that muscle and to cut through all the
confusion, frustration, and overwhelm. In this video, I want to talk about how
to build muscle. How to build muscle effectively and efficiently you’re a
little bit older now you want to build muscle lose body fat have better health
you want to do it effectively and efficiently and in this video I want to
give you some tips on to build that muscle and to cut through all the
confusion frustration and overwhelm there’s so many things on the internet I
want to tell you the most effective and efficient ways to build muscle now that
you’ll it all over first thing you need to remember is that training with weight
is to stimulate muscle growth initiate the muscle building process right
progressive overload is the key to building muscle building muscle fast
building muscle effectively inefficiently progressive overload that
means with the weights you’re doing just a little bit better than the workout
before the the set before always striving for more right most importantly
it’s a form feel and execution right what that means is that you have that
mind-muscle connection you’re doing everything you can to make sure that
targeted muscle group is lifting the weight to stimulate that growth that
overload challenging the muscle right so if you’re working on chest you want to
do everything you can to that mine muscle and and really work the targeted
muscle only your mind it’s smart it’s it’s adaptive what it will want to do is
use everything it can your shoulders your triceps your biceps whatever it can
to move the weight from point A to point B you want to make sure that you
override that instinct to do whatever it takes to move that weight from point A
to point B and really focus on that mind muscle connection that target muscle
group with progressive overload now how do we do that how do we challenge
ourselves more well weight is sometimes the most obvious thing right
but wait isn’t the most important factor when it comes to building muscle it is
important you always want to challenge yourself to maybe five more pounds but
maybe one more rep one more rep than you did last week or even though set before
by challenging yourself again just a little bit more maybe it’s five more
pounds maybe it’s more weight maybe it’s one more one more rep maybe it’s two
more reps right maybe it’s just better form feel an execution better mind
muscle connection but whatever you do challenge yourself to more progressive
overload all right take records if you need to to make sure you’re just not in
sync Lee coming to the gym and saying hey I’m just gonna give my all this set
right and then maybe you look back hey wait a second I did five more pounds I
did ten more pounds I did more reps last week because you weren’t conscious of
what you’re trying to accomplish before the set even began before the workout
even begin we got to make sure we’re always striving for it that’s how you’re
gonna build muscle effectively and efficiently right sets right exercises
oh ties into the volume of your particular workout
now there’s a lot of different ways that you could go when it comes to volume
more sets more exercises all right and only to how much overload that you did
in that particular set and I know there’s a lot of different strategies
right you can pace yourself in a longer workout and whether you realize it or
not you’re going to have to pace your energy right the weight that you use to
last a longer workout with more volume more assets and more exercises or you
can condense it down sandwich it down and get more done in less time right
more less time less sets less exercises right it’s what you do in that
particular workout what do you do with those those sets and those exercises not
necessary the exercises themselves or the set themselves through the volume
it’s what you actually do all right so it’s not the numbers on the workout
routine more isn’t necessarily better better
is better right so whatever route you go I like short condensed really focus for
a shorter period time challenge myself two more to stimulate initiate that
muscle building process progressive overload to build muscle effectively
let’s talk about reps right reps you might hear some things on the internet
that more reps get you cut fewer reps actually build muscle and maybe
something in between helps you maintain the purpose of lifting weights is to
stimulate muscle growth that’s their purpose right you’re not going to burn
body fat by doing more reps right again the reps the weight is to overload the
muscle progressive overload stimulate initiate the muscle building process
alright so you should not have do more reps because you can’t get it cut the
purpose of losing of building that muscle the right is overloading the
muscle with heavier weight one more rep the progressive allure those things that
I talked about save getting reps getting cut for your diet and maybe a little bit
of cardio alright the purpose of lifting weights is to
overload the muscle to initiate the muscle building process so remember that
with your rep scheme I’d like to do fewer reps more weight with that form
filling execution to build that muscle to initiate the process and the most
effective and efficient right let’s talk about things like the pump alright
the pump pump feels good right with new exercises like the one I was doing it
you just feel that pump don’t confuse lighter weight a lot of
reps feeling a pump and gorging the muscles with blood with that doesn’t
necessarily overload the muscle it doesn’t necessarily build muscle feels
really good I know that feeling right but don’t confuse the pump or the burn
