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what’s up everybody my name is Ryan
Doris I’m an elite USPA powerlifter everybody knows how to squat bench press and
deadlift I’m here at powertec headquarters
today to teach you guys just a few cues on how to go in get your lifts better
stronger and how to focus on the task at hand deadlift first things first
more important than anything are shoe wear a proper deadlift means a hard-sole
shoe there isn’t any type of shoe that specific be better for it but the reason
we need a hard sole shoe is because we are pushing forged through the ground
that needs to be transferred into the weight moving on with a soft shoe a
running shoe absorbs are forced into the ground and it would be the same as you
trying to jump off of a mattress a deadlift is tricky because it doesn’t
have the eccentric and concentric movement for only moving the bar up so
it’s sloppy and easy to have in between reps and setups that have no type of
composure whatsoever what we want to do when we set up on a deadlift we want to
just very softly walk up to the bar leaving our feet at about our shoulders
width and we want to make sure our shins touch the bar the reason why we need to
make sure that this bar makes contact is the same principle of center of mass we
want to make sure that the weight is over the middle of our body when we’re
going through this movement once our foot position is set the next
thing that we wanted you is simply think of your upper body as an elevator you
don’t want to bend forward and grab the weight you want to try to lower yourself
to the weight as upright as possible lower yourself with your hands at your
side and when your hands make contact with the bar stop there don’t go any
lower there’s no need to go any lower once we have our foot position set you
want to simply think of your upper body as an elevator you want to stay as
upright as possible as opposed to totally bending over and just grabbing
the bar so what we want to do we want to slowly lower ourselves down by breaking
our hips and slowly going down with our arms at our side until our hands make
contact with the bar once our hands make contact with the bar no need to go any
lower than that that is the lowest we need to go we need to make sure that we
don’t compromise our position of staying upright in this example you’ll see I use
what’s called a mixed grip a mixed grip is one hand facing forward the other
palm facing the other way you can do a hook grip you can do a double hand over
grip grab the thing however you feel strongest once we’re in position this is the most
important cue it’s called pulling the slack pulling the slack is us
essentially grabbing the bar tight with our grip using our traps our rhomboids
and our lats to slowly tighten the bar into us an easy way to think about this
is if you were going to play tug-of-war would you pull the rope loose or would
you with your back tighten the rope first and then pull as hard as you can once we’ve tightened that bar up once we
feel that tension in our back we want to think about pushing the floor away a
common mistake and deadlift is that people squat the bar up this is not a
squat a squat is a squat a deadlift is a hinge if you were to jump straight up in
the air your knees and your hips would lock at the same time we want to mimic
that same jumping motion in our deadlift which is essentially pushing the floor
away from us as the bar is coming up we don’t need any mysteries again we have a
checklist we want to ensure that as we’re pulling the bar up we’re keeping
it along our shoes there’s no need to jam it in our shins and scrape it on the
way up you simply let the bar glide along your shins as a guideline if the
bar gets away from your shins then your center of mass gets away from you our
center of gravity is now too far forward and we can see our hips shooting up too
much our back going into a compromised flattened out position from the floor to the end of the
movement we need to make sure that our traps stay in this tight locked position
when you finish the deadlift and your knees and your hips lock out
simultaneously we also want to ensure that our shoulders are still in a tight
locked back position we don’t want our shoulders roll forward which will have
the weight sagging forward and again compromise where the position of the
weight needs to be in the center of our map as I mentioned earlier for deadlifts
there’s no eccentric and concentric movement you’re only ascending the bar
up therefore you have to do this setup every single time you lift the weight if
you have a set of ten repeat and rinse ten times thanks again for joining us at
Park tech headquarters my name is Ryan doris if you guys want a little more
content from me you can find me on instagram my Instagram handle is the
natty pro if you want to email me you can go through my website thank you guys again hope you learned a
lot today

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