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Hey, my name is Erin and I’m a former U.S.
Junior Olympic-certified swim coach and personal trainer, and fitness is my passion. So I cannot wait to share it with you guys. All right, here we have the legs, keeping
the heart rate up. Grab a set of lightweights and we’re going
to do walking lunges. So, just big steps making sure that the knee
does not go past the toe. You guys are going to do 12 on each side. We’re just demonstrating it here. Now that you have your dumbbells still in
your hand, you’re going to go straight into the next move which is a curl to an overhead
press. Now, to make it a little bit more difficult
and activate the core, we’re going to lift one leg up. So you’re going to do five on one leg. So, curl up, move straight into that overhead
press, and then you’re going to do five on the other leg. Anytime you do something on one side, you
must repeat it in equal measure on either side, obviously.

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