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53 thoughts on “How to Do a Dumbbell Side Bend | Ab Workout

  1. Life isn't that simple (idiot). I don't eat sweets, don't have a lot of fat in other parts of my body either but the fat on my chest doesn't want to go away.

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  4. What the hell why would you do both Dumbbells it literally cancels out the weight. You're basically doing body weight then.

  5. It is very effective way to do Side Bend workout with Dumbbell. Well I have watched "PKB Saxon Bend" video on #PortableKettlebells YouTube channel. I hope you will enjoy this video as well.

  6. Let's train the core by doing exactly what the core exists to prevent the spine from doing under a load. Oh and then let's balance the force between both hands and bend from side to side because physics isn't a thing. One arm side bends are a great exercise for anyone interested in injuring their spine. Side bends with equal weight in each hand are great for anyone interested in looking silly. Suitcase carries for side of core, people! Load one arm and use your core to brace against lateral flexion…. Your core exists to protect your spine from moving the way this exercise moves

  7. All the people saying this workout is dangerous for the spine don’t know what they’re doing. It’s true that you can’t use weights like you would with curls or presses so if you’re doing this exercise with 20lbs+ then yes you can hurt yourself. It’s a toning exercise hence why the guy only has 8lbs in his hand

  8. this video was posted in 2012. there is comments from years ago. hopefully everyone knows by now this exercise is a waste of time and does the opposite of what the exercise is meant for. the obliques don't even run to a bend on the side. the obliques are more of a twisting or turning motion. thats how you loose your love handles and and get a good look and gain strength is you train it with resistance.

  9. "Using an 8lb dumbbell". Wow, good job, mommy must be very proud of you. Maybe someday you'll be able to do 45lb plates like a big boy.

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