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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

One of the most neglected things I see taking
place every single day in most people’s health and fitness programs and muscle-building programs
is that of trying to take care of your liver. What we fail to realize is every single day
in a variety of different ways, from the toxins from the air we breathe to the toxins in a
lot of these processed foods and things we ingest, is that your liver is filled with
toxins, and can in many ways depending upon your nutritional program, and how your, how
much alcohol you may be drinking, and your daily diet and so on, your liver can become
fatty. You know, the liver is the main organ in your
body responsible for filtering out and processing the nutrients and so on and so forth, for
burning body fat and doing all of these things that you want to do as far as even building
muscle. And so without having a clean detoxified liver,
your body isn’t going to operate as fast as it possibly could. That’s why I recommend that you do an ongoing
liver detoxification process that can really take place with, by making some healthy nutrient-infused
water. You can, in the water, you can put apple cider
vinegar, with the mother. The mother is simply the sediment that you
see sitting at the bottom of the bottle before you shake up that apple cider vinegar. That’s simply healthy probiotic strands of
protein. It just means that you’re getting an organic
form of apple cider vinegar. You want to get some lemon juice. You can squeeze lemons. If you don’t want to bother squeezing lemons,
you can get lemon juice in a container. That’s fine. Green tea extract works well, as well. And then mix these three nutrients — the
lemon juice, the apple cider vinegar, and just a little tinge of green tea extract — into
maybe a liter or so of water. The main components to this liver detox would
really be the apple cider vinegar and the lemon juice. And, and many people can’t tolerate the apple
cider vinegar; they think it’s just disgusting. If that’s the case, maybe just throw a tiny
little splash in there. And then mix the lemon juice into the water,
and drink that throughout the day. You know, you should be drinking a lot of
water throughout the day, at least two liters, three liters, maybe even upwards of a gallon,
at least. If you’re doing that, you may want to make
your liver detox water a little separate from the regular water, so that obviously you don’t
want to be drinking this, this water while you’re, while you’re eating lunch, and so
on and so forth. But there’s also other herbs and nutrients
that you can utilize, like mike, the milk thistle, for instance, and others. So you may want to look into other healthy
ways of detoxifying your liver, because a healthy liver will mean more muscle and less
fat on your body.

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