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Hey, my name is Erin and I’m a former US Junior
Olympic Certified Swim Coach and Personal Trainer and fitness is my passion. So I cannot wait to share it with you guys. Okay next thing I’m going to show you guys
is a combination. First without the ball, then adding the ball
in. So to work the pelvic floor we are going to
do some pelvic tilts, which we’re all familiar with from those 80s workout videos. And then adding the ball in, activating the
hamstrings. So the first way to do it, as my ball rolls
away, without the ball, lying back on the floor, just lifting the pelvis up, making
sure that you’re contracting here, contracting in the gluts, and down. So exhale up. And inhale down. Up and down. And you can stay at the top pressing the shoulders
back into the floor, using your hands for stability. If you just stay here you will begin to feel
that burn. If that’s not enough for you, you can pulse
as well. Okay? So you want to do about 20 to 30 of those
and if that’s too much for you then do ten to 15. But do it so that, you know, you start to
feel a burn but it’s not uncomfortable. You can take your ball, once you have built
up a little bit of strength, this is the next step, so they say. Maybe it’s a little bit more intermediate. Put your feet on top of the ball. Now remember, the ball adds instability so
it’s additional activation for the core. Same idea though, working the same muscle
groups. Hands press in to the floor, shoulders back,
activate the core, lift up and down. Lift up and down. And you can stay up here, and pulse. Or you can just stay and hold, and as you
can see, the ball is moving slightly so it’s causing the muscle to work more than they
would be working if your feet were flat on the floor. Now the third progression, don’t do this unless
you know you were either used to this and really fit before your pregnancy or you’ve
progressed to the point in your post baby workout routine where you feel that you know,
you’re comfortable doing this. What you are going to do is come up, roll
the ball in, and out. So staying up, roll the ball in, and out. And again, you want to make sure that the
body is in a nice straight line, so no sagging here, no hyperextension there. Okay? Nice straight line, bring it in and out. In and out. You can do about three sets of 15.

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