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What’s going on nation? Today, I’m gonna demonstrate for you guys how to perform a dip now the dip is a great compound movement That’s gonna target all three heads of your triceps however There’s a few different variations of the dip that you can utilize if you want to target your triceps more or your chest We’re gonna go over two of those variations today and keep in mind that no matter what Variation you’re using you are still stimulating triceps and chest In the exercise and you’re also gonna be feeling fatigue throughout your shoulders and upper traps Now in order to target your triceps more you want to use a traditional dip station Where your hands are grabbing onto the bars And your elbows are as close to your body as possible in Order to perform the variation where you target your chest more you want to use parallel bars now I don’t have parallel bars other than my monkey bars up here But I do have the matterhorn and what this allows me to do is if I’m facing forward I can get my hands in nice and close and target my triceps, and if I face away I’ll be able to get a wider grip, and it will act as parallel bars to the demonstration Begin each version of the dip by holding yourself in the air and keeping your feet together while Contracting your abs and glutes to stabilize your body to target all three heads of your Triceps you want to hold the dip bars so that your hands are close to your body and focus on keeping your head and chest Up and your elbows close to your torso throughout the movement Your core and glutes should remain contracted as you descend and be sure to lower yourself as far as your shoulder flexibility will allow Once fully descended return to the starting position and repeat To target your chest you’re going to have to find a pair of parallel bars The parallel bars will allow you to have a wider placement with your hands Which will help you lean forward and look down throughout the movement Once again your core and glutes should remain contracted as you descend and be sure to lower yourself as far as your shoulder flexibility will allow Once fully descended return to the starting position and repeat Now I want you guys to make sure that you always do a full warm-up for your shoulders before performing dips especially if you’re going to be doing the full range of motion if You have tight shoulders and are looking for a good warm-up routine click the video above So there you guys have it That’s how you perform both variations of the dip to target either your triceps or your chest if you guys have any more questions Feel free to join us in the forum discussion topic over here for more great tips Exercises routines and recipes be sure to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys If you’re looking for a quick way to switch things up log into your SHF profile and go to the workout section of the website Once there click on the muscles you want to train then you’ll be brought to a page where you can further filter down your search Now you have a complete list of all the routines that target your chest and utilize only a barbell or dumbbell From here you can rate the routine add it to your routines in your profile And if you scroll down you can see a write-up of the entire routine as well as photos of all the exercises You can also download a printable PDF. Just by clicking on it

100 thoughts on “How To: Dip- Learn The Differences Between Targeting Your Chest Or Triceps!


    Ever wondered why your chest got so much activation from doing dips? This is probably what was happening 🙂

  2. if you want to train chest and triceps without risk of injury stay away from dips especially weighted dips

  3. Have great difficulty trying to do chest dips. Can you elaborate more on the proper form n technic to make progress each day? Thanks bro

  4. not a complicated fucking flashy video….. I fucking love it.. thanks.. two methods.. two examples. here and out.. love it.. peace.

  5. What's that metal song used in this video? (Don't you dare say Darude – Sandstorm or I will find you and destroy you.)

  6. نا اسطورة النسر. لن أحتاج بعد رحلتي مع اليوتيوب أن أقص لأطفالي مستقبلاً قصة حياتي .. يومياتي أشد صِدقاً من نسيان ممكن أن يسرق من أولادي حكمة أنساها … ضحك، تحشيش، سفر، اعراس، احتفالات، اكل، نصائح، مقالب و العاب. اتمنى لكم مشاهده ممتعه….

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  7. Dude…you're terrific! I'm officially back in the gym, so I will be working this in my plan. Thanks for the encouragement, Scott!

  8. Hi, Question about this video. Do you still stand behind the idea of doing dips for chest like this? Especially I like to know how deep you have to go. You talk about full range of motion, but I'm worried about shoulder injury. Found this video "" who talks about when you go to deep you are doing "bad work". At this point I'm confused about what is the best way to do the dips for chest. Anyway, thanks for posting this video and although it's old, hopefully you can still respond.

  9. I wish I had abs like that lol. My lower abs area has some fat that wont go away even at very low bodyfat kinda suck.

  10. parllel bar two one is long and another is very shorten touch the floor that enhance to do best work out stretch relax workout abdomen exercise

  11. are weighted dips coupled with benching enough to build triceps or do you need to do you need to add stuff like the overhead extension?

  12. Nice video, short and with lots of direct info. I do wonder, however, if this guy normally looks like this or did some serious work and dehydration before filming to accentuate his physique.

  13. Scott, the link to your forum has a Symantec-issued security certificate. The Chrome browser says these aren't valid anymore.

  14. THANK YOUUUUU! I APPRECIATE THIS, SCOTT HERMAN LOOOOOLLLLLLLL! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐾🐾😫🤔

  15. Woah, his accent. I just came from one of the more recent videos. whered his accent go? Did he move to a different state?

  16. Great tips! On my local gym they have a very good dip machine where you can adjust the bars to be closer or wider so that you can focus on either triceps or pecs/chest

  17. I clicked the thumbnail link at the end of the video to "" and received this error message: "The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website." Just thought you should know as it might be costing you business.

  18. It's easier to do dips 'for chest' which is why most people lean so far forward- they're not strong enough yet to perform tricep dips.

  19. This so called expert will have yall injured. Hes going ENTIRELY too low on those dips, you're asking for shoulder issues

  20. i noticed by allowing the torso to be horizontal (like a pushup) and letting the legs stay verticle-ish & centred underneath seems to give a good body weight bench press… and extend the legs out bit by bit to change the emphasis.
    Works for me atleast.
    I also find standing on a block (a milk crate in my case) lets me set from the top, which seems help (personally)

  21. I have one question , why when performing the chest dips ,we have to look down not look forward , I tried both variations, it feels the same . if the reason is about focusing more attention towards your chest , we can do it just like any other exercises, focus it mentally isn't it ?

  22. That chest version will fuck your shoulders. Don’t do it. Only do the “tricep” one as it hits the full chest, inner shoulders and triceps.

  23. My shoulders aren’t flexible, there is no way I can lower myself so that my tricep is parallel to the floor at the bottom of the dip. Is it still worth doing them but as far as I can go down?

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