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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What up people and yes I look at this
disgusting badge in the corner yes you know where I work now dont get coming
to work if you live in my area because I will hide. Anyway there is no workout
video today at all I haven’t even gone to the gym um I now just got off the bus
and I’m walking to the doctor I’m the doctor
yeah it’s not even know if you can just go in anymore just see him Iyengar clue
him I’m gonna get my ankle sorted finally hopefully he’ll send me
to a specialist at a hospital cuz my dad’s had the same problem years
ago so hopefully they do the same to me because it need getting sorted out and
I’m not gonna pay the high prices of physio if I can get it free on the NHS
and also recently I’ve been having a bit of a problem some of you might have had
it before I don’t know this is my video wandering and be talking about today
about walking here and how I go around my bulking day no food in it but just
basically how to bulk and how I manage bulking being really really bad eating
in like struggling to eat the calories and how I make it easy for myself but
recently are you been feels like good Satan like going there doing that all
the time not today because I haven’t had any but every time because I’m using
like a math game there protein shake which is I got 500
calories you know like 70 something grams of carbs in um every time I take
that I sort of want to be sick it feels like I want to be sick I don’t want it I
don’t feel like physically I’m going to be sick it just feels like I’m going now
I’m not going to be sick also when I have porridge as well and I
don’t know if it’s the high volumes of the actual thing because I’ll have
porridge with the protein powder or laughing in a shake it’s not it’s not
the mass gainer it’s nothing to do with the mass gainer I just wouldn’t do it if
it could be protein maybe I have effect on protein I don’t know I can’t remember
when I was using way because it’s not as thick obviously mmm but somebody telling
my being something called Danny he’s on YouTube go check him out he said it
could be acid reflux where you basically it feels like you want to be sick and we
good taste you your food it’s like today I haven’t I haven’t had I haven’t had it
at all Andy it’s worse when I go to the gym
because it makes me really like thirsty I don’t know if there’s any sort of like
anything because I always get really dry by often I have enough water I can I make an appointment I work as am
i working time to the doctors for years see so did you hear that did you hear
the fact what what a waste of time what ah that’s annoyed me absolutely
annoying I am told you outbid two doctors for years I go in booked
appointments a ninja probably seeing that the same day or maybe the day after
now you can’t even make appointment how much these doctors get paid you know
what they need to get off their lazy lazy asses and actually do some work
they get overpaid these GP they’re not proper doctors but just don’t do
anything right sit around all day and just do nothing and it really frustrates
me I mean they’re talking about putting millions billions into the NHS well what
is the point in actually doing that if it’s still gonna be rubbish like this I
mean I could be I could be ill I could be dying and what they’re gonna do
nothing you know I mean I mean it didn’t did it she didn’t even
ask I know she’s not the doctor you didn’t even ask what’s wrong I’m so
person well cut Bob now not gonna go back because what’s the point you know
people just don’t hang all the time to walk in at certain times to trying find
that you you can make yourself better what absolute joke right
I have calmed down after my little hissy fit about the doctors and I’m now gonna
talk about the actual video itself out to bulk as a beginner I am no
professional before you all moan and say oh you’re prepared you’re not the best
of what you know about Balkan what do you know about steroids and you don’t
have to be an expert or done something to be an expert if you know me you do
not need to do something to talk about something you know you can be really
really interesting something but never ever take part in it you know like a
pundit oh the football pundit ruby shop football but you know what they know
their stuff a referee can’t play football but they know the law all the
rules about football probably more than actual the football
players themselves so before people start saying oh that’s not what you do
this is not going to this is my way of doing it because I still think I’m a
beginner when it comes to Balkan I’m not a Balkan I do not like Balkan this is
problem a second year and the balking properly and I’m still not doing it
completely a hundred percent right because I do struggle with actual eating
the max amount I don’t stop eating I just when you obviously you are bulking
you’re eating a lot more calories there you actually normally noodly do so then
what I’m gonna do is gonna break it down how to book for a beginner the easy way
no advanced brilliant technical words and graphs and telling you how to do
this and that so then you’re like oh don’t know what you’re on about because
frankly I don’t know all the technical words I don’t really care about that
people go on and go on and go on talking about you need to do this you need to do
that you need to do this no you don’t there’s two simple rules to bulk up at
the beginner and one rule is to make sure you’re in a surplus right that is a
fancy word for eating more calories so basically you’ve just got to make sure
you eat enough calories than you’re burning off that is it simple is that
there is no other technical way if people saved in other ways of doing it
no there isn’t that is the only way you can put on
weight by eating in a surplus you need to eat more kind of than you’re burning
but what people don’t seem to tell you when you see people are YouTube people
on Instagram they don’t really tell you and this is why they have a get the
