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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, my name is Erin, and I’m a former U.S.
Junior Olympic-certified swim coach, and personal trainer. Fitness is my passion, so I cannot wait to
share it with you guys. We’re just going to show you a couple of moves
to help tone your inner and outer thighs in a very targeted way if you’re not in a gym. If you’re at home and you have a Body Bar,
or even if you don’t, you could just do this with a yoga mat or towel on the floor. You can throw this into any of your leg workout
routines. We’re going to come down to the floor. Not pretty. Set your Body Bar down. You want to lie down on one side. Make sure that your body’s not falling back. You want to be as straight as possible. It’s not always easy if you don’t have a mirror,
but we can make it work. If you have a Body Bar you can rest it on
the inside of the leg that’s on the ground. We’re just going to lift up just like that. The Body Bar is nice because it adds a little
bit of weight. Any time you’re trying to tone a muscle you
do need some sort of resistance. You can also do it without the Body Bar if
you didn’t have one at home. Just bring your leg in front and lift up. You want to do that until the muscle is fatigued
if you’re not using weight, so however many reps that may be for you, probably between
30 and 40. Now, if you want to work the outer thigh,
and anyone who’s done Pilates knows all about this, make sure that the body is in a nice
straight line. You’re not falling back. Your hips are stacked one on top of the other. Hand right in front of you to support yourself. Flex the feet. Lift the leg up, and down. That’s a good way to target your outer thigh. Again, if you have a Body Bar you can take
that Body Bar and balance it on top of the working foot, and just lift up and down. It adds just
a little bit of resistance. Alright, guys, you can add those two moves
into any leg workout to target your inner and outer thighs, with weights or without
weights, and you’re good to go.

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