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29 thoughts on “How to Do a Plié Squat | Thighs Workout

  1. I watched this and it could have been very good, however, the captioning is right over the instructors's feet! It's large and distracting and if this is what your other videos look like, I will definitely view something different. You really should fix that.

  2. This video was for the purpose of demonstrating the correct way to perform a specific exercise. She was able to do this in under a minute. Therefore, her intentions were not to "work out". I didn't even notice her makeup when I watched it because I was focusing on her form and listening to what she was coaching. The point of the video! Of course she is going to wear makeup. She is posting a video online for the whole world to view! Plenty of women care about looking nice for the camera. Why does it concern you so much? She is just trying to help people get in shape. Why be an unnecessary, rude, ungrateful ass hole?  People are so damn critical.  

  3. this Plie is wrong. your body does not tilt forward at all, your torso is completely straight and your legs have to be more wide and open as your feet do as well. Resource: I used to be a ballerina for a few years.

  4. Haha! Omg! I was goofing around one day (well over a year ago) when I made that comment. People are very angry and defensive individuals! Haha! Have fun everyone 😂

  5. I barely feel anything doing these squats. I only feel it If I turn my legs out more, widen my feet outward like a ballerina. tuck my pelvis in while pushing my hips back , which is difficult and then squeezing the glutes driving up through my heels. I also sink lower than my knees. Ikr if this is even proper form but I feel my whole thigh working doing it this way, quads hamstrings inner thighs even behind my glutes and the glutes themselves. is this ok? my back is always upright too.

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