money off you is how they actually know how many calories you’re actually
burning off to know how many calories to put on so for instance I obviously went
through a personal training course until I quit it because it was a joke and I
was learning how to actually calculate the actual the energy spent on a person
it is completely different with every single person so if somebody says you
need to put this much on like this person
it’s a load of rubbish do not even listen to them because every single
person is different everybody is a different weight a different age do
stuff like work different and exercise wise everything counts on what you burn
off in a day so for instance I calculated you’ll see a chart now it’s
basically telling you the formula to how to work out how much energy is that
right this is out of the book that I learned from and I still got the books
so it is the truth what I’m saying is no made-up stuff it’s a fact
so there is no 100% accurate way of saying how much you actually burn off
because no one would know down to the absolute one calorie but it is the
closest formula and it’s been done for so many times and this is what every
single personal trainer does this is what you will pay for on your first ever
PT lesson course and and this is how they calculate how much to cut your
calories or put your calories up for you to do your workouts and you know you’re
planning for your diet so what it is basically I did this for myself and I
worked out as I am basically using 2700 calories a day in what I do this totals
from your daily usage which can vary from 1400 to about 1700 800 depending on
your age and this is where it’s quite important your age does matter a lot
because if you’re young your metabolism can burn off a lot more
calories than an older person and so you can do a lot more physical stuff and you
can burn off a lot more where a person who is older he’s obviously gonna be as
physical and not move around as much and mobile so they’re not going to burn off
as many calories so they’re actually going to be lower in that part of the
actual formula then you’ve got your height which early huh yeah it doesn’t
depend I think it does depend I don’t really understand the love of the height
part because obviously unless you’re a complete giant or really really really
small I can’t see how that will affect your actual formula but that’s the man
himself who invented it he’ll probably tell you if you google it or something
like that the other part is obviously your weight and you’ve got to put your
weight in and then you just have to calculate it all up and it comes out and
something you also have to put in which is another part of the formula is what
you actually do physical activities you’ve been doing you know and job-wise
are you quite an active person you know if you’re so if you’re something like a
labourer where you’re like a builder you’re got to be quite physical and
quite you know doing a high-demand job but if you’re working in office you’re
not going to burn off as many calories as somebody like a build it and also
what exercise you do that day you could be a very very high intense in gym girl
who does a lot of running does a big workout so there’s different brackets
for that and you’re all crunchy together and it comes out with the calculation of
what your average ly burning off a day then you’re probably wondering how you
know what to do then what do you do well if you want to office Li lose
weight you just need to eat less calories than your expenditure so
obviously if I wanted to start shredding or lose weight I’ll have to eat less
calories than 2700 calories so if I want to bull cook which I am I’m gonna eat
more so I would be eating over 2,000 several cows and depending on how much
weight I want to gain I would walk a lot more
I’ll see if you’re seriously seriously wanna pour the hell of a lot of mass I
would be bulking up like 4,000 but then you will you will be tending to put on a
bit more body fat you will get there probably a belly because you won’t you
just do this be too much mass and calories for your body to handle so you
will probably get pain you probably will gain excess fat and so the best way to
bulk up and cut is slowly add two hundred three hundred calories and then
see where you go obviously weigh yourself I tend to weigh myself once a
week because I don’t see the point of weighing yourself every day because if
it goes up right as you can see at the start of the week I weighed myself and
I’m weighing first-time-ever hundred and eighty pounds and today I weigh myself
just to see what I did and I’m now hundred and seventy-six pounds so it
just shows I just lost four pounds for no reason and that’s because of exercise
because on the weekends I don’t work I don’t go to the gym and all my food
while I’m eating is storing in there and basically that 3500 calories where I eat
a day it’s not getting bigger tough so that’s why I actually gain more so
you’ve got to understand if you’re wanting to bulk probably the
best way is to be lazy I know it sounds bad but if you’re seriously wanting to
put on mass you the more exercise you do the more you’re burning up and the
slower you will gain weight if you get me as you can tell I own I’m gradually
getting bigger bodies because of my work I live on my feet and then I go to the
gym I’m Billy enough though that’s why I’m
growing I’m gradually building up weight slowly and if I wanted to build on more
weight like I said I’ll need a lot more but this is the reason why I can’t
because I struggle to eat and this is the next point I want to talk about is
if you’re new to bulking and you’re a beginner what do you eat what is the
foods what you should be eating to bulk up and I suggest you eat what you like
eating obviously if you can I’ve done a video about this it’s right up there in
the corner now about dirty bulking and clean bulking
if you chose dirty bulking just remember you’re going to put on a lot more fat
alright you’re going to get the calories up easy but you’re going to put on a lot
