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hi guys I’m Kristen you watching perfect fitness TV so along with our perfect fitness we’re working on the perfect technique so today we’re gonna work on how to do a squat correctly okay so for your squat you want your feet just a little bit wider than hip-width apart okay you want your toes is facing forward and you really want to plant your feet down you want to be able to drive your heels through the floor because you want to be able to push your weight back rather than having your weight on the balls of your feet so if you just rock your weight back and forth from the balls of your foot to your heels okay so a ball and then he’ll fall and he’ll try to stay on that back step the back foot of the weight here on the heels from here if you take your hands and you just get them at chest level that way you can hop it helps you keep your chest lifted belly pulled in nice and tight you push your hips back and you’re gonna feel like your knees press out just a little bit that way they go straight over your toes and now my my weight is totally really in my heels slightly in my pinky tone big toe but mainly my heels are pressing through the ground my chest is up my belly’s in and my hips are back and my hips are almost at any level when I come back up I’m gonna stand up and I’m gonna squeeze my glutes okay so from here if we’re gonna keep the bit moving we squat down and her chest is up hips sit back as if you’re sitting into a chair and your knees are gonna just gently be pressing out that will make sure they go forward now cuz this is what I usually say this is a great angle to get it from here I see a lot of times the knees go in okay people aren’t supporting their knees you want to keep those knees out just going straight over the toes okay and that would be perfect so you can those different ways you can do squats you can keep them moving practice 10 like this shake it out and do two more sets you can do three around so you get this really you get this into your body you can feel it well you can hold a squat okay you can hold it there you can do a little pulses here all really good for your thighs your hamstrings you know it’s all really good work your glutes hamstrings was all in one go that’s what squats do and another one that I really like to do our sumo squats where you take the feet a little bit wider and your toes point out to the corners of the room and then once again you want to knee pressing those knees out so it means go over the toes still my chest is up valleys in and my I drop my hips just about to knee level but not further just to where my needs are and then I come back up squeeze my glutes and you just press it for just that a little bit so it’s down up in squeeze down up and sweet once again you could hold it you can do pulses and you can be single squats okay so those are the smooth some of the different versions of squats I like to use my videos so i really suggest you practice how to do up squat perfectly that way when you come to the workout you’re using great technique and getting the best results thanks watching um Kristin you watching perfect fitness TV you

100 thoughts on “How to do a Perfect Squat

  1. Hi, i've been doing my best to copy your perfect squat and, my heels keep coming up off the floor when I try to pull myself up and I don't know why

  2. Hey, just starting a 30 day squat challenge. Thanks for the tips! Want to make sure I have good form so I don't hurt myself and so I get maximum results! ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👌🏻

  3. Best demonstration of a perfect squat that I have seen! Thank you.
    Visualizing sitting back in a chair helps tremendously.

  4. Are your thighs supposed to feel really tight after this? mine feel really tight and I can hardly walk. am I doing something wrong? 😂

  5. am I supposed to take a break in between days my thighs hurt so much it hurts going to the bathroom when I have to bend and sitting getting up or down o g it hurts I can't squat as good . is this normal?

  6. My knee hurts, i dont like it. Im a 300+ pound guy, 6.5 feet tall. Are squats detrimental to my knee? What Physical exercise should I do first to lose weight. Im doing daily jogging right now.

  7. Hi! I'm starting to work out and I'm not overweight or anything. Just not fit or active. I've been going on long walks and jogging as well. I want a nice butt, and everyone is saying squats will help more than you think. I did a decent amount, I'm still not sure if I'm doing them correctly. Am I supposed to feel a nice burn somewhere? My thighs feel tight when I tried to do more after I rested. Will I feel a burn under my butt or on my butt if I'm doing them correctly? How am I supposed to know if I'm doing it right. Thanks in advance

  8. Seen lot of vids and have trained many myself, i have to say this is 100% the best squat i've seen on here. To be clear this is a basic starter squat nothing exotic but down to the true fundamentals. I do many variations of squats myself with over 20 yrs experience in competitive training for distant running, as well for my passion of hill sprints. Squats are vital to my workout and most exercises. Whether you do squats for other athletic ventures, or just want to lose weight or get more curves from those glutes all squat techniques stress the technique and form. Only weights, reps/sets, and range are what differentiates what your end result will be. But start from here, K does an awesome squat and doing so yourself will prevent those injuries (that i can promise you'll experience) if done wrong.

  9. I'm a guy who is getting back into working out after an injury, starting with the basics including squats. I'm fairly short and find that even if I start with my feet forward as I lower myself my feet end up pointing about 20 to 45 degrees out. Is this normal or okay, if not what should I do?

  10. Nice! Getting into the right position and keeping good posture is hard, so this video is definitely helpful. Squats, done the right way, are intense!

  11. Hey guys, make you you follow me on Instagram too so we can keep in touch @ksperfectfitnesstv 💜

  12. A bit of a problem, when I squat I tend to lean to the left side so one side works harder and eventually it'll show. What do I do to get a squat right ?

  13. Hi. There is loud clicking sound from my left knee when doing Squat. ( No Pain). Is it safe for me to continue doing it ?

  14. Thank you for mentioning the starting stance. Many videos I've researched so far, mentioned how to do the squat, but now how to start with feet positions what distance apart. Great video!

  15. Thank you, before this video i was doing it wrong and hurt my knees a little 🙁
    Lucky for me i found you and this video.

    The movement feels very natural now 🙂

  16. Thank you for this video I wasn't sure if I was doing squats right or not so now after watching this I can improve I even subscribed!

  17. I was wondering why i wasent getting 'gains' or not feeling anything, Thank you, lol i finnally got the correct form now.

  18. People in the fitness industry often say that the squat is the best overall exercise to build strength and flexibility in the thighs, glutes, hamstrings and quads. You just proved it – and with perfect form !

  19. soooooo sweet well explained bt one question these exercise is for thigh growth or to reduce the thigh fat

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