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100 thoughts on “How to Create Fuller Lips with Face Yoga

  1. hahahahaha… darling why have you said that you need a face? 😂
    who isn't having face on earth? 😂
    And everyone's comments are really mind blowing here… 👌

  2. Just wonderful, I've been looking for "yoga for the face reviews" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Jenrooklyn Facial Mummification – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

  3. Emily! Now you owe me, maybe I missed it, but I was at Sephora today and tried the RollerLash mascara AND IT IS AMAZING, what is your drugstore dup????

  4. Anyone who has done it and has good results plz reply me , I am willing to do this but fear that it will have side effects.

  5. I think this works for me or it might be my imagination because I actually have lips but they're not that plump so idk

  6. ok so i used to do this a few months back, and it does work! i did it for about 3 weeks, and i could definitely see a small difference in the size of my lips. i’m gonna start doing them again because they still aren’t the size i would like them to be. but i would for sure recommend this for people who want to grow their lips because it’s permanent + easy!! hope this helped 🙂

  7. If anyone has done this could you please tell me if it actually works and how long does it take to see results❤

  8. Imagine doing the Marilyn Monroe exercise in a park, and then some guy thinks your flirting with them and blowing kisses at him.

  9. I have found that doing lip exercises changes one psychologically. because the lips are so much a part of our expression, and the stimulation of exercise brings out more of our expression

  10. 0:08 Oh my cripes did I just see a person with a bigger top lip than bottom lip?? I THOUGHT I WAS SUFFERING FROM LONELINESS

  11. I don’t know if anyone will see this but after one day of doing this there was a burn like mark on my face it was very dry and it happened after I did this so yeh be careful because it hurts like hell

  12. For anyone wondering, yes this does work. Your lips are just muscles and will get bigger just like if you were to exercise your arms. I’ve been trying this myself over the past few weeks and I can see a difference.

  13. يالعربيين هذا تصغير الفم ولا تكبيره اخاف تكبييره لاني ابي اصغر😂😂😂

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