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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, my name is Erin, and I’m a former U.S.
Junior Olympic certified swim coach and personal trainer, and fitness is my passion, so I cannot
wait to share it with you guys. Alright, coming down to the floor, we’re going
to move on to some pelvic bridges. We’re going to add a little twist to them. So the basic pelvic bridge, you guys all know,
you’ve all seen it, can’t do a butt workout without it. Coming up, and down. And when you come down, you just want to touch
the butt lightly to the floor, so you always maintain that contraction. And then you can pulse at the top, you can
also do an isometric hold. But, to make it more difficult, we’re going
to make them single-leg. So if you can’t do this, your body’s not up
to speed yet, don’t. But if you think that you can, then go ahead
and give it a shot. What you’re going to do is extend one leg,
squeeze the knees together, you really want to glue them together, hands flat on the floor,
bring it up and down. Uand down. Switch sides. So that gives you, a little bit of an added

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