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12 thoughts on “How to Do a Hammer Curl | Female Bodybuilding

  1. Have you heard about "Elite Muscle Formula?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick way for you to get ripped fast.

  2. Wow it's amazing how a girl can't display exercises online without attractive sexual remarks on the comments. How unfair, having said that, she a has a really cum worthy rack and a face that would look good with my cock Down her throat.

  3. You people are a bunch of perverts, all that she is doing is showing women how to do Hammer Curls for lower bicep and upper forearm development, quit looking at her chest and start listening to her words, she is a beautiful woman but she does not need to be lusted after like this.

  4. do really womans need "BODYBUILDING? the womans aren't made for "MUSCLE", they "CAN" excercise yes but "LIGHT EXERCISES" are even good. I've seen they doin "DEADLIFT" or any other "HEAVY MEN'S WORKOUT", the mens are made for "STRENGTH", and the womens are made for "BEAUTY", this is how life is, the mens, like the womens not because of "MUSCLE", but because of "BEAUTY" or "WOMEN SENSES", and womens like mens because of their "MEN SENSES" like their "ROUGH VOICE", "BEARD", "STRENGTH" and etc; this is how it "SHOULD" be; because "HUMAN" wants something that they do not had it; mens like women senses like "NARROW VOICE" of womens, being "PATHETIC", "BEAUTY" and etc, and the womens like men's "STRENGTH", men "PERSONALITIES" and etc, but if a women is "MUSCULAR", then "WHY" the man need him? mans "ALREADY HAD" strength, they "DO NOT" need strength, they need "OPPOSITE" of it, when they've "ALREADY" got strength, then why they should need a muscular women? or if a men's are like ladies, some are like this, like gays, no beards, doin makeups and etc, when the womens "ALREADY HAD" beauty, then why they shall need a man like ladies? they already had those senses, they need its "OPPOSITE" to be completed as a "HUMAN"; this is how life was, but nowadays… looooots of things had been changed by some fools, ohhhhh, to "WHERE" are we humans goin?

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