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Hey, my name is Erin, and I’m a former US
Junior Olympic certified swim coach and personal trainer, and fitness is my passion so I cannot
wait to share it with you guys. Alright we’re going to go over some basic
strength moves for beginners. So really just the basics, all you need to
know if you’re starting out and you want to do a simple routine at home. All this stuff is easily accessible, you don’t
need to go to the gym. Okay? So you’re going to start with the squat, compound
movement, multiple muscle groups, feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes pointing
forward. Make sure your shoulders are rounded back
nice and tight. You can have your hands on your hips, here,
out, whatever’s comfortable for you. I like them here. You’re just going to squat down and up. Now make sure the back stays straight. And that you’re not curving the back and that
your knees are not coming over your toes, okay. So kind of like so. You want to make sure that that’s not happening. You want to make sure that that’s not happening. You don’t want want the toe to come forward
or the knees come forward, okay. So it should feel natural and it should feel
like you’re working. Give it a nice burn right there. Next up, my favorite move for legs, is your
lunge. This is a very important move for any total
body workout and you want to make sure, again, that the knee does not come over the toe. Your front foot is planted firmly on the floor,
back foot you have the ball of the foot, heel is up. So the ball of the foot is on the floor and
your weight is distributed evenly between both legs. And you’re just going to sink straight down,
and come up. Sinking straight down, and come up. So again, making sure that the torso doesn’t
shift, you’re not going one side to the other. Stay nice and centered, if you had a weight
coming down the center line of your body and making sure that knee doesn’t come over the
tow. So 90 degrees here, 90 degrees on the back
foot, and up. Nice and easy. And you just switch legs, switch to the other

31 thoughts on “How to Do a Squat | Female Bodybuilding

  1. thanks for the helpfull advice
    i was hitting a plateau with my 625 pounds squat
    this video helped me alot, i hitted a pr after taking your advice

  2. Not the proper way to squat. The feet should be forward and about shoulder width apart not wider. The wider you go the more you take the butt out of the exercise. Your legs should be parallel to the floor when squatting. She didn't go down far enough. The back should be neutral not straight. Meaning find where your back is not arched or not rounded and squeeze those abs when doing it, tha usually corrects you to give you proper form.

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