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Now, I’m going to demonstrate the proper form
to do a sit up. Two ways you can do this to make it more challenging. Let’s start with the easier version. Okay? Legs flat on the floor 90 degree angles with
your knees. You’re going to cross your arms on top of
your shoulders. Okay. The first thing you want to think of before
you come up to do this sit up is to push your lower back down into the floor so you’re not
arching it to come up. So, what I mean by that is do not lift the
pelvis. You want to push down into the mat before
you come up. So, as you come up you are going to exhale. Okay? Come up over top of the knees. Down slow for the negative. Then come right back up. Okay. Try to keep the feet flat on the floor. If you need someone to hold your feet, you
can do that or hold dumbbells at the floor to try to hold you down with like, an anchor. And if you want to make it harder, your hands
are behind the head. Same thing, adjust your feet to 90 degrees. Okay. Come up. Close the elbows on top of the knees. Down slow, you want to open to elongate the
torso. And then come straight up again. But, once again, do not lift from the back
to come up. Push down into the mat with the tailbone and
the lower back. Then you lift and exhale. Okay. Those are the two variations to do a proper
sit up.

73 thoughts on “How to Do a Sit-Up | Ab Workout

  1. He's doing them kinda right, he needs a weight to hold him down, you can clearly see him jerk himself upwards.

  2. Howcast is smart, they put up these retarded videos and link you to a shitload of the their other channels on the descritpion and profit.

  3. not realy…you ever see those guys who have six packs that are unevenly built, that is the bi-product of an improper work out…In body buiding your sculpting your muscles to the shape you want them by using proper techniques.

  4. im afraid your WRONG, i tried to do it about a month ago, did 20 sit ups and ended up slightly sick, also i wasn't sure if my technique was right and wether to breath out coming up. if you think this is a doddle think again, the slightest mistakes can make you feel ill or fatigued and no im not a trainer, just overweight and in need of muscle stimulation to increase my motabolism rate

  5. There's nothing wrong about someone learning the proper way to do it, instead of keep doing it wrong for the rest of your life.

  6. And then mentions if you need someone to hold your feet then that's fine; he also says you can use dumbbells to anchor your feet.

  7. na at 0.57 he farted .it was not the mat .I know its embarrassing but admit it was him .. no matter how old you are ,no matter how mature a FART , is always funny 🙂

  8. here to learn the "correct technique" mate, is that not why you're here too? cos if you just randomly come onto videos to berate and insult the audience because you have nothing better to do with your day, you have failed at life.

  9. There's nothing wrong with checking if your form is correct. No one wants injuries due to improper form.

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  13. If doing sit-ups is causing more strain in your back than anywhere else….you are either A.) Doing it wrong. B.) Ridiculously out of shape. C.) A hamster.

    Personally, I feel almost as much strain in my neck as I do my abs. Sit-ups are making my neck muscles pretty beastly as well as my 4-pack (I can't seem to get a 6-pack.) It's nice.

  14. I need a little help/tip ..
    I don't care so much about how long it will takes me to make abs but when i am at home i do only this exercise (for abs) and usually i do at least 150 sit-ups. Will i make correct abs or i need to do and some other exercises? Any answer will help me. Thanks for your time.

  15. This is such a good series of videos for ab workouts. Great job! No BS, just how to do the exercise, clear, honest, concise, friendly healthy how-to's.

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