with overload right to build that muscle effectively inefficient about moving
from set to set to set which you hurry maybe only wait 30 seconds between each
set alright if you want a more athletic to have a workout right then you might
want to rest short periods time you know just hit it hard
rest maybe 30 seconds and hit it hard again right that gives you a different
type of workout but if you were in the gym to primarily build muscle or you
want to wait as long as you can right to get 100% of your strength back but keep
the the flow the momentum going I like to rest 2 to 3 sets depending on
exercise because because again when I pick up that weight I am trying to do
that progressive overload challenge myself to 5 more pounds in one more wrap
write better form feeling execution so I don’t confuse hurrying from set to set
to set with building muscle effectively and you always want to remember you got
to support what you do in the gym all right you gotta support it with those
eating habits I’ll always come back to that right especially when you’re
carrying a little bit too much body fat maybe got 10 or 15 pounds of that
stubborn fat when you lose that stubborn fat all your hard work all that muscle
that you’re building will really display itself and reward you for all your
efforts so make sure that you pay attention to your eating habits it’s not
good enough to just train hard in the gym do all these things that I don’t
talk about to build this most because you know you’re gonna build it and
you’re not gonna see it you’re not gonna see the separation between the shoulders
the biceps the triceps you know the striations in the chest
you’re not going to see it with that extra body fat so all your hard work
it’ll be I neutralized because you’re not lean enough so you want to make sure
as you’re building that muscle you want to support what you do in the gym with
sound nutritional habits and again it’s got too much body fat you’re not gonna
see all this muscle that you’re building if you’ll love what I’m talking about
here today you love the type of tips that are specifically designed for older
men with busy productive lives I want you to click that link that I have down
below to fill out the questionnaire it’s for older men with busy productive lives
who love this message who want that effective and efficient strategies you
got a busy productive life that you need to need to keep that intact you work so
hard on your family in your business you want to get to the gym you want to get
the results but do you have to do in the context of your busy life I’ve got the
strategies for you fill out that question or tell me what you’re doing
now tell me what’s working for you tell me where your challenges are tell me
what you’ve done in the past tell me all the goals that you have any life I have
some various structured questions as they coach men just like you all over
the world right fill up that question or play all out fill it out thoroughly when
you do I’ll reach out to you by text by phone call right I want to support your
efforts we’re building a tribe here a passionate a passionate tribe of men a
little bit older who are determined to become the total package build their
bodies build that muscle lose that body fat be healthy be fit all in context of
their busy products life what I call the total package so click that link fill
out the questionnaire when you fill that out thoroughly you play all out I can
just see the determination and the commitment that you have I’ll reach out
to you and give you a text or a phone call maybe I can clear up some of this
confusion frustration and overwhelm that you’re getting all over the internet
sometimes from the much younger passionate fitness experts who they look
great they look great but they don’t live the life that you and I do you want
to hear it from someone who’s going through the same journey who prioritizes
the same things I’m your man I am obsessed with helping all of the men
with busy productive lives get to the next level with their fitness and
everything else all right so fill out that questionnaire
Hey thank you so much for joining me thank you so much for doing this for
yourself let’s take on the day with a sense of
urgency to get more time behind us than we do in first week I’ll lean in today
have a great day have an outstanding day have an awesome day think big and think
bigger than getting bigger

14 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle – Workouts For Older Men

  1. Hey Skip awesome video as always. I have a question I know they say you have to eat more to build muscle but I have a bunch of belly fat to get rid of but I can't eat that much during the day I'm lucky if I get in 1500 calories a day it's all clean calories but I just can't eat much so am I just wasting my time

  2. What do you recommend as the optimal number of days to work out in a week, how much time does your body need to recover to stimulate muscular growth.

  3. Thank you Skip I’ll try it this week. I just go to the gym for muscle stimulation I’m 57 with a triple heart bypass. I’ll go slow on the execution.

  4. Hi Skip what Supplements helps the Prostate as well as Helping Build Muscle Too"Im 68yrs old & Love Working Out text me or call 469-471-5992 & also I dont eat A lot of meat so any info will help

  5. By the way skip I live in Dallas Tx.& want to eat more Organic Foods & more Healty Supplements For The Overall Body

  6. Thanks this is good advise. I'm just starting to right it down and it helps, gives me confidence, looking back then going forward.

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