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What’s going on guys? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how, to do dumbbell bent over raises, okay first thing you’re gonna do is get some dumbbells Now, what you, want to do is get your feet about shoulder width apart okay maintain A slight bend in your knees and keep a neutral spine so keep your head facing down You’re gonna arch your back, and bend over like, this, okay and once you’re in this position you’re gonna bring your arms forward pull the dumbbell out in front of you like that keep a slight bend in your elbows Okay, then you’re simply gonna, keep your shoulder blades pinched together and bring your arms up and back down now you don’t want to come down super fast you want to keep controlled movement breathe out as you open up your arms now, you’re, gonna feel this really nicely in your rear deltoid make, sure you, keep your, core, tight – again slight bend in the knees slight bend elbows neutral spine arch back shoulder blades pinched together, and that’s how you do dumbbell bent over shoulder raises for more great information feel free subscribe to my channel as always more good stuff coming, soon later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Bent-Over Raise

  1. Some people do this exercise with thumbs facing inward (towards eachother)…
    Does that activate the rear delts more?

  2. Scott can u please show a bet over raise with bar? Your clips the best .. You show us how to do good form!

  3. Camera man is so terrible. Showing ankles n' shit instead of showing the movement and shoulder blade area

  4. really like your instructions, thanks for sharing, i find them so very helpful, the only thing is you need a more professional camera/camera operator please, i couldnt get a single decent shot (needed to print the main postures to take them to gym with me) otherwise really grateful for your work

  5. You have uneven abdominal shape on your left side, the first time I've ever noticed it in anybody but myself, anybody know what causes it?

  6. why does this feel like it hits my front delts more please help i have rolled shoulders and need to build up my rear delts

  7. I'm finding this really hard to do at my gym, my arms cant seem to go all the way back like that! and my form is all over the place! lol 🙁 any tips on this? as I want to include this into my shoulder workout!

  8. I like how you video it from all angles, good job! Can somebody tell me which is safer for back bent-over or normal and why use bent-over instead of normal?

  9. I tried these and my back felt really sore the next day, even more sore than an actual back day . Should i be feeling it in my back as much? It seems like this excercise definitely targets back as well but im just not sure if i should be feeling sore mostly in that area.Thanks!

  10. My right shoulder muscle started hurting after doing this workout a few times (using 25 lbs weight). It's possible my form is off, but its a little hard to tell from the video. Is this much more of a back workout than an arm workout? Sorry, I'm a little new to this 😛

  11. the raising of the dumbbells is being done way to fast, it's more of a throw then a lift, totally defeating the purpose of doing this exercise. Good speed on the way down.

  12. When I pinch my shoulders together, I feel it less in my delts and more in between my shoulder blades. That doesn't seem right

  13. i just saw a video in wich ben pakulski say that exercise is for delts , there a small diference when you do rear shoulders , wich is you have to let your arms hanging when you do this exercise. i dont want to be a dick but is just something i saw online , but good videos guy, you look good.

  14. I wouldn't pinch the shoulder blades together. let the shoulder blades move on your rib cage as your doing the reverse fly. it's better mechanics

  15. This exercise gives me lower back pain during the exercise itself. I tried following all tips and even did it next to a mirror, but still still get lower back pain while doing it. Only cause I can think of is that I have posture issues (excessively kyphotic and lordotic spine curvature), which is probably causing the pain. =/ What are the best alternatives for this exercise?

  16. i HAVE to keep 1 foot in front of the other while doing this lift is that bad? i dont trust my back not to get strained


    Try your best not to use momentum on this exercise, so you can really isolate those rear delts!

  18. I love your videos they are so detailed…and you're just dreamy to watch. now if I can get what Ive watched and is in my head to actually happen with my body… that's a different story.

  19. Doing a shoulder workout and keep coming back to your vids to see proper form. You are a blessing!! Thx for helping me get through my workouts!! 🙏🏻

  20. Does this work the whole superficial back muscles like the lats, traps, Rhomboids etc? What is the difference bettween this exercise and reverse flys if I may ask?

  21. I always mess this one up, doesn't help that I've hurt my back before and also am weak in those areas, so I avoid this exercise like the plague

  22. What is the difference between rolling shoulders forward vs pinching shoulder blades together for this excercise?

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