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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

OK so we’ve already taken the assessment of
kicking up and arching our back. Now before we do that complete move, we need to focus
on the landing. Now typically as your body is spinning in the air, you’re going to want
to bring both legs down at the same time. That way it gives you more stability and you’re
not going to fall or shift your body. You basically want your weight to be in the center
as you land like so. Again, if you’re able to be more flexible or your legs kick apart
further then they can land with more distance which will give you a more stable landing.
So let’s see, let’s take it from here without the actual flip. From here, we arch, we kick
up, we bring this in, we rotate around, and we land with both legs planted in the same,
almost along the same line that we kicked out of. We’re not going to land with our legs
like this, or they’re not going to be this way if we’re kicking out this way. They’re
going to line up in the same line that they started in. And next we’re going to go over
the completed move and how to complete the gainer.

5 thoughts on “How to Do a Gainer : How to Land a Gainer

  1. i don't get it ev are parters of yt and they make a million videos on one subject instead of 1 or 2 videos that are 15 or 20 minutes long. which i'm told parters can do. wtf????

  2. realy, he is saying we covered something, but without searching through and organizing the videos my self, i cant find truth in the statment. It makes the presentation much more difficult to follow and the comments hinting at at that souldnt be given "thumbs down"'s but rather, consideration.
    Even if some people cant communicate eloquently in their suggestions ;P
    Thanks again Mr. Arts.

  3. awsome video i can do it into a pool but i want to start trying it on the ground i can do a backflip and a front flip but with a gainer im just worryed about my foot slipping out when im about to do it. any tips? and im also wondering how i can protect my neck more when i am attempting it for the first time.- on ground

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