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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Now in order to do this move you need to have
the right physical condition to do this, in terms of muscle to weight ratio. You have
to be able to have your body be able to be lifted by your legs. And simply put, you need
to have some flexibility as well within your back and your neck because you’re going to
be arching your back in the air. So now when you kick up as I’ll show you later, you’re
going to arch your back so you definitely don’t want to have any back pains or stiffness
in the back. And a good way to do this is to either do back bends like this or you can
also practice arching like this where you hold it there for a couple of minutes, and
that just helps create some flexibility within the back. Now another thing that you want
to note is that if you do work out your legs you can do some squats to practice some explosiveness
and also you want to practice this kicking motion, which as long as you have a reasonable
amount of flexibility to bring your knee up to over your waist height, then you’ll be
able to complete this move. Because as you kick up, you need this flexibility to bring
it in so it has to be able to reach a certain height. So aside from that, as long as you’re
fit and in good general health then you should be able to do this move safely.

35 thoughts on “How to Do a Gainer : Conditioning Tips For a Gainer

  1. w8t can you da it if you a soccer player?? becoz u suppose to have more strenght in ur legs so can i??

  2. I'm right handed but left footed so I have to jump off my right foot because jumping off my right foot throws me off balance. Any Tips??

  3. see i think i could do these things but i dont have any soft grounded areas so try it on so am afraid if i do it and mess it up while im teaching myself to do it that while im in the air my head will hit the ground and break my neck :/

  4. "You should be able to do this move… safely" there i laughed lol xD. But your videos are awesome man. I wish I was in some better physical condition so I could try those moves but, only looking right now. :/ I am on a diet so i might be able to try them soon!!!!

  5. amazing this form is like gymnastics, yoga and martial arts all wrapped together. What form is this or is it mma?

  6. Time to exercise ~ I'm a small skinny built girl, but since I bought my new running shoes to get in better shape for getting ready to learn this kinda stuff, your vids will be pretty helpful. 🙂

  7. Theoretically I should be able to do this. Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling I would throw out my neck lol.

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