more fun so when you go down to your cut you’re going to be going to a cut a
longer period because it’ll be a lot more fat to get rid of you go clean it’s
harder because you’ll have to eat a lot more food just to get them calories and
it will be easier to cut in a long time but if you can eat it won’t make no
difference I tend to basically do half and half so if I’ve got quite a bit of
calories left and I looking my macros which I’ll talk about in a bit you can
play around with it so say if I’ve got like oh got 500 calories left but I’ve
got other proteins and all that and I’ve got probably about 20 grams of fat free
I could go get myself a cheeseburger there’s a 500 calories dawn straightaway
and jobs are good you so you is long as you look around and play with your food
see what it is start reading on the back of the packets
of food and your you’ll end up finding how to get around foods foods I would
suggest to eat for balking you gotta have your right there’s pasta and
they’re going to give you sources of energy really good potatoes right if
you’re cutting sweet potatoes and they taste nice and handy see that gets with
a craving Cobb like like the sweetness of like if you’re got a sugary craving
and brussel sprouts are great they got a sweet taste room and if you put them
with a bit of bacon you they taste fine and all the things protein shakes get
your protein in whacking some oats blend it up and you’ve got yourself like a
five six hundred maybe seven depending on how many oats and how thick you can
actually drink it you can get up to a shake or two a thousand calories easily
stick a banana which is about hundred grams got the sweet taste these do one
of your five a day so there’s plenty of ways on how to bulk and the thing is
what you got to be careful is is what I’m struggling with is the volume of the
amount of food it is hard to eat a lot of food so do not go into it like
straight away like I need to eat four thousand carries but you’ve only been
eating 2,000 calories your your body will not cope with that you’ll get
bloated your feel sluggish and you’re just you’re just feel miserable and it
will it won’t work out gradually build or them calories and until you get that
target you want to get to and it’ll be more reasonable and you’re still be
gaining weight so there’s no rush in King because you can be on a boat for a
whole year and that’s one thing do not go on a book just for 12 weeks
there’s no point there’s no point you won’t get nowhere
you’ve got honorable for at least six months minimun right you can go on for a
year do you so if you’ve just cooked if you
fit if you just finished cutting now get off that court now and get straight on
to bulking right do it until the spring and then start cutting that gives you
good eight nine months of solid bulking where you’re gonna get advantages but do
not get them upset about what you look like obviously you’re gonna gain weight
you’re gonna you’re gonna gain weight you can keep all your muscles and your
apps you know if you obviously you want to do some cardio and keep reducing and
reducing you know and do a surplus very very gradually like maybe a combo
calories a actual week or a month but obviously you will not bulk up as
quicker as all the people who are putting a lot more food in them because
with the winter no one wants to see you body in the winter and when you go back
to cut in again you know you’ve probably put on a lot more muscle as well and you
will be bigger and look better than the year before so don’t worry about the
whole looking fluffy because what you’d lose in looks you’ll get your gain in
strength and you will begin pb’s which will make you feel great you know you’ll
be getting strong stronger and stronger and that’s the one bonus about putting
on weight you’ll get stronger every month guaranteed one thing you need to
another thing you need to be careful about is if you’re bulking up you make
sure you track your macros because if you do not track your macros
you could lose muscle mass em or you could gain a hell of a lot of fat and
and the macros are your proteins carbohydrates and fats if you’re just
eating crap just to put on weight your facts are going to be over over the
limit and you’ve got to get a huge belly yeah and it will just be all on your
belly and you won’t really put much muscle mass on and because you just have
a massive gut and that’s where all your weight is and trying to get rid of that
good look you’ll be there for a long time so make sure you track your food on
my fitness Pat I’m roughly all about 209 protein about 400 carbs at about 70-80
fact of course don’t worry about the fats being here you are
I’m not the biggest poser but if you’re like 1516 stoner you’re bulking up at
that M weight your fats are going to be a hell of a lot more than mine your
cards going to be a lot more about and your proteins going to be a lot more
because you’ve got a physically bigger body to fill up so don’t worry and look
at somebody like me and go wow I mean – I’m eating way too much food I need to
eat as much you know because then you probably na you’ll be actually cutting
so just you need to track your own diet and your macros and see where you are
there’s plenty of them there’s plenty of apps and plenty of the websites where
they they can track your macros for you and calculate for you easy so you don’t
need to go to a professional about this I’ve just basically gave you a free PT
lesson for nothing and that’s what they will do and so I hope you enjoyed this
video and hope you enjoy my rant if anybody knows about em ankle ankles or
is a physio and no knows what could be wrong with my ankle and also
I like my gagging thing when I’m eating the protein and oats please comment down
below because you know I might not even go to the doctor’s now so anyway hope
you enjoyed this vlogging every day in August and this day it was really long
one but it needs to all get in hopefully you now can get onto that bulk and get
your big muscles and see you next time

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