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In this video, I show how to do a running punch front flip. A front flip is a move where you jump up in the air, tuck yourself in a ball, and rotate forward. Then you un-tuck yourself and land on your feet. When starting I would recommend practicing with a spotter in a safe environment with mats. It’s a good idea to warm up and stretch before you attempt to do a front flip as a lot of stress is placed on the legs from the momentum involved. Here are some stretches that will help you warm up. Ankle rotations: Rotate the foot without moving the leg, so that the entire rotation is taking place in the joint of the ankle. Do the same with the other ankle. This can help prevent ankle sprains. Hamstrings Stretch: Hamstrings Stretch: While lying down lift your leg up 90°. You should feel the stretch in the back of your thigh. Switch to the other leg. It’s also good to do some wrist mobility and neck stretches. The motions of this flip are running, jumping, tucking, untucking and landing. A running punch front flip requires a forceful takeoff, so you have the ability to rotate your body in mid-air. Practice your jump first by doing a punch. Run a couple of steps forward. On the last step, bring both feet together, and punch into the ground, pushing yourself into the air. Focus the force of your jump upward, not down to the ground. Minimize the distance of the leap before the punch so more energy goes into the jump. As you push yourself into the air, lift your hands to your ears, so that you are keeping your core tight. You should land on the balls of your feet. This is just to practice the jump and make sure you’re getting as much height as possible. Now when jumping straight up bring your hands high in the air, with your elbows by your ears. Once you get the punch down, add in a knee lift. As you jump up, pull your knees up into the air. As you come back down, straighten back out and bend your knees as you land. Take some running steps to gain speed and momentum. Step into a jump. On the last step, leap forward, bringing your feet together. Push hard off the balls of your feet and jump as high as possible into the air. Drive your heels into the ground to gain the momentum to begin the rotation. Throw your arms into the air while punching off the ground. Lean your torso slightly backward, so that your momentum goes up rather than straightforward. Pushing your momentum upward gives you more height, which gives you more time to complete the flip. Look forward not at the ground and keep your eyes there until you begin your tuck. Keep your back slightly rounded in the jump and do not pull your shoulders up to your ears. To push yourself into a rotation, tuck your body in. When you move to start your tuck, throw your arms forward to help start your rotation. Tuck into a rounded position with your upper back. Grab your shins just below your knees, tucking yourself into a ball, which continues your rotation. Keep your knees bent so your tuck is tight and controlled. Also, push your head down. Your chin should be at your chest so that you tuck tightly. Don’t hold your legs too long or you may end up rotating too much and land falling forward. Try to shove your legs down towards the ground as you come around, rather than kicking outward so you don’t land on your butt. Land firmly on the balls of your feet and bend your knees to take out some of the shock. The front flip is a progression skill and may take some time to master